Swaragini – Royal Love episode 17


Hello friends sinin and Sarah both are here, first i want to say that we are new writer so to give both couple equal importance is a little bit tougj but we will gradually learn.for now i want to write chapter 18 on fully swasan and chapter 19 on raglak. What do u al say ?
You talk too much! My turn i know you all have miss me a lot. Specially my yashu di and divyanshri di. And sethooty di what about your studies ?you said na you have to study a lot ….. Exams ???

Now let’s start the story
Ragini :im soo sorry
Laksh is standing numb. First he didn’t understand, then he became shocked and then angry but later….
Laksh : why did you do that ?
Ragini: sorry i didn’t mean it…. Actually i didn’t hit you….
Laksh :then why i am feeling pain ?
Ragini : no no i mean…. I wanted to kill him
Laksh : what you wanted to kill me… I known you’re good in fighting but that does not mean you can kil me by slapping…
Ragini : no i wanted to kill that fly
Laksh : what the hell
Ragini : i am extremely soory i didn’t mean it
She holds her ear and looks innocently at Laksh
Laksh : crazy girl
Ragini : so..
Laksh : so…
Ragini : then…
Laksh : then..

Ragini became irritated. She says “why are you imitating me ‘
Laksh : why are you imitating me
Ragini s jaw falls down in shock. She never thought soldier can also be funny.
Ragini :listen
Laksh : listen
Ragini : please
Laksh : please
Ragini : i forgave you
Laksh : i forgave you
Ragini smirks and Laksh became shocked
Laksh : it was cheating
Ragini runs away and while going says ” everything is fair in love and war ”
Laksh smiles and says what is it ??

Swara wakes up and saw she is sleeping in Shadow of a banyan tree . and the cowdung boy is sleeping leaning on her . she remembered last night he is a great artist there is magic on his hand . i don’t known when slept. I think now i should go Ragini might be worried. I tried to go but he was holding my chunri tightly. I tried to remove his hand but it was very tight. I didn’t feel to wake him…he was sleeping soo peacefully.
I removed my chunri and went from there. I think he needs it more than me…..

Sanskar point of view
I woke up and found myself on the sand.,..
I had sleep in the night with pari. She wanted to hear it . and maybe now she is gone.
Suddenly i realized that i was holding a chunri. She leaved this is to me.

Pari is seen talking with someone
Man : will the work will be done ?
Parineeta : of course just my money……
Man : it is ready but first do my work
Pari : whom first ?

Ayaz is walking and classes with kavita. Kavita looks at him with anger and ayaz admires her lovingly.
Kavita : are you mad
Ayaz : in your love
Kavita : can’t you see
Ayaz : i have lost everything
Kavita fumes in anger.
Ayazwinks and goes.
Kavita : fool! ” A dawf can never touch the moon.”
She smriks
Ragini smiles naughtily
Laksh smiles slightly
Swara looks happy
Sanskar smiles shephishly.

Precap – if all are agree then swasan otherwise as usual

Guys please say what you want.and i am sorry in advanced if i failed to reply all.
I have start a new ff please read that
Swasan – does love need perfection ? By sinin didi
Swasan – Tumhari Swara by sarah
Swaragini – Royal love by both

In advanced
Sarah loves you all
And me too

Credit to: Sinin and Sarah

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  1. Purvisharma

    Awesome…….. Continue soon

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      Eid Mubarak to you too yashu/yashu di

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