swaragini – Royal Love episode 12

Hello friends sarah Here and for 3 days cause sinin di lost her bet. Now where is my jijji and divyanshri di ? Did you forget me . Now here is a big wala episode for rasha sumeeta and all. Par comment vi bare hone chahiye.
Jisse dur jane ki thani dimag ne
Dil le gaya usiki pass
Kya nasamaz ko hoga ahsas ki ehi
Hai pyar…..
Saharan : why the hell
Swara : excuse me ! We both are still not married.
Saharan comes close to her and touches her face. Swara feels uncomfortable. He trials down her lip and leans to kiss her but she jerked his hand away
Swara : be in your limits Saharan
Saharan fumes in anger he breaks the vase and storms outside
Swara : oh shivji how will I live with him ?
Ragini is roaming in the fair. She goes in different stalls. She saw colorful bangles and goes there.
She saw the shopkeeper pushed a little girl and she was crying.
Ragini : What happened dear ?
Girl : that man pushed me
Ragini : hey don’t u have manners is this the way to talk with a girl ?
Shopkeeper : who are you to say this ?
Ragini : rajkumari of Durgapur
Shopkeeper : I am very sorry highness Please forgive me Take this no need to pay
Ragini goes from there into a sweet shop.
There also all start greeting and serving her. She became irritated. She goes from there to Yamuna ghat.
She saw a young boy was with whom she clashed yesterday is trying to aim but he fails.
Ragini : May I help you ?
Laksh : you Do u even know how to hold it please go
Ragini takes the bow from his hand and aims at . She shoots and aim is perfect.
Ragini : never underestimate anyone.
She smiles victoriously. And goes from there.Laksh stands there embarrassed and shocked. He never expected that a girl will be able to beat him.
Ragini : jijji
Swara : what happened
Ragini : first tell me how many sister you have ?
Swara : what
Ragini : jijji say na
Swara : ok ok 1
Ragini : soo can’t you take your only sister on the fair ?
Swara :only this ?
Ragini : and we will go in civil dress.
Swara : but why
Ragini : jijji I went to feel like a general
Swara : ok
Swara and ragini changed their dress. Both were looking very simple. Not like a princess at all.
Swara : Ragini be careful
Ragini : let’s go now
Swara and ragini where roaming in the fair. First swara was a bit scared but later he to starts to have fun. Ragini was very excited asno one can recognise her.
Ragini : jijji
Swara : yes ragini youwere right it’s amazing feeling.
Ragini : jijji see soo beautiful jhumka ( big earrings) it’s I want it Now
They went to the stall
Shopkeeper : oh lady this jhumka will add more beauty in you. This are specially crafted by best designer of kaling.
Swara : Ragini which colour do you want ?
Ragini : the red one
Swara : how much it is ?
Shopkeeper : 50 coins
Swara : oh I didn’t bought coin you stay here I will bring in 5 minutes
Ragini : okk come first
Swara goes from there towards the tent.
Suddenly she feels a strong hand on her mouth and another one on her waist.
She tries to speak but couldn’t. The person takes her to a corner and removes his hand. She became shocked to see the person.
Now guys tell me should I reveal it in this episode or youguys will wait for tomorrow. I am thinking to revealafter all you all are my besties. But the condition is all silent reader have to comment today…

I am going to reveal……….

Sanskar point of view
I woke up and found laksh had already gone on the ceremony. It is good in a way. I don’t want to do all this nonsense. I just saw a bad dream. Usually I never get any dream. But today one was very bad. I saw a girl in her wedding dress maybe is coming towards me she slapped me and said ” I am ashamed to stay with you. I have had enough. Now I am going . I’ll never come back you stay with them ” no I know this is not scary but bad part is I was crying yes damm….. I was crying and begging her not to go. But she went away and sit like a lifeless body. I don’t remember the girls face clearly it was blured. I remembered kusum and her curse. No ….. what the hell I am thinking why on earth I will cry for a girl ? ( idiot Sanskar I will make you) ohh girl remained me about her….yes….pari where she might I need to keep an eye on her otherwise I will lose her after the fair ends.
Now let me go out.
Ohh no there is soo crowd ….. damm…. I think I should go now ( now it’s less if you had come earlier than you would have fun)
Ohh no ! I put my leg on cow dung ! ( very good) who the hell keeps his cow here I will kill him…. who is she ? Pari she is coming towards this way ( totally forgot cow dung)
I should talk with her but how ? No I can’t think anymore….. I grab her slim and bare milky waist and put a hand on her mouth. I don’t know why I did this. I bought her to a corner where there is no people. Ohh god ! Shw is soo beautiful ! Even in this dress she looks like a princess…. Yes I gave her right name….PARI….

PRECAP – conversation between sanskar and her pari and ragini ka big dhamaka, laksh again shocked , obsessive Saharan v/s ragini , kayaz nokjhok…..
OMG ! Now how will sinin didi write itna sara on Next episode………….

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    Awesome…… Continue soon…

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    1. Yes sanji

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    wowwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!soooooooooooo owsm!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! my dear sissie sarah………!!!!!!!!!!! n waiting fr ragini’s new dhamaka n saharan vs ragini.! yippie u knw wt i love ur ff fr 3 reasons.
    1 is that it’s a royal love n i’m very much interested in all these

    2 is in ur fff swara is sooo calm n mature n ragini she is so bold , fearless , n ladako just like me………..!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 is it is most important that it is written by my sissie sarah n sisin.

    luv u guys n will always there fr u n ur ff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thank you soo much. But yashu sarah is going to be 11 on this 26 August.
      So don’t worry you are her elder sissi

      1. Yashasvi

        ya , wow!!!!!!!!!!!! sisin cn u tell me ur age…………

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    I really like ur story.nd at start jo tum shayeri se story suru karte ho na its tooo good.nd this make a diferent.i like it very much

    1. Thank you sumeeta for biggggggg comment

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    1. Thank you but I am not 12 I am going to be 11 . And if you don’t mind can you tell what should I call you ? Di or bhai

      1. Soory it was my question

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    As anny is feeling little lazy i am writing this on behave of her.

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