swaragini rocks (swalak and ragsan) chapter 8


Thank you for the support . keep commenting. Its a very short update I hope you’ll enjoy. Swalak ragsan rocks.

Scene 1.

After talking to Sanskar. Ragini tells swara to come down for dinner with family. Swara tell her to wait 5 minutes. Ragini agrees and goes down. Lucky was really confused after hearing that Roshini is his would be wife. He gets call of his Sanskar. Sanskar : yaar lucky, solo dance competition is postponed and tomorrow there is music competition and we all know very well that you and swara are the best singers of v sparklers, so you both will give a duet performance tomorrow. Lucky: are you crazy? I’ll sing with that swara? And yes if I am ready also then in this much less time how we’ll practice yaar. Sanskar: that is up to you but tomorrow you’ll only give performance with swara. Bye. Call disconnects. Lucky thinks that now I will have to sing with that crazy stupid idiot , swara. Lucky calls swara and informs swara about all what Sanskar told him. Swara tell but how we’ll practice in less time. Lucky: there is a restaurant near my farmhouse . we can practice in farmhouse and we can have dinner in restaurant. Swara goes there . she informs Ragini about this . Ragini ask if it is ok with her to be alone in farmhouse with lucky and that also at night. Swara: don’t worry I know lucky since 4 years. He is not like that.yes he is really irritating. But I’ll manage. Ragini smiles. Swara leaves.

Swara and lucky have dinner . They leave for farmhouse . They were about to start practicing. But Roshini also comes there and introduces herself as lucky’s would be wife. Swara looks at lucky. Swara feels little bad and tell. Swara: Lucky, I am going in the washroom you just practice I’ll come in 5 minutes. She turns to go but Roshini stops her and tell : wait a second, who is this Lucky? Lucky gets nervous . swara points lucky and tell he is lucky. You don’t know his name also and simply marrying him. Roshini: o hello. I know him very well and his name is Laksh maheswari not lucky. Swara gets shocked. She asks lucky if his name is Laksh. Lucky tell yes. Swara goes to washroom. Roshini come closer to lucky she ask if he loves her( roshini) lucky goes away from her and tell I like you roshini but now I don’t want to marry you. Roshini goes angrily from there.

Scene 2.

Sanskar reaches Kolkata. He decides to propose Ragini tomorrow. He stands in front of mirror and tell hello Ragini , I am Sanskar and I love you .No Sanskar if you will tell like this she will go . he practices again and again but he was not satisfied with his practice. He makes a face and sits on bed.

Precap : Some ragsan moments and swalak is seen singing song chahun mai ya na. Roshini plans to do something bad with swara. Swalak childish fighting.

Credit to: Aditi

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