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Hello friends sinin here , I had post this part tomorrow but it didn’t post. Thank you soo much for comment. It means a lot for me. Today I have a surprise for you all at the end. Wait wait No one will scroll down . Surprise is surprise. First read the chapter.
And I hope all will support me.
Kavita – from serial
Saharan – sahil from serial
Ayaz – dharya from santoshi maa
Pratap – rishi from kasam
Phool – simar from sasural simar ka
Ho choki hai dhamakedar mulakat
Bin jane dhadakne laga dil
Kisi anjan ki liye
Ho chuki hai shuru
Barso purani prem kahani……
Leave.me you fool said princess of malwa
Oohh! Sorry ” The Boy leaves her and she fall down on the ground.
P o M : ohhh ! How dare you ? Do you know who I am ? I am Kavita the princess of malwa.
Boy : kavita …
Kavita : what
Boy : nothing. I am…..
Kavita : wait did I ask you ? Silly people
She goes from there.
The boy looks at her and smiles sheepishly

Laksh : bhai now where is this ayaz ? Pandit ji can’t wait more. Let’s start Puja.
Sanskar sits for puja.
Swara and pratap comes. They sit opposite to sanlak.
Laksh closes his eyes. He remembers the girl her irritated face , red nose and rosey lip.
The puja is complete.
Sanskar : laksh I am going to tent. You take care.
Laksh : ok dadabhai .
Sanskar goes. Laksh hears something and goes towards the Yamuna ghat.
He saw that girl is playing in water. She is smiling like a child. Innocents is clearly seen in her face. She took some muddy soil and runs away.
Laksh : why I am thinking about the girl ? Who is she to me I should concentrate on my work . From now on I will never think or meet with her

Pratap looks here and there. He sees the flag of asandh which says that his love have arrived.
Swara : dadabhai phoolkanwar have arrived. You go and meet her. I’ll take care of here.
Pratap : ARE you sure
Swara : yes dadabhai now go.
Pratap goes. Swara smilies seeing her brother happiness.
Ahhh! A maid falls and hurts her leg.
Swara : oh Kali ! You should be careful. You go and take rest I will take care of here.
Kali : but bari kumari…
Swara : Kali go.
Swara starts helping the other maids.

Sanskar : oh ! I forget to ask the way. I’ll have to go again.
He returns and searches for laksh he couldn’t find him but saw something which stopped his time.
His pari was there helping some maids.
Sanskar : oh maybe she is a maid. Oh God she is soo tempting. I want her In my bed. But it can’t happen until this fair ends. I have promised ma. So what I can see her at least. Be ready ! Pari
He goes from there with a smirk in her face

Swara goes in her tent. She saw a horrible scenery .Ragini was continuously sneezing and all maids where present there. The whole tent was a mess.
Swara : oh shiv ji ! What have happened to you ?
Ragini : woh jijji nothing
Swara : Ragini speak the truth
Ragini : woh jijji I went to Yamuna ghat
Swara : Ragini are you a kid ? What if something happens to you ? This is not our palace.Why did you went there?
Ragini : woh jijji you said one day that you want to make a statue of pure soil of Yamuna river.
Swara : ohh ragini! What should I do with you ? Come here
Swara hugs ragini and she too reciprocate with sneezing.

Pratap : what happened to u choti ?
Ragini : nothing dadabhai you tell me did you meet with phool ?
Pratap :(blushes) she is fine. She has gone for sattavatan puja. By the way Saharan was looking for swara. You meet with him once. Now I am going to check the stalls.
Ragini : ( angry) no need to meet that jerk. Jijji I swear if speak nonsense I will break his jaw. I just tolerate him for phool.
Swara : leave all this. Take rest tomorrow fair is going to start.
Ragini : arre ha jijji I am soo excited.

Laksh : ayaaazzz !
Ayaz : what ? What happened ?
Laksh : where are you lost ?
Ayaz : woh today I saw a princess She soo beautiful but arrogant.
Laksh : ok now come out of dreamland.let go and see the preparation .
Ayaz : let’s go
guys I have decided to reveal the pairs. Yes I said I will reveal after grand fair. But I don’t want anyone to feel bad later.
Guys I want to clear a think
Ragini is a ferocious fighter for all enemy. But she can’t handle the enemies disguised of love one. And if she marries laksh then she can get the same love and affection which she gets from swara. And swara is the best medicine of sanskar.
So the pairs are –

I am very sorry to swalak and ragsan fans. But there is another ragsan royal ff. But this is the first for swasan. Please ana lisa I am very sorry.
Please all support me like earlier. Or else I will lost my confidence. But sarah is overconference that her favorite sister along with others will support me till last….

Credit to: sinin

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