swaragini rocks (swalak and ragsan) chapter 9


Roshini leaves from Farmhouse. Swara comes out of washroom. Her eyes were full of tears. Lucky comes to her and ask her if she is ok. Swara : I am ok. With her eyes full of tears. She asks lucky why you lied me that your name is lucky. Lucky keeps his hand on her shoulders and tell Swara, because I really don’t like my name you it’s too old fashion name ‘ Laksh’ and you lucky its so cool name. That’s why. ..you are understanding what I am trying to say. And don’t tell me that you were crying because of my name. Why were you crying? Swara: I don’t know but something made me cry. She looks in his eyes and ask do you really want to marry Roshini? Lucky: I don’t know but yes I like her , She is so beautiful but I am not able to feel for her. Swara goes to practice. Lucky sees her playing guitar.

Scene 2.

Next Day. Sanskar calls lucky but he didn’t pick up. Sanskar massage lucky that competition is in evening and also he massages address. Sanskar calls ragini in a coffee shop. Ragini thinks that Sanskar has called for saying those three magical words. Ragini goes there. She finds sanskar sitting on chair with flowers on table. She smiles. And goes there. Sanskar offers her chair. She sits there. Sanskar offers her flower and tell Happy birthday. Ragini controls her laughter and says thank you sanskar but today is not my birthday. Sanskar: actually Happy children day. Ragini burst into laughter. Sanskar sees her .manchala plays. Ragini was laughing heavily. Ragini controls herself and tell : you can’t tell . She sits on her leg and shouts ‘ I love you sanskar’ sanskar hugs her. Manchala plays.

Scene 3..

Sumi searches swara. She calls her but her phone was switched off. Sumi get tensed.

Scene 4.

Annapurna searches lucky . She asks Roshini .Ap: Roshini do you know , where is laksh. Roshini : no mom. He was not at home all night. Ap goes from there. Roshini closes the door of room. She gives a evil smile. Someone in white T shirt and Blue jeans is seen in her room.

Scene 5.

Lucky is seen sleeping on sofa and swara was missing.

Precap: lucky search for swara. They both fight with other. They sing the song chahun mai ya na together.

Credit to: Aditi

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