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Hello friends sarah here . Thank you soo much for comment. Sinin didi has posted a new ff “does love need perfection?” It’s a swasan fanfic. Please all read that. Now my second question is ” WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FOOD ?” I love Chinese and Coca-Cola and sinin didi loves chicken and hyderabadi biriyani and sprite. And you ?
Kiski nazar ne mrig na
Bachta usse na
Pehchana gaya apna pyar
Disko apna dushman mana
Usko de behta dil ka chann……
Raging wears again civil dress. She don’t want anyone to find her truth.
Ragini : let me go and find that soldier I should return his money I am not a fraud after all.
Ragini goes in the fair and tries to find him. But he was not there. She thinks that maybe in Yamuna ghat.
Ragini goes there and saw her assumption was right. He was practicing sword fighting.
Ragini : I am returning his money so why not have some fun.
She by using her duppatta hides her face except eyes. She takes a sword and approach toward him.
Laksh hears some foot steps. He turns and saw a girl in veil with sword is coming. As if she wants to fight.
Laksh : who are you ?

Ragini : for now enemy
Laksh : you want to fight ?
Ragini attacks at him and he defends at neck time. They were fighting.
Laksh : your a good warrior
Ragini : thanks for compliment
Ragini was about to fall but laksh catches her by waist .
They have an eyelock.
Laksh removes the veil. He gets shocked.
Laksh : you ?
Ragini : you won and this is your gift.
Ragini gives the money back.
Ragini : I had taken lent from you. Thank you soldier ommm… Swami
She runs from there. Laksh smiles seeing her childish acts.
Swara wakes up and don’t find ragini. She wears (the cover picture) dress. And goes to find her.
Swara : this girl na ! Always trouble me let me find her once I will bind her with chains.
Swara goes in the fair. She goes and tries to find her but she finds that cow dung boy,
He is trying to buy something But is looking confused. Suddenly he saw her and approch towards her.
Sanskar point of view
Oh God ! Why it is soo tough. Ayaz the idiot have told me to buy a sari for his arrogant princess. Yes he has found someone. Stupid people , I can’t even saythat I am the prince cause laksh has said if go in general public like this it can be dangerous. And we even have limited soldiers. So I am in civil dress and trying to buy a dress. Suddenly I saw my pari. Yes I know she can only help me. She is looking like a angel .
Sanskar : listen will you help me
Swara : me again lost ?
Sanskar : no no … I want to buy a sari but I’m confused.

Swara : come I will help you
Swara goes with sanskar.
Swara : dada please show some sari what color you want
Sanskar : green
Swara : please show us green
Shopkeeper shows some good sari. Swara likes one and tries.
Sanskar admires her unknowingly.
Swara : I like this one .
Sankar : please pack it. Thank you for helping me. I want to gift you something.
Swara : I don’t need anything. Bye
She goes away.
Sanskar : I don’t why I become dumb seeing her. Thank God ayaz is not here or he would have killed me by teasing. But I really want to give her something.
He runs toward Yamuna ghat and saw something which made him smile.
He runs again to swara.
Sanskar : wait wait
Swara : what now ?
Sanskar : I know you don’t want anything But still this is for you.
He gives her a flower.

Swara looks shocked but later takes it from his hand.
They had an eyelock
Sawariya ( tittle song of ETRETR) Plays
Swara : thank you
She goes from there. She smiles and wears the flower on her hair. She smiles unknowingly .
Suddenly she dumps with someone and she became shocked.
Her heart froze for a moment.

PRECAP : shocked shocked and shocked

Guys I am ending it here cause I don’t want to reveal the shocked. So be ready for 3 shocks of swara Ragini and guess ?
Agar kisika bhi comment miss gaya too me ro dungi pakka…

Credit to: Sarah

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