Swaragini – Royal Love episode 24

Hello friends sarah here, though my exams are going i have come on special permission for raglak proposal. Guys we will take a long chutti after posting another part of SRL. And I’m trying hard but i am not able to get registered. Please pray for me. Probably this is my last post. Sinin didi will do the next one. All this days was very precious for me. Posting a story for first time, waiting for you’re comments, jumping like monkey seeing all regular reader and some silent reader comments, crying seeing the decreasing of comments and last conspiring how to make the silent reader comment. I love you all whoever have commented till now thank you very much.
What to say i got promotion from chudrail to chotu,sissi,angel kiddo and what not !
My yashu di i love you a lot without seeing each other we both become sister. And sorry sometimes i couldn’t reply and your os was awesome.
Divyanshri di and ritu di thank you very much for you’re support i love you???????????????????????????? very more than this.
And i really miss rasha di, jwala di , maddy , sinduri, lisa,arshi di where are you all..please comment today.
Enough of senti talks….now let get back to episode…

Swara is returning from yamuna ghat. Her face is glowing more than the moon. It can be said very easily that she has got everything today…
She comes near the tent and saw a shadow…. A shadow of a man peeping in the window. Swara became cautious. She goes without making any sound…. He can be one of those men…she went there and jerked him he fell on ground and she put a sword on his neck.
Swara : you ! Laksh !!
Laksh : Swara ! Its me leave me
Swara helps him to get up and looks shockingly.
Swara : at this time… Peeping ….why ?
Laksh : woh…actually i came to see Ragini.. I was worried for her.
Swara : she’s okay.. Come inside.
Laksh : no…I okay… I should go.. Bye.
Swara : bye ?
Laksh : oh yes bye..
He was about to go but swara stops him.
Swara : do you love her ?
Laksh was shocked numb and embarrassed.
He looked down.
Swara : Laksh loving my sister is not crime !
Laksh : actually…yes
Swara : Laksh you’ll keep her happy na ???
Laksh : yes swara..but i don’t know her feelings..
Swara : she loves you ….i know
Laksh: really ?
Swara : yes…
Laksh : i will propose her tomorrow…
Swara : ok…if she cries ever I’ll kil you !
Laksh : but she always cry !
Swara : Laksh !
Laksh : sorry sorry… Bye
Swara : bye
Laksh goes and Swara enters into tent.

At morning
Ragini is feeling quite well . Swara is making her ready…she is continuously asking what is the occasion and she is continuously giving shut up look
She is looking very pretty just like cover pic

Ragini : jijji..tell na..what is the occasion..
Swara : Ragini… Today you’re going out with soldier…
Ragini : okk…soldier…but why.
Swara : you’ll get to know later.
For now just remember take decision. From heart.
Okay ? And I’m always with you

A cart came and Ragini went in that confusedly.

Near Cliff
Ragini is waiting for Laksh. Her heart is pounding without knowledge. Laksh comes and keeps his hand on shoulder.
Ragini : soldier..
Laksh : how are you…princess Ragini ?
Ragini : ohh…im fine.. Dont worry.. So where are we going ?
Laksh : to roam…where you want to go.
Ragini : ohh..special treat…then first lets go to fair.
Laksh : okay…

Ar Fair
Ragini is roaming without buying anything.
Laksh is following her.
Ragini : soldier ! You’re very bad.
Laksh : what did i do
Ragini : when you’re out with a girl you should buy her a gift !
Laksh : ohh sorry… What you want…
Ragini : ooo..i will not choose anything.. Let me see you’re choice..
Laksh scratches his head. And went into ladies shop.
He is looking confused and helpless
Ragini is laughing seeing his condition
After sometimes
Ragini : what have you bought for me…
Laksh : i don’t think you’ll like it…
He gives the packet.
It was a couple inside a glass. They were in dancing position.
Ragini : it’s very pretty…

They both went on the mandir
Laksh promised to himself that he will always keep her happy.
They both took their lunch. And went for boating in the yamuna in evening.
Laksh was rowing the boat and ragini was enjoying the scenery.
Ragini : sunset is do beautiful.
Laksh : i want to say something
Ragini : yes ?
Laksh : actually…
Ragini : com on say na…
Laksh : woh…you’re right sunset is beautiful
Ragini gives a hopeless look
Laksh tried but failed in tension
Ragini : should i help you lakshraj ?
Laksh looked sshocked
Ragini : what happened soldier ?
Laksh : did you said lakshraj..
Ragini : no Laksh raj.
Laksh : again…
Ragini : what again soldier…
Laksh looks and ragini smiles naughtily.
Laksh smirks.
And comes close to her.
Ragini : lakshraj ! We will fall be careful.
Laksh reach near her and make her stand.
Laksh : you knew it…
Ragini : yes i only heard you’re conversion
Laksh : so..
Ragini : so ?
Laksh : woh…
Ragini : toh…
Laksh : Ragini i agree…
Ragini : nirbodha ! Lakshraj I have waited for this day.. So long…just a mistake ruined everything…
Laksh : we were kids Ragini..
Ragini : Prince Laksh will you marry this useless and naughtier girl…and love for life.
Laksh : yes..
They had a cute eyelock.
Ragini : but i have a question ?
Laksh : what…
Ragini : you proposed or i proposed first ?
Laksh : Ragini !

Swara is waiting for Ragini. Someone comes and pulls her behind.
Swara : you here…
Sanskar : yes pari.. I was dying to meet you..
Swara blushes hard.
Swara : Kuwar ji.
Sanskar : kuwar ji ?
Swara : didn’t you like this name ?
Sanskar : i love it
Sanskar : pulls her closer by placing a hand on waist. Swara lands on his chest and keep her hands on his chest
Sanskar : may i ?
Swara closes her eyes. Sanskar leans and

They kissed passionately
They parted apart for breath.
Sanskar cups her face. ” you’re the most precious jewel of my life pari ”
Swara hugs him happily.

Precap – disaster..change of life also love..

With love sarah….

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