swaragini rocks (swalak and ragsan) chapter 6


Scene 1.
Swara gives pain killer to Ragini. Swara and Lucky go for practice. They are tensed because of Ragini’s leg. Swara: Lucky, why did you saved me from kidnappers?
Lucky: Aa actually I was worried . Swara: you were worried for me? Lucky: No I was worried for kidnappers . Swara makes a sad face and tell I was only mad thinking that you came to save me. She turns and sees Lucky working on his phone. Swara: : did you listened anything what I said just now?
Lucky: who wants to listen your Bakwas(stupid talks)? Swara snatches his phone and gives a OMG look to lucky. Swara: OMG . how cheap ? You see the pictures of girls? Lucky: so what? Swara turns to go but lucky tell : give my phone its of 48,999. Swara: I am not stealing your so called expensive phone. And yes my phone is of 56,000 . it is better than yours. Lucky: OK cat cat .swara : listen my… Lucky :cat cat cat . swara : listen …. Lucky: cat . swara gets irritated and goes. Lucky smirks.

Scene 2.
In evening. They all go to place where competition was held. Ragini and Sanskar are called to give performance on stage. Audience clap for them. Sanskar and Ragini get tensed thinking about her leg. Sanskar tell her not to worry. He carries Ragini in his arms to the stage . finally they dance on the song manwa lage . (Ragini’s leg was OK now because of pain killer). Now swara and lucky are called to give performance. They dance on TU MERI. Finally the result came and swalak and Ragsan won the first round. They took a selfie.

Scene 3.
In Kolkata. Gadodia house. Sumi gets a call from Ragini that their college won the first round and for second round they are coming to Kolkata tomorrow. Sumi gets happy that Ragini is coming . she informs everyone. Dida reaches gadodia house shouting ‘Marwaran O Marwaran’ Dadi tell ‘ Ooo Bangalan’ Dida gives sweets to Dadi . Dadi asks for reason and Dida tell my granddaughter Ragini won the competition . Dadi tell she is my granddaughter. Dida and Dadi have an argument.

Scene 4.
Sanskar gets a call of principal that first he will come to Mumbai and then he will go Kolkata. And others will go Kolkata directly from Delhi. He was about leave for Mumbai. Ragini is there with him. They said bye to each other. Sanskar opens the door of car Ragini tell’ did you said something’ sanskar tell no. Sanskar gives his hand for handshake . they shake there hand. Ragini asks can I go now. Sanskar tell yes. Ragini again ask can I go now. Sanskar tell yes. Ragini laughs and says how can I go if you will not leave my hand. Sanskar leaves her hand. Sanskar sits in car and say bye to Ragini. They both look at each other.Manchala plays in Background.

Scene 5.
Swara is in room eating ice cream. A bit of ice cream was on her nose . lucky comes there and start laughing by seeing her. Swara ask why he is laughing. He continues laughing . swara goes to him and ask why he is laughing. But suddenly she get unbalanced and the ice cream fall from his hand and falls on Lucky’s face. She starts laughing by seeing his face. Lucky was quite now. Lucky: how dare you ? Swara laughs. Lucky : you are laughing at me now I’ll show you. He takes another bowl of ice cream from fridge and throws on swara’s face. Swara throws a pillow on lucky . lucky also do the same . they both have a pillow fight.

Precap: OMG, a villain’s entry in swalak and ragsan life for breaking their cute relations.

Credit to: Aditi

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  2. Villian oh god

  3. Amazing
    Ha ha ha cute fighting of swalak
    Nd lovely moment of ragsan

  4. Thanks for the update….let villain play his part…bt don’t separate the couples!!!!! Pls!!!!!…..nice episode…..!!!!

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