swaragini – Royal Love episode 16


Hello friends sarah here . You all know I am writing this chapter hiding in my granny house. That too under the blanket. Please comment and support us.

Laksh is waiting for swara near the Yamuna ghat. Swara comes there. She looks a little bit nervous.
Laksh : swara !
Swara : sorry I’m late but….
Laksh : no no I should say sorry cause I couldn’t reply to your letters for dadabhai
Swara : (shocked) letters ?
Laksh : yes ! Which you sent to me
Swara : laksh I want to…say…
Laksh : don’t worry I’ll take care of dadabhai he will not meet you
Swara : thanks now say about yourself what are you doing nowdays ?
Laksh : nothing much trying to be a good warrior and senapati of mahismati
Swara : indeed you will be
Laksh : where is ragini
Swara : I’ll bring her some other day
They talked for sometime and leave from there saying Good night.

Laksh is returning to his tent. It’s a full moon night. Few people are sitting in a stall. Suddenly he saw a shadow behind the stall. He opens his sword and goes towards the stall and ….
Ragini : Ahh !
Laksh : you
Ragini : I know you are a soldier no need to show off. I know your skills
Laksh : it was a mistake.sorry
Ragini : sush..
Laksh :what ?
Ragini : don’t you dare to move
Laksh : sorry?
Ragini : no never …
Ragini slaps him

Swara is going back to tent. She is walking fast and it is very cold outside.
She hears a music. Music of flute. But who is playing this time ?
She don’t know why she wants to go there.She follows the music and reaches at a isolated place. A man is playing the flute. Swara can’t see his face. But he is really good at this.
Swara sat beside him and closed her eyes trying to feel the rhythm.
Suddenly the music stops. She opens her eyes and saw the cow dung boy whom she helped to buy shari.
Swara : cow dung boy you here.
Sanskar : (shock)
Swara : I must say you are a great artist
Sanskar : did you like it
Swara : I loved it
Sanskar : I used to play this in my childhood secretly.
Swara : but why
Sanskar : I didn’t want anyone to know about my passion.
Swara : can you play that again for me ?
Sanskar : sure
He plays and swara listens. Both feeled heavenly pleasure by eachothers company

Ragini point of view
I woke up from sleep due to a fly.It was disturbing me very much. I went from there and reached the outside. The scenery looks mysterious in moonlight. The soldier came here. And the stupid fly sat on his face and I kill it.

PRECAP – love blooms…

Credit to: Sarah

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