swaragini – Royal Love episode 2

Kehte hai bakt kisike liye
Nahi rukta
Par uske liye bakt wahi tham gaya
Jaha chora tha usne hatt
Abhi bhi wo wahi hai
Uske intezaar me ……

At Durgapur
Two person are doing sword fighting
Both looks equally trained. One is man and other is women.(guess who…..NO it’s not swaragini it’s only ragini)
The man was about to defeat Ragini but she says “phool kanwar ”
The man turns ….he is yuvraj pratap
Ragini keeps her sword near his neck and smilies victoriously.
Pratap : ragini this is cheating
Ragini : What dadabhai you should be careful na…how can phool come here from asandh and don’t you know everything is fare in love and war.
Pratap : you wait
Ragini : pitaji
Pratap : you thought you can fool me again
Dp : pratap
He turns
Pratap :pp..ita.ji pranam
Dp : what happened ragini ?
Ragini : nothing like that but you need to send marriage proposal to Asandh
She runs away
Pratap : mischievous …and he too runs away
Dp : smiles

At a beautiful chamber
A very large room with a small swimming pool which is covered by many lotus. At south there is a balcony. A big bed and many other royal things.
A young woman is painting a golden deer. ( guess guess who arre of course swara she is dressed as sita before marriage in siya ke ram)
Annapurna : swara
Swara : ji maa
Annapurna : today your father wants to eat “chappan bhog” will you make it ?
Swara : ok ma
Annapurna : now where is this ragini I don’t know what she does all day never listens to me how she will handle when she will become yuvrani of mahismati arreh I forget to tell you tomorrow morning you will have to go to shiv Mandir and take that ragini with you.
Swara : OK ma
Swara concentrated on her painting
Suddenly she feels a sword on her neck
“I have come to kidnap you beautiful!
Swara : Ragini
Ragini : ohh Jiji how you caught me ?
Swara : cause nobody dares to harm me or else you will kill them na !
Ragini : arre ha now we have to go
Swara holds her hand
Swara : don’t you dare!
Raginis face became pale. Now swara is serious . (She is little bit possessive about ragini)
Ragini :yes jijji (like sujata)
Swara : tomorrow I have to go to temple you arw coming with me. And what is this in your face your dress is soo dirty even maids are more clean than why haven’t you yet taken out your war dress….wait did you bath today.?????
Ragini :woh I forget
Swara stares angrily
Swara : bela naiya make arrangements of bath for princess and she will not get any food until bathing
Ragini :jijji
Swara : no
The maids laugh and says “what will happen to choti kumari she can’t even eat without her jiji if one day she is out her life stops”

Ragini makes faces
Swara makes her wash face properly.she makes het wear a pink lehenga. With matching jewellery. She makes a beautiful braid by herself. And all the time she was scolding her and saying “I Fed up don’t expect that I will do this tomorrow you should learn yourself”
Maids again laughs “caused they know tomorrow again she will do all this alone ”
Swara makes ragini Sat food and makes her sleep.
She also sleep peacefully seeing her sister less child more sleeping peacefully.
(Actually after swara born she didn’t find any mate with out maids cause king and queen were busy after Ragini birth she took care of her like mother Ragini she also depending on her jiji like child)

I don’t want to make ragini inferior but wants to show a unique relationship between them.

Looo I am back again I will continue this from today as I have lots of leisure till Ramadan vacation. So enjoy and please comment

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  1. Abdul hafiz(uma).


  2. Nice

  3. so nice.

  4. Hi I am a bit confused
    Who is ragini to swara
    What does swara mean by sister less child
    I would be really grateful if you can tell me

  5. Ragini and swara are sister. Due to their mother absence swara has taken the duty of their mother.

  6. Purvi

    A small clarification….. If swara is elder how will they want ragini to be the yuvrani rather than swara?????

    1. They want swara to marry a prince first then ragini and Sanskar. As they both were good friends in childhood.

  7. nice their bonding is awesome and plzz update regularly

  8. Dafsi

    Nice story line but make it abit lengthy ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    Their bonding is Awesome
    Waiting for the next one……

  10. ragini wow,awesome

  11. Megha123

    Ragini. …awsm

  12. Soujanya

    Nice bonding

  13. pls tell abt pairs….is it swasan..???????
    nice stry line…lvd swara chrctr…bt make it swasan…..why sanky hate swara???????

  14. Anjaly

    i loved it.awesome episode

  15. Ragini was too cute and mischeive…liked her character very much..but sanskar is not a good man..how ragini wil manage him?why sanskar hate swara? Is it ragsan or raglak..so many questions hey yar

  16. Ragini was too cute and mischeive…liked her character very much..but sanskar is not a good man..how ragini wil manage him?why sanskar hate swara? Is it ragsan or swasan..so many questions hey yar

  17. Nice dear… Loved swara’s care towards ragini…. Hope for swasan…. Because opposite attracts

  18. Cutiie

    Plz make paor as swasan

  19. Cutiie

    Swasan plz

  20. please ragsan

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