Swaragini – Royal Love episode 27


Hello friends sinin and sarah here. Thank you so much for the response in our invitation. Please all comment to encourage us.

Ragini is walking in her room. She is very upset and angry on her mother and jijji. They both have made her locked in the room…for a silly reason.. She just jumped from a mango tree in happiness of her wedding ! Now her jijji ‘s trustworthy friend sinin is guarding her…she has eyes like hawk..Ragini tried to fool her…but she caught her in neck time.
Ragini : ? it’s so bad…I’ll go after some days and these people have locked me… I want to go out of this prison.. But who will save me from this sinin ?
“Choti kumari..come here ”

She heard a whisper form the balcony..she went there and find no..one
“I’m here”
She looked down.. And found sarah !
She hanging on the railing.. Ragini rushed and helped her to come up.
Ragini became happy and hugged her
Ragini : sarah..thank god you’re here… Where is yashasvi…
Sarah : woh..jijji has gone to bring tailor for your roka…and im here to save you from sinin jiji
Ragini : but how…
Sarah winks at the rope of cloth on the railing and ragini smiles .

Annapurna and swara is talking about marriage.
Annapurna : you know..swara your father has chosed chand mahal for you both roka and sagai..i no need to think of Ragini.. As you both are together..
Swara smiles

Choti kumari …. They heard a scream
Yhey went on the terrace type place and saw Ragini taking the horse and tantri is trying to stop her..but he falls on cow dung and ragini goes out of the palace.
Swara : Ragini stop… Ma this girl na…sinin …sinin..
Sinin comes there and shocks seeing her sister with ragini on the horse…
Annapurna : has yashasvi returned already?
Sinin : no rani ma

Swara : arre ma..Sarah is enough.. Now this two will mess up whole durgapur !
Swara and sinin looks at the main gate angrily

At evening
Yashasvi has returned with tailor and they are trying their dresses..
Pratap : woh ma..
Annapurna : don’t worry we will keep a dress for phool kawar.
Pratap blushes
Pratap : and swara i havs personally sent invitations to them…what is their name..yes princesses Mica and Dafsi…whom you both met during your tour…
Swara : thanks dadabhai
Yashasvi : and princess riya and ritu will be coming soon.
Annapurna : do a favour on me yashasvi don’t gang up with ragini and sarah…by the way have they returned ?

Suddenly a vase fell in a corner
Swara and sinin without looking : we know you both are there..come out !
Yashasvi tries to go but stops seeing sinin’s death glares.
Ragini and sarah are completely mixed in dirt and mud..
Annapurna : hopeless… Are you going to marry Laksh.. ?
Swara : ma leave it..her perfect medicine is coming..!
Ragini became puzzled

:who is coming my pyari jijji..
Swara : jwala jijji !
Ragini’s face turned pale
Swara and sinin goes from there

Sarah : who is jwala…?
Ragini : my maternal cousin… Im gone if she comes volcano will burst on my wedding !
Sarah : she is like bari Kumari ?
Ragini : if we add ten jijji then it will be a jwala jijji !
Sarah : yashu di !
Ragini : yashasvi can’t do anything… Let me call my friends they will surely save me from jwala jijji

At mahismati
Ayaz is dancing with the dancer in pain of losing kavita.
Laksh is smiling and looking at the stars remembering their lovely moment.. When Sanskar declared that he wants to marry swara and positive message from durgapur.
Sanskar is in his room.
He doesn’t talk with others hardly with Laksh and ayaz smile has gone from his face long ago. He only talks about revenge with the last symbol of his pari.

Laksh : ma when will my sisters come..
Sumi : don’t worry son..we have sent invitations and they will be here soon.

Precap – entry of sanlak sisters and ragini’s friends

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