swaragini – Royal Love episode 13

Hello friends sarah here. Actually I want to clear one thing that I am going to be 11. And sinin didi is going to be 15. And the main things are written by her. And I help her in masti and specially ragini scenes. Thankyou a lot for the comments. As we all are friends let all of us know each other more. First question ” what is your favorite color ? ” My favorite color is pink and sinin didi loves blue. What is yours ????
Bakt thamsa gaya
Duniya ka khayal na raha
Jab akho me teri dhayan diya……….
Sanskar point of view
Oh God ! She looks …. out of the world.. her big hazal eyes. It’s enough to look into her heart.she is looking confused. Now what should I say…..
Swara : leave me what do you want ?
Sanskar : …….
Swara : are you deaf ?
Sanskar : oh I wanted …
Swara : what
Sanskar : woh…
Swara looks down and find it.
Swara : for this ?
Sanskar : yes… yes.
Swara : you should have said it… what was the need to do this ? Come with me
She takes her to a water tap and opens it.
Swara : be careful next time.
She goes away.
Sanskar stands shocked.
Sanskar point of view
Oh God how dare she scold me ? Nobody has dared to talk to me like this not even my father. But why I didn’t said anything ? I was listening all like a donkey. No problem next time I will see her.

Ragini : oh god where is this jijji ? It’s more than 30 minutes. Many more customers are coming. What if they buy it ?
She looks here and there and saw a man was passing. He is very familiar. He is the arrogant one . Maybe he is a soldier. That’s why wearing this cloth.Suddenly a idea strikes in her mind.
Ragini : Mr arrogant be ready to be bali ka bakra.
Ragini : (loudly) Swami ! I am here
All people looks at her except laksh.
Man : your wife is calling you
Laksh ( shocked): arrey no I don’t have any wife
( he is in disguise to cheek the merchants)
Ragini runs to him and hold his one arm.
Ragini 🙁 loudly) swami ! Where were you ? Look I want this jhumka please buy it for me
Laksh :(shocked) you ? Who is your swami ?what the hell are you saying ?
Ragini 🙁 more loudly fake crying ) ohhh Kali ma ! What sin I had done that my husband is not accepting me? He can’t even buy me a jhumka? Hey Yamuna maiya please take me with you ……
All people are gathering and talking about laksh.
Woman : what kind of husband are you? Can’t you buy your wife a jhumka..
Laksh : but…
Man : arrry bhai bought it for her
Laksh glares ragini and bought the jhumka. He gives it in her hand.
Ragini : thank you swami
She hugs him
Laksh super duper shock
Ragini : Don’t worry I’ll return your money. And its your punishment for underestimating a girl.
She winks and runs from there. She gets mingled in the crowd.
Laksh stands there numb and shocked.
Saharan is walking here and there. He is thinking about swara he has never seen a girl like this. And she never breaks. But he needs to do something so that she values him. He talks to himself.
Be ready swara your going to suffer.
He goes in the tent and clashes with ragini.
Ragini : sorry
Saharan : watch out while walking
Ragini : pardon me come and have food.
Its special chappanbhog
Saharan : lets go
Saharan starts eating.
Ragini : did you like it ?
Saharan : it’s good
Ragini : take more
Saharan finishes eating. And sits.
Ragini : 3 2 1 bhooomm…
Suddenly he stands up and goes to washroom. He comes back . He sits and immediately stands up and goes again. He comes back and tries to sit but again washroom.
Ragini : maybe you have eaten more you go and sleep for sometime.
Saharan was damm tired. He nods.
He goes in his tent and lie down.
Ragini to laali : 5. 4. 3. 2. ….
Saharan runs outside and starts dancing in hilarious way.
Swara comes she was completely confused.
Swara : why are you dancing ?
Saharan : I am not dancing my body is itching badly.
He removes his cloth and starts itching her body.
Swara : guards take yuvraj to his tent and call the physician.
Guards take Saharan while he was itching.
Swara : Ragini !
Ragini innocently says : jijji you know na I love you.
Swara : what did you do
Ragini ( strictly) who ever will try to harm you i will kill him .
Swara gives a hopeless look.
Ragini winks at lali ( maid)
Ragini hears Saharan talk.
She fumes in anger and goes inside.
Ragini : lali where are you ?
Ragini tells every thing.
Lali : choti kumari in my bengali community there is a perfect medicine for him.
Ragini : What is it ?
Lali : “Jamalgota” and ” bilaichimti”
Ragini smriks wickedly and mixes jamalgota in food and bilaichimti powder on his bed.
Flashback ends…
Ayaz is roaming near the tent of malwa.
Ayaz : where are you my arrogant princess ? My eyes want to see you once.
Kavita comes out of her tent . She goes out for a walk.
Ayaz : kavita
Kavita : you ? Why are you here
Ayaz : I came to meet with you.
Kavita : no I don’t want to talk with you
Ayaz :wait arrogant princess
Kavita : what ? What did you call me ?
Ayaz : arrogant princess..
Kavita : you
She tries to hold her but he twirl her hand.
Ayaz :no one catch me arrogant princess
He goes away
Kavita stamps her foot and goes in her tent
Ragini : by the way jijji where were you I was waiting for you .
Swara remembers sanskar.
Swara : oh sorry let go and buy it
Ragini: jijji see this I have bought it
Swara : but money ?
Ragini : I lent it from some one I will return him tomorrow.
Swara : ok remember to return.

PRECAP : ragini laksh friendship , ragini meets Sanskar , swara helps sanskar

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  1. nice episode!!! Even mine is blue!!

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    i have not read the Chapter but thought to comment first- well i know its will be awesome well commenting to fast but now bye i will read the Chapter thanks uploading this one today…………love you keep it up

  3. Maddy_02

    my favorite is purple

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    My fav is pink Dr….same as u..haha..same pinch..
    Super epi..may be tmorw onwards I can’t comment…I have to study a lot sorry….
    Love ur fiction…take care Dr….

  6. Purvisharma

    Ragini is too cute yaar……. Sanskar is acting all dumb in front of swara…..hahahhaha……. Continue soon……

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  9. Awesome
    Plz update my savior asap

    1. Dear shagun I thought nobody likes that ff so I stop it but don’t worry I’ll start that again after ending this one

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    n u knw wt my favourite colour is pink n blue, wt a coincidence………………………..

    n i like royal pink n poyal blue the most in the shades of pink n blue., bt all shades r fab!!

    1. Yashasvi

      not poyal , royal blue

    2. Same pinch yashu

      1. Yashasvi

        same pinch dear

  11. as always owsm ..& my fav color is bright yellow..and now i want to ask u something ..what’s ur fav song???

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