swaragini – Royal Love episode 15

Hello friends sinin here:-) hope you all are fine. I am Back. Now you all tell me did sarah disturbed a lot ? Then why the comments are less ? Please keep supporting us. Our third question ” who is your best classmate ?” My best friend is nuba and Sarah’s best friend’s name is orna. And your?

Swara point of view
I looked up and my heart froze for a moment. Yes he was my best friend. Laksh. Who always supported me even when his own brother was his against.
Laksh : I am sorry lady. I didn’t saw you.
Oh he is still that humble and polite unlike his brother.
Swara : no its ok
I tried to end the conversation soon.
Laksh : wait do I know you ?(first shock;-))
Oh God ! That’s what I was scared of. He will recognize me. Even if we didn’t meet for eleven long years.
Swara : no I don’t know you I have to go
Laksh : no wait
I ran away from there. I tried my best to go away from him. I ran very fast and stopped at a lonely place. My heartbeat is very fast.
I was very thirsty and was sweating profusely.suddenly someone offering me water and I drank it without wasting a second.
Person : Still you can’t hide from me swara
The glass fell from my hand. It was laksh how did he chased me ! I think our friendship is very strong that why he found me. But what will happen now ?
Laksh hugged me tightly.
Laksh : how are you Swara ? Oh God you have become soo big. Why you were hiding from me ?
Swara : I am soo sorry laksh but I was…
Laksh : scared ?
Swara : yes
Laksh : I want to talk with you soo much. But first don’t worry about bhai.
Swara : laksh I have to go but we will talk in the night near Yamuna ghat . Ok ?
Laksh : ok bye.
Swara went from there.

Ragini is walking in the fair. She have done a lot of shopping. She is having difficulties in walking.
Ragini : I should have bought lali with me
She goes towards her tent but in middle she stops. She hears a voice (third shock;-)
” how dare you touch my dress. Your hands were dirty. No one dares to touch my things”
Ragini : sanskar!
But how can this happen ? Sanskar here ?
She leaves all and goes behind the wall but she saw no one. She tries to find here and there but finds no one.
Ragini : I am sure he was sanskar. I can’t fail to recognize him. He was my best friend. But I need to confirm it.
She goes in the main gate
Officer : who are you
Ragini : rajkumari of Durgapur
Officer: how can I help you ?
Ragini : I want to know which kingdoms have participated here ?
Officer : asandh malwa kaling mahismati and Durgapur
Ragini : mahismati ! Means it was true he was sanskar. But do jijji know about it ? Of course she know that’s why she didn’t want me to come. That means jijji lied to me.

Swara is walking near her tent. Suddenly she She hears a cry. A girl is crying vigorously. She goes near her.
Swara : who are you
Girl : I am Parineeta. Rajkumari ji
Swara : Parineeta why are you crying ?
Parineeta : I am very poor your highness. I don’t have any food for any shelter .
Swara : Parineeta can you work for me
Parineeta : ofcouse rajkumari . Thank you soo much you are very kind.
Swara now comes with me. I will introduce you to all.
Parineeta goes with swara with a smirk on her face.

(Third and the biggest shock)
Laksh point of view
I meet with her. I meet with my best friend swara today. My love. Yes she loved me from her from childhood. She always helped me. Ragini and bhai were best friend and me and swara. She always stayed with me. That means she loved me. I don’t know if I love her or not but I am very happy that I meet with her after eleven long years.

PRECAP : swalak conversation , parineeta ka evil plan
Agar sabhi ne comment nahi ki to eye shock chalta hi rahega.
( if all reader s will not comment than I will carry on my torture named ” SHOCK”

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  1. Yashasvi

    ohhh sinin u r back…wowwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!dear owsm epi…………………. loved it….ohhhoooo ab yeh laksh bhi na, he’s always a confused character…hehehe………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god knws parineeta kya kregi ab………………………..
    hmmmmm so my BFF’s r madhvi n rochika……………….
    n ya wanna ask that should i call u sini dii or sinin.
    n i wanna giv our duo also a name .wt abt sishu ???

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    Nice… Dear…. Laksh is thinking that swara loved him…. Omg… Update soon…

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    Awesome……. Continue soon……

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    fab episode…… now what Pari will do…. her name is Pari but she is a devil…..
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    Awsm part dear ???BTW about my bff her name is shruti

  9. I think better we shouldnt comment u coz I loved the shock of u ready for shock then am to agree for not commenting.. it was a awesome dear my most awaited part want to say this but still I missed that sanskar not seen ragini.. where laksh is thinking about love means how it would b for sanskar more… but more than al this he is more happy for long reunite with his frnd & really it’s hard to recognize a person that to in teenage of 11 yrs gap.. ragini oh she recognize him by his voice itself really I want to see thr bond dear.. more than all this when 4came to knw of raglak swasan were they that will b most shocking r entertainment but am waiting for that..
    Am older than u both so u can call me di, my classmate frnd & best frnd r both r same to class & best are deepa & deepika.. My favorite color is red & white..

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    Haa shock baht bara tha yar.shocking episod.ha my bff is sayanti.or best class mate bolu to sneyee,payel nd arpita

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    Awesome dear loved swalak part… Try to Make it longer

  15. sorry sinin and kiddo .I didn’t read Swasan does love need perfection. actually I busy with my college admission work but don’t worry tomorrow or Sunday I will surely read that ff and comment. Take care love you my little sis and kiddo.

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    I missed yesterdays epi.. just now read two epis in one go… superb epis dears… my fav food s briyani.. but i always eat all food.. as i m really a foodie.. haha.. and my best frnd s my school mate mathu raji nancy … till now they r my best buddies

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  20. Nice episode…. Nd my best friend is Sujal…. He is my best best best best friend…. But he is not my classmate…. I used to share everything with him…..Nd don’t give us such type of punishment….

    1. Nd yeah he is my BFF….

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