swaragini – Royal Love episode 11

Hello friends sarah. Here, I and sinin didi are on cloud ten ( agar nahi hai to bhi pouch gayi ) thank you soo much for comment. Many silent reader commented that makes us very happy. Please all silent readers Comment this boosts our energy.
And my pyari behna Appka gussa shant huya ? Ab apke sabke liye ek quiz batao too ” too ” from where I belong ?? Socho socho….

Jisse na milne ke
Thani thi dimag ne
Dil barbar usike pass
Pouchata hai kya
Eye nashamaz shamze ga kabhi
Ki eyehi pyar hai…..

Announcer : ” devi or sajjano ! Ap sabhika shoyagat hai arryavart ki maha mela mai . Eya pach rajjo ne bhag liya hai ? Eye mela jan shadharan ke liye khula hai saradin aur raat….
Ragini : jijji ! Mela have started lets go na
Swara : hai Ragini ayi but …..
Ragini: no if but let’s go

Ayaz : sanskar get up na ! We have to go to ceremony ohhhh laksh I am calling him since 1 hour will he ever wake up ?
Laksh : ayaz leave dadabhai maybe he is tired. You come with me.

Open ceremony
All kings are and their representatives are present
Pratap goes in his reserve place. Durga pur have 35 stalls. He is guiding the merchants
Pratap : all you make sure that we have profit. But do trade with honesty. Behave well with customers. I will come in disguise to cheek you all.
Ragini is roaming here and there. She is very happy.
Ragini : jijji look it’s so beautiful
Swara : yes ragini.
Announcer : here comes the prince of kaling jaganath.
He goes and cuts the rope.
Ragini : jijji see there is phool

Phool : arre swara ragini ! Where were you all. I was feeling bore.
Ragini : ohho ! Dadabhai
Phool :(blushes) stop it ! Swara woh dadabhai wanted to meet with you.
Announcer : now here is the yuvraj of asandh prince Saharan .
Phool : there is dadabhai
Ragini ( monologue): idiot stupid donkey monkey moron now see what I do.
Ragini ( fake excitement): ohhh let’s go and meet him first I will meet him jijji you stay here . Let s go.
Ragini drags phool with her.
Announcer : now comes the prince of mahismati prince laksh
Swara hearts skips a bit.

Laksh ! Her best friend who supported her in every odd . When ever Sanskar teased her he always supported her. She is going meet him after eleven years.
Laksh comes and says I on the behalf of yuvraj sanskar start the fair.
Swara looks at him He has changed. But ..sanskar… oh no he has also come u need to save ragini.
Swara rushes to pratap who was going to say…
Swara : dadabhai don’t say that we both have come just say that you have come alone.
Pratap : aree why ?

Swara : DON’T ask I’ll say later.
Pratap goes with confused face
Announcer : now comes the yuvraj of Durgapur yuvraj pratap
Laksh : pratap I never met with him But where is swara and ragini ?
Pratap : I have come alone on the behalf of king dp.
Laksh : oh they didn’t come it’s good in a way.
Now The princess of malwa kavita
Ayaz looks at her .
Kavita glares
Ayaz winks

Swara goes towards the tent.
Saharan was sitting there with irritated face. Ragini is continuously speaking.
Ragini : do you know my favorite cow what is her name ?
Saharan : nooo
Ragini : aduri we bought her from a Bengali merchant .
Swara smiles seeing Saharan s condition.
Saharan :at last you came ! I want to talk with you in private
Ragini : why I want to know also
Swara : Ragini go and see the fair have started
Ragini goes in excitement.

Saharan : where were you ? Ragini was speaking nonsense. Now say when do you want to do it ?
Swara : Saharan I clearly said I am not going to do it.
Saharan : why the hell ?

PRECAP : lond episode

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  1. Dafsi

    Nice but short

  2. Sumeeta

    Sooo small part

  3. Deeksha

    nice…………continue soon…………

  4. Plzz give the long update plzzz

  5. Hello….sinin it was awesome i must say you are a best writer they way you explain its awesome.. Loved it post next one soon. I am also saying this on behalf of roshini di because she is ill and will read later… But she already now its awesome so she said to me to write this.

    1. Thank you so much for the comments anny and roshni

  6. And also too sarah you are also good man. I love this fff

  7. Nice plzz give long

  8. Purvisharma

    Superb….. But too short…..

  9. short one plzz raglak

  10. Good… Try to give bit lengthy….

  11. Dear please please please try to give long part yar.. for a day give one long r short of 2 r 3 please coz really addicted to it.. this episode was so nice one side happy, sad face of swara, some wat sad & relax face of laksh, so naughty & excited face ragini.. I think this was short but u tried to show of al.. good one yar.

    1. Agla episode par ke app kahoge ” why soo long yaar “

      1. we wnt ever say that y did long but surely love it… dear please dnt mind pls can u write in english really am not good in hindi just few words I understand that’s it. am from south India so I dnt no hindi so pls try to write in English just consider it’s an humble request..

  12. lol ragini is asking so stupid question please i want atleast make ragsan bonding and raglak encounter please it’s a humble request

    1. Request granted

  13. wow superb. sarah hats off to you dear.I can’t believe that you are just 12. awesome episode.

  14. Awesome dear

  15. Hi hi…ragini is toooo naughty yar..poor saharan..i feel pity on him…plz make ragini trouble sanskar also..i just need a good ragsan bond and romantic raglak seens…and plz makd it lengthy yar..i just got adicted to it

  16. I just love ragini in ur ff…naughty girl

  17. Awesome

  18. Jwala

    awesome dear.. Please give long updates.. can’t wait to read next part

  19. awesom dear..make it little bit long…and r u a bengali??

  20. Yashasvi

    hey nice epi dear after a long time u came n ya gussa adha shant ho gya tha n after reading the 1st line “” hello frdz sarah “” pura shant ho gya n ya chotti did u think abt that wt i told u registeration in tellyupdates, plzzz do it, if u’ll register urself then we can chat on it also !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Nice episode… Poor Saharan?
    I wud luv to see swa_lak n rag_san friendship but more than that swasan n raglak intense romance??

  22. Divyanshri

    awsome episode Sinin…… but small no Prblm will wait for ur next update…. ?

  23. Awsm episode….. Hey Sarah u r just 12 I can’t believe this….. U r too small….How cute…

    1. Yashasvi

      wt really riya , ven i’m 12 so is sarah my choti or not, i mean she is younger or may be elder than me…..

      1. Yashu di riya di your mistaken I am going to be 11 on this 26 August.

  24. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Nice but short.

  25. Wow Ragini is superb…loved it..I want Raglak romance other than swasan..this is really different.. First time am reading such fiction…Royal love wow.. And don’t care about comments..we always.. Support u till the end…pakka walaa promise..

  26. nyc but more ragini scenes

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