Swaragini – Royal Love episode 20


Hello friends Sarah here. I missed you all a lot. Its our 20th episode…. Yippe..hurrayyy…

Pyar ke phul khil chuke
Ab nind ja chuki
Dilo ke iss dor ne pouchw
Diya he unhe sat ve asma par…

Ragini comes back to the market. She is in Royal dress. She saw pari is sitting on ground with her hands on her forehead.
She smiles mischievously.
Ragini :pari
Pari : choti..kumari ….where were you ?
Ragini : i was looking other things.. Where is my dress ?
Pari : wo..Kumari….actually….. A thief came and snatched it from my hand.
Ragini : pari…what are you saying… Stop lieing…
Pari: i am not lying…. Choti kumari…
Ragini : how can you be si careless… Wait ill complain to jijji
Pari : no…no. Please forgive me.. I’ll do whatever you say…please
Ragini : ok…then you will not say jiji about my going alone.. Ok ?
Pari : ok..Kumari..
Ragini : now let’s go they might be waiting for us
Ragini goes ahead. Parineeta look at ragini she was wearing the same dress. She fumes in anger.
Pari : ohhh…so this was your plan…you did this intentionally.. Now wait and watch
Pari smriks

“Pari ! Pari pari…what have you done to me…pari…now i can’t even sleep because of you…. But don’t worry soon you will be with me…forever ” Sanskar said turning round in his bed.
“Ayaz..ayaz” Sanskar called
Ayaz in sleepy tone….”what happened why are you shouting…. In this time ?
Sanskar : i am not getting sleep..come let’s go to fair
Ayaz : at ths time…
Sanskar : so.. Fair is open all night…. Lets go it will be fun..
Ayaz : Sanskar… Don’t you think you have changed a lot…
Sanskar smiling… “Maybe”
Ayaz looked at him in horror
Sanskar smiled mischievously
Ayaz gulped in fear
Sanskar gave a devilish smile too
Ayaz : are you Sanskar ?
Sanskar : no his ghost.
Ayaz : i knew it… Laksh Laksh save me….
Sanskar :ayaz…one more none sense and ill slap you hard
Ayaz : please don’t kill…I’ll go wherever you take me
Sanskar gave a you’re – impossible look
Ayaz gave a bachao look
They both went outside

Swara : its too much Ragini !
Ragini : jijji….please for the last time… Please..
Swara : what kind of wish is this… Roaming in the Fair in night that to without any protection…
Ragini : jijji please only four days are remaining after that we will return…. Then how will i do this fun…
Swara : but im not finding it good….
Ragini : jiji please na
She makes a kiddo face
Swara melts
Swara : ok….but
Ragini : I’ll return soon.. Not talk with strangers and will not do any prank.
Swara : ok…now go

Ragini wears a pink ghagrachuli and gave a small veil.
Swara was looking at her.
She was feeling strange anxiousness. She was feeling some thing is not good.
Swara : ragini is it necessary to go ?
Ragini : jiji now what ?
Swara : no nothing
She applies kala teeka on her.
Ragini was about to go but she stops her.
Swara : take this with you
She gives a knife royal one.
Ragini : jiji i sm not going on war
Swara : its for protection…
Ragini keeps it in her waist side. And goes happily.
Swara looks on.
Suddenly someone pulls her inside..
Swara : you ?!
Screen freezes

Ragini is walking. She is crossing the bridge. Some people follows her.
Ragini looks back but dosent find anyone.
She again walks.
Man 1: are you sure ?
Man 2: yes she is the one
Man 3:damm hot..
Man:4: but be careful afterall Royal blood…
Man 1: then it will be more fun..afterall they paid 2000 gold coins.
Screen freezes

Laksh is talking with the merchants. He feels steange.
Laksh : what is happening to me
He rides on his horse and goes towards the tent. But his horse looses control and changes direction.
Laksh: what is happening to you stop… Stop
But it doesn’t stop
Screen freezes

Friends i know this one is small I’ll post another by night…. If only if silent and all readers comment. Or else wait till friday to reveal the twist.

Precap – dangers

Credit to: Sarah

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