Swaragini – Royal Love episode 19


Hello friends Sarah here.sorry for late update. Thank you all for the comments.
Lets start

Laksh thinks about ayaz’s word. He recalls his meetings with Ragini.
“Do i like her…. But how can this happen… Responsibility is first in my life….no i can’t love hr..then what about swara….she also love me…oh god what should i do..
He goes towards the royal gate.
Suddenly a man comes and hugs him.
Laksh was totally shocked.
Laksh : hey ! Who are you ?
Man : how are you my friend ? We meet after so long time..
Laksh closely observed him a man in normal dhuti kurta and a turban. A long moustache and a fair complex. There’s no way that he knows this man.
Laksh : do i know you mister ?
Man : my friend how can you gorget me…we played in childhood…. We eat in same plate….etc and etc
Laksh was totally irritated he was going jerk the man but…he looked back and saw some soldiers were behind him.
Soldiers : hey..you have you seen a girl in kurta ?
Laksh : no
They went away. And Laksh remembered something he again looked at man and said in horror.
: Archer ! You ?
Yes. The man is revealed to be RAGINI.
Laksh : what are you doing here..and this getup….. This moustache… Soldiers behind you..what have you done…..
Ragini : sush…come with me…. Don’t shout.
Ragini takes Laksh with him in a food stall.
Ragini : dada 2 chat
She removes her moustache. Laksh looked shocked
Laksh : Archer ! Will u please ….describe me ….
Ragini : actually something happened like this….
Ragini is walking with parineeta. Parineeta is following her like a little Lamb. Ragini is very irritated.
Suddenly she enters into a dress stall.
She select some dress and asks pari.
Ragini : pari you to choice some dress
Pari : me ?
Ragini : yes
Pari becomes happy and selects 5dress.
Ragini : you go and trial them I’ll pay
Pari comes dressing like a behenji.
Ragini was not there.
Shopkeeper : she has paid for dress you may go
Pari comes outside and looks here and there.
She was holding Ragini dress. Suddenly a man came and snatches the packet from her hand and runs.
Pari : thief thief catch him he is taking my belongings.
The soldiers run behind him. Ragini stops at a corner and wears turban and moustache. And runs again. She saw Laksh and hugs him.
Flashback ends

Laksh was laughing like hell.he looked at Ragini and again laughs.
Ragini admires Laksh lovingly
Laksh : really Archer you are so crazy… You did so big drama for a small thing.
The chat comes.
Ragini gives a i – challenge – you looks
Laksh smirks
He gives a challenge – accepted look
Laksh : start making non stop
Shopkeeper smiles and nods in yes
Both starts eating
Gradually spread reduces
Laksh is stomach full.
Ragini is very tired.
Laksh winks at the shopkeeper and shopkeeper gives extra chili.
Ragini eats it
And her eyes turn red. She starts crying.
Ragini : water water…
Laksh thought to tease her but he too becomes tensed seeing her condition.
Laksh makes her drink water.
Both have a cute eyelock
Ragini : you’re so bad
Laksh :so sorry i didn’t mean to hurt you…
Ragini starts crying like a kid
Laksh :please forgive me
Ragini :no never you’re a cheater.
Laksh :ok ok i admit defeat you win i lose
Ragini :really
Laksh : really
Ragini promise
Laksh :ys promise
Ragini gets up and smiles.
Ragini :actually i want to say something
Laksh :yes
Ragini :actually i didn’t eat that one
Laksh :what
Flash back
Ragini saw Laksh winking at shopkeeper and mixing chili.
She changes that with a sweet one
Flashback ends
Laksh become shock and angry.
Laksh :you archer ! Wait
Ragini runs and Laksh chases her.
They both run and ragini clashes with a flower vender.
Ragini was about to fall and Laksh holds her by waist.flowers falls on them.

Ragini pushes him and shyly runs.
Laksh smiles sheepishly

They both went on the yamuna ghat. And do boat riding.
Ragini :what happened soldier are you scared ?
Laksh : no chance Archer

At evening
Ragini :bye i have to go
Laksh :really ?
Ragini nods in yes.
Laksh :see you soon

Laksh watches the sunset and says “i know its against my principals…i never wanted this.. Its very dangerous… But i am in love with my Archer.

Precap : i will not say….

Credit to: Sarah

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    1. I’m so sorry di actually i was busy in completing my homework which I didn’t do till now. My school will open at 12 July

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  18. hey kiddo, miss me . I miss you a lot.sorry dear for not commenting but I didn’t read any ff because I am out of town and here is no network.Today hardly I got network so i read your ff and comment. As usual episode is mind blowing awesome.I will not able to read ff and comment for next 10 days but I promise after that i will read ff and comment regularly.forgive me and once again a big sorryyyyyyyyy.I will miss you a lot. Take care

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