swaragini rocks (swalak and ragsan) chapter 7


Sorry guys .May be this is my Last Episode. After this I’ll write after 3 or 4 days. I think there are not much swalak and ragsan fan left.Guys but if I will get comments then I will try to continue it after 4 or 5 days because now I am not having time.

Scence 1.

Swalak have a pilow fight . They give a angry look to each other . Ragini comes there and sees the condition of the room. She goes to swara and ask her if it a room or a fish market. Swara and lucky also notice the condition of room . The make a childish face and clean the room. Ragini is sitting on a bed and ordering them to clean the room.

Scene 2.

All are ready to leave for Kolkata. Swara wears a purple color short dress while Ragini wears yellow full sleeves top with full length blue jeans. Ragini goes and sit on bed and make a sad face. Swara gives a teasing smile and sit near her. She asks are you missing someone? Ragini tell yes. Swara ask who? Ragini tell Sanskar. Swara laughs . Ragini get embarrassed and run from there. Lucky comes in room and tell swaragini to come out as they are getting late.They all leave for Kolkata. They reach there in evening. They check in a hotel. They go to room . In the room. Ragini take her bags and tell swara that she is going to her home and she will stay there only. Lucky also tell that he is also going to his home . swara: you both are going then what I will do here alone. Ragini : swara you can come with me. I am not very rich .so there is no extra room but you can sleep in my room with me. Lucky: yes miss rock star , you can come with me also. actually my house is very big but there is no extra room and In guest room some furniture works is being done. But don’t worry, you can sleep with me in my room.Lucky gives a teasing smile to swara. Swara widens her eyes. Swara: what I’ll sleep with you! Are you mad? I know you are cool, handsome, rock star and also many girls die for you. But I am not like those girls. Ragini : Swara, he is teasing you. Lucky: yes, miss rock star , Ragini is correct. And who wants to sleep with you, you are so boring. Swara: Ragini I’ll go with you. Let’s go. Swara hits lucky leg to make him fall down but he falls on swara. Kabhi Jo badal barse plays in background. Swaragini leaves.

Scene 3.

Swaragini reaches gadodia house. Everyone welcome them. Sumi ask Ragini about swara.sumi: Ragini , who is she? Ragini: Maa, she is my friend and you know she is very nice girl and she is a famous rock star of Mumbai. Sumi goes to swara. Sumi: what is your name? Swara: swara. Sumi runs to her room . she sits on bed and cries. Flashback : Two small girls are seen . and sumi gives the name Ragini to one of them. And sekhar gives the name swara to another one. And they both call them together SWARAGINI. Flashback ends. Swara and Ragini come to sumi. Ragini ask her what happened. Sumi wipes her tears and hugs swaragini. Swara: what happen Maa. I mean aunty. Sumi: No shona, you can call me Maa. Swara hugs sumi and tell first time she has called anyone Maa.

Scene 4.

Lucky reaches Maheswari house. He hugs Annapurna. Annapurna gives him sweets. AP: after many years my son is back. Sit here. And we have a surprise for you.
Lucky: surprise, what type of surprise. Lucky sees a girl there. He shouts: you, Roshini . she is Roshini . Lucky’s childhood friend. She goes to lucky and hugs him..Lucky: OMG, Roshini, after many years. She hugs him again. Lucky breaks the hug.Ap comes and tell yes she is Roshini but now she is not your friend . now she is your Would be wife. Lucky remains shocked. Ap: By the way where is Sanskar. Lucky tell he will come at night. He goes to his room.

Scene 5.

Sanskar calls Ragini. Sanskar: hi Ragini. Ragini: Sanskar, when you will come. I miss you so much. Sanskar: what? You miss me! Why? Ragini: Actually, How I’ll practice without you. Sanskar: OK, I’ll reach there at night and you can meet me when we’ll go for practice tomorrow. Ragini and Sanskar talk with other and Manchala plays in background.

Precap : Lucky calls swara for dinner in a restaurant. Swara agrees. Roshini also comes there and introduce herself as Lucky ‘s would be wife(wait for swara’s reaction)Sanskar practices to confess his love to Ragini .

Guys sorry again if I am too late and also that I’ll not update for 3 or 4 days. There is a big twist in next chapter but I don’t know, I’ll be able to update or not. Sorry. But surely I’ll try to update. And yes I was joking its not the last episode. But really I am not getting time.

Credit to: Aditi

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  1. Ofcourse I am swalak fan. N you must continue yaar. I love your ff . Please continue

  2. Please try to find time Yaar 😛

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  8. pratiksha subedi

    I’m great fan of swalak.but I read this story first time so I ‘m not understand.

    1. Thank you. But I think that you have commented on my chapter 2 or 3. Sorry if I am wrong.

  9. awsm yaar aditi swalak nok jockss ws superb…so we hav to wait for 3-4 days for nxt part….no probzzz we will wait for ur ff especially for shonas reaction……pls continue nd can you post nxt part today onwrds…..pls

    nd thank u for all d swalak swalak ff writers aditi,dimpi etc ..srry i forgot others name srry for dat. …only few swalak ff bt i m happy ki still so many swalak fans left

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  13. Thank you so much guys and I will try to update. Thanks again.

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  15. pratiksha subedi

    u r right. mele vichme nai pada tha issile avi samaj nai aaratha.

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  19. Relax guys . I have updated next part.soon it will get published

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