Swaragini – Royal Love episode 18


Eid Mubarak friends! Sarah here . actually sinin didi have applied mehendi so i am posting this. I tried to make this one special if you all like it then please comment cause i know you don’t want me to be sad on Eid .

Sanskar : i think I’ll have to find her i have return her this chunri

“Sanskar ! Yaar i have again meet her ” ayaz said excitedly
“Whom…your arrogant princess ?” Sanskar asked mockingly
“Yes…don’t say like that i love her” ayaz complained
“Really…in 2 days… ?”
“What you guys are talking about ” Laksh asked while entering
“Ayaz has fallen love in 2 day’s ”
“What.. Ayaz !” Laksh said hopelessly
Ayaz said “you guys are too mean… What do you know about…. Have you ever fallen in love?”
Laksh and Sanskar : no.. You tell us what happens in love ?
Ayaz : love.. Love does not need years it can happen in any moment.
Sanskar and Laksh recalls their first meeting with swara and Ragini
Ayaz : when you fall in love you forgot your anger and rudeness
Sanskar recalls swara scolding him and he listening like a obedient boy
Ayaz : you forget your surrounding and only looks for her
Sanskar remembers waiting for swara impatiently
Ayaz : you feel comfortable to share your secrets with her
Sanskar recalls talking with swara about his passion
Ayaz : and this means….
Sanskar : your in love
Ayaz and Laksh looks at Sanskar shockingly . they looked at Sanskar as a spy have come to kill them.
But Sanskar is in his own world
“So this mean I’m in….. But how can it be possible ? Me and love… But why im attracting towards pari ? What is so special about her ? Why can’t i think about any one else except her ? Does this mean…”
Sawariya plays

“Sansskarrr” ayaz shouted
Laksh : dadabhai what are you thinking ?
Sanskar : PARI..
Ayaz and Laksh : Parii !
Sanskar : what the hell…why are you both troubling me ? Don’t you have any work ? I have to go now..
Sanskar goes
Laksh shocks
Ayaz : something is fishy……

Swara : are you sure Ragini ?
Ragini : yes jiji
Swara : ok then…Pari come here you go with Ragini she wants to buy some bangles on her own.
Pari : ji kumari.
Pari smirks
Swara goes outside
She saw cow cart and wishes to ride.she calls the men and rides on the cart.
She enjoys the scenery from here.

Sanskar looks for swara . he tries to find her . he suddenly saw her on a Cart
He runs behind it. People think him as mad.he runs and calls “Pari wait”
Swara listen something and looks here and there she saw fluter is running behind her cart. She ties to stop the driver but due to noise he couldn’t hear.
By finding no other way swara gives her hand. Sanskar tries to catch it.(ancient DDLG)
Sanskar holds the hand and swara pulls him up.
Sanskar falls on her.
They have a cute eye lock.
Swara :arre fool you should call me na…
Sanskar : i called you pari
Swara : pari ? Who is she ?
Sanskar : you
Swara : me ? Its ok you can call me that.fluter
Sanskar : fluter ?
Swara : you…. By the way why are you looking for me ?.
Sanskar : i wanted to return your chunri
Swara : ohh..i gave you that. But where is it?
Sanskar : i forget to bring
He says innocently
Swara looks shocked but later burst on laughing
Swara : you are soo funny!
Sanskar : thank you
The cart stops near the yamuna ghat
Sanskar gets down and helps swara .

Swara and Sanskar walks beside the river side and talks.
Swara : what do you do ?
Sanskar :(monologue) sorry pari but i have to lie
Sanskar : a merchant
Swara : where are you from
Sanskar : mahismati
Swara : ohhh !
Sanskar : and what are you
Swara : a girl
Sanskar : that’s all ?
Swara : yes i think i should go im hungry
Sanskar : no no please don’t go wait I’ll pluck some mangoes for you
Swara : do u know how to climb tree ?
Sanskar : yes.
Sanskar monologue : pari …. You are making the yuvraj of mahismati to pluck fruit ? But no problem
Sandskar climbs up and falls down
Swara :are you ok
Sanskar : yes
Sanskar agsin climbs and bring mangoes for swara
Swara : thank you so much
Its very tasty you eat.
She makes him eat .
Sanskar looks lovingly
They talk for some time. Sanskar plays flute for swara.
Swara : i liked this tune very much

After some time
Swara : bye we will meet again
Sanskar : bye.
He runs in toward the yamuna river and shouts “I’m in love… Yes ..im in love with my pari”

.precap – Raglak special

Credit to: Sarah

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