Swaragini – Royal Love episode 21


Friends hello I’m back again. Im writing the same episode twice…please read and comment.

Swara : you what are you doing here…
Saharan: i want you swara…
Swara : what rubbish…. Leave from here
Saharan twists her hand and throws her on the floor.
Swara cries in pain…
Saharan tries to force on her.

Laksh horse stops near swaras tent suddenly that he fall on ground.
Laksh : gets up and scods the horse
Laksh : ohh swara….let me met her
He goes inside and was totally shocked.
A man forcing on swara and she was trying to protest.
Without wasting time he holds Saharan and punches on his face.
Swara saw Laksh and runs to him. He hugged her.
Swara : Laksh
Laksh : hey…you leave immediately
Saharan was about say something but swara slapped him hard.

Saharan left from there fuming in anger.
Swara sat with a thud on the floor.
Laksh consoles her.
Laksh : swara you take rest I’ll watch outside.
Laksh goes and swara tries to sleep.

Ragini is feeling uneasy. She missing her sister.
Ragini : i should have bring jiji with me
But why o am feeling someone is following me ?
She was about to enter in the Fair but someone pulls her back.
Ragini was about to fall but balanced at last moment.
Ragini : who the hell are you ?
Man 1: your lover
Ragini : don’t you ever know who i am ?.man 4: yes the princess of durgapur
Ragini : leave my way
Man 2: first come with us..

He goes to hold her but Ragini twist his hand and cuts with the knife.
Man 3: what …..wait..
He goes but Ragini gave a kick at right place and he shouts in pain.
Man 1: you guys cant even hold w girl.. Shame on you…
Ragini : fool never underestimate a girl
All attacked on her together but she fought very bravely with a knife against four swords.
But a coward attacks on her head from back it starts bleeding. Ragini holds her head it was paining….
She was about to fall.. But a man catches her and holds her waist. He looks at her with last full eyez. Ragini “jijji” and she faints. The man touches her face and say now we will show what man can do….

Ragini… Swara woke up and shouts.
Laksh came running….. And saw she was sweating profusely.
Laksh : what happened swara….dream?
Swara :Laksh… Ragini.. I have to save her
Laksh : swara relax it was just a drem
Swara : no Laksh… Something is not right…. Please inform dadabhai…
Laksh : but…
Swara stands up and took the sword.
Laksh understand no point of argument. They informed pratap and went on there direction to find Ragini.

Ragini opened her eyes. She was tied to a table in laying position. She was having immerse pain on her head.
Man 1 : how are you beauty ?.
Ragini gave a death glare
Ragini : just open my hands and I’ll show you the hell…
The man slaps her
Man 1: shut up you blo*dy b*t*h
Ragini was shocked. No one has talked to her like this. She was the life of her kingdom. No one have ever abused her…..
Teae escapes from her eyes.
The man goes touch her duppata but she protests..the man strangulates her.
Ragini pants for breath and at last he leaves her.
Ragini was hoffing.
Man : the more you protest the more you suffer after all we are paid to torture you.
Ragini was shocked
Ragini : who ?
Its not you’re business
He touches her dupatta and throws away . raginu cries being helpless.
The man looked at her with lust
He nuzzled his face on her chest.
She cries….
Suddenly the man was taken a back.. He got a strong punch on face. Yes the man was Sanskar…
Sanskar beats them mercilessly.

Sanskar : how…blo*dy beasts I’ll kill you all
(Actually he remembered kusum…and became guilty.. He is change now…after meeting with pari)
Ragini looks at her savior… She was at extreme shock but still recognized her best friend… This voice… Whom she lost in childhood due to a mistake.
Sanskar came and wrapped dupatta on her.
Sanskar : don’t worry I’ll call a lady
He was about to go but ragini holds his index finger.
He was shocked
Ragini : Rajkumar !
Sanskar was totally shocked… Only Ragini used to call him rajkumar…but Ragini she…here.. He turned and Ragini smiles
She was about to say but faints again. Sanskar holds her.
Sanskar : Ragini..
Pratap came and was shocked to see his sister like this.
He came and holds her
Pratap : choti..choti…who are you
Sanskar : i. I. Saved her
Pratap looked around.
He thanked him and takes Ragini with him.

Sanskar stands there in shock.

Pratap brings her near cart but tantri was not there.
Pratap : where is this fool…
He makes sit on cart and goes to find tantri.

Laksh was passing by.
Laksh : how Will i recognise her
Suddenly he saw Ragini on a cart in a bad position.
Laksh was totally shocked to see his lady love like this.
He runs to her and holds her.
He pats her face
Laksh : Archer Archer wake up what happened to you…
Ragini : soldier…
Laksh: yes its me.
Ragini : ater..water..

Laksh : wait I’ll bring it
He goez to bring water. Pratap come back and goes with Ragini.
Laksh came back and tries to find her but in vain. He became tensed
He asked to a nearby vendor.
Vendor : oh princess Ragini she left with her brother
Laksh shocked
“What…she is Ragini. Of durgapur…?”
Laksh stands there in complete shock.

Credit to: Sinin and Sarah

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