Swaragini – Royal Love episode 25

Hello friends I’m back. Sorry to say that I’m not you’re ladli Sarah… But sinin…?and arshi i have Read the first part of you’re ff..it was awesome. Guys today I’ll write both couple scene… And try to give some romantic moment between them..and disaster is approaching… It will look normal first but a curse for the blooming love… Now here is quiz guess what is the disaster?

Pyar ki ho chuki hai
Izhaar, dil jo mile hai
Ase, ki mil gaya kaynat
Ab lag raha hai jene ki
Liye itna hai kaafi…ki rukk
Jaye iyee lamha, aur bass jaye
Woh nain me.
Par lag chuki hai buri nazar
Dushman ki, kya nafrat ki aag
Buja payegi iyee nayi naveli pyar ko….

Swara : kuwar ji ! Where are you taking me
Sanskar : sshh…don’t open your eyes… Its a surprise…
Swara : ?
Sanskar : pari take a big step…and open your eyes carefully..
Swara opens her eyes. She looks at the place it was a forest…but decorated very beautifully… That too near the yamuna river.
Swara : its beautiful… But in night… Its risky to stay at Forest…?
Sanskar holds her waist and brings her closer until she crashes on his chest. She became shocked.
Sanskar : sshh. Tonight we will only say lovely talks.. Okay?
Swara nods in yes and says innocently ” now please leave me
Sanskar smriks ?
He tighten his grip on her waist and rubs their nose together. He gives a I’ll – not – leave – you look
Swara looks down to avoid eye contact
Sanskar holds her chin and bring her face he saw she was blushing.
Sanskar ?
Swara gives a naughty look and moves her hand around his shoulder.
Sanskar looks shocked but damm happy.
Swara : what are you trying to do yuvraj ??
Sanskar rubs her lip with thumb and says in a husky voice ” yuvraj is in a mood to get love ”
Swara : so my yuvraj wants love
Sanskar nods like a kid.
He leans to kiss her swara to stands on her toe and brushes lip a little , she pushes him nick time and runs saying ” but im not in a mood to love ”
Sanskar smiles sheepishly and runs behind her.

Ragini is running and stop in middle while looking back , she again runs and holds a pillar to take breath.
Ragini : you can’t catch me so easily Laksh raj…?
But before she completes she finds a tap on shoulder,she turns and saw Laksh smiling on her.
Ragini : you here ??how possible.. You were my behind…!!
Laksh : now what should i do princess… Love is very powerful… It will find you from sky and ground…now my prize ?
Ragini : what prize…? i don’t remember
Laksh : Don’t act…give me or else…
Ragini was about to run again but Laksh holds her and before she could understand anything pecks on her lip.
Ragini was shocked that she forget to blush !
Laksh : was this enough… Or should i give more demo ???
Ragini : lakshraj !
She pushed him and said ” cheating ”
Laksh : every thing is Fair in love and war.
He graves her waist and admires her. He opens the pin and her long and glossy hair falls down. He tucks a hair behind and cups her face.
They have a sweet eye lock

Swara runs and hides behind a tree. She is smiling and breathing heavily.
Sanskar comes he was to breathing heavily
Sanskar : pari ! Come out or else punishment will increase ?
Swara smiles and changes position before he could notice
Sanskar : so hide and seek…pari look come out it’s not good to tease you’re love?
Swara smiles monologue : no… You’ll have to find me…
Sanskar tries to find her but every time she escapes . now he was worried.
Sanskar : pari I’m not finding it funny… Come out…im becoming angry.

Suddenly thunderstorms starts it was a sudden lightning. Swara became scared and moves just then a branch falls on that place a big one..Sanskar saw this and runs to her.
Sanskar : pari..thanked God you’re safe..now what was that…you know i was scared it is night… Don’t play this prank with me..i hate it.
Now speak !
Swara hugs him tightly.
She murmurs : im sorry…but it was game
Sanskar cups her face and says ” anything related to you is very important to me ”
Swara looked at him fear and love was visible. She hugged him more tightly.

Ragini too hugs Laksh hearing the sound. Laksh pats her hair . he knows her fear from childhood.
Laksh : Ragini… Its alright. Im with you na ?
Ragini : but…
Laksh : shh..
Ragini : Laksh..you know i love rain but not storm !
Laksh smiles

Sanskar takes her in arms bridal style.
Sanskar : so you’re punishment starts…
Swara : really ?!
Sanskar : yes.. So that you won’t repeat it.
He put her down.
Swara stands near him holding hand.

Rain starts with slow wind. Making the environment romantic.
Sanskar and Laksh together : do u known rain is a symbol of love ?
Swaragini nods in yes.

Ragini touched the rain water her fear was gone. She started to enjoy and dance in water. She looks at Laksh who was admiring her lovingly. She splashes water on him and sticks out tongue.
Laksh : you !
He chased her

Swara is fully drenched in water. She is shivering slightly.
Sanskar is looking her like a mad lover. He comes close and back hugs her. He places his hand on her bare belly. And pulls closer untill her back crashes into his chest.
He whispers : are you feeling cold…
Swara nods in no..
He wraps his arm around her and kissed her neck making her shiver.

Ragini in on the arm of Laksh.
Ragini : put me down…please
Laksh : no..you’ll run again.. I know your tricks.
Ragini makes faces and pouts.
They come near a big banyan tree. Laksh was sitting. Ragini comes and rubs his hair with her dupatta.
Ragini : you’ll catch cold !
Laksh smiles and kisses her hand. In this process she falls on his lap. Ragini was shocked and blushes. She tries to get up but Laksh holds her.
Laksh : don’t go
Ragini : lakshraj
Laksh rubs his thumb on her lip and and kissed her cheeks. Ragini closed her eyes.
Laksh kissed her lips and bites it.
Ragini moans in pleasure
Ragini rests her head on his chest.

Swara while trying to go falls on Hay.. Sanskar smriks and comes on top of her.
Swara looks nervous.
He leans when swara was trying to tease him more, he entangled their finger. He kissed her lips passionately. Swara too reciprocates.
He kissed her forehead and leaves her he sleeps beside her holding her hands tightly.

At unknown place
Soldier : ohh..so these are the men..inform bari kumari immediately.. And torture them untill they reveal the name of their leader.

Parineeta is walking tensedly.
“How to complete my mission ? Now no one can save her from me !

Precap – swara punishing the culprit , Ragini fainting , Laksh going on a emergency work in kaling ,Sanskar crying like mad and determine to take revenge, swara leaving the fair with ragini without informing sanlak

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  1. awesome..!! Waiting for next part..!!

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  4. Hi S kabir . what a precap yar !!! I:-D :O :-* love it it’s beautiful and romantic .

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  5. Awsome…plzz make Sanskar know that Pari is Swara

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  8. awesome episode. hi sinin I miss you and please give message to my sarah kiddo that I am missing her a lot.

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  9. raglak moment are just awesome and plzz give mischievous ragini back next part soon

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      Thanks for comment.but a mischief can give mischievous scenes, your sarah is expert in it.

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    Omg… wat an updAte… i even didnt realise tat it vot completed… such n amazing ep… and tbx for reAding my ff dear

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  13. Very nice episode… I m waiting for the next one….Plzzzzzz update the next episode soon….

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