swaragini rocks (swalak and ragsan) chapter 5

Hi☺ guys. All the ragsan and swalak fans must read today’s Episode and plz comment and let me know how I am doing . you can give your ideas so I can improve. Yesterday we saw that v sparklers have left for Delhi.

Scene 1.
All the v sparklers group were going to Delhi in a bus. They were feeling bore and one of them said yaar feeling very bore let’s sleep. Ragini and swara looked at each other. Ragini: Swara, all are feeling bore. We have to do something. Swara: OK, let’s add some spice. Ragini: but how . swara tell something to Ragini. They decided to play the game. Truth or dare. They all became happy. After game . they stopped the bus at a Dhhaba(small restaurant). And they all drunk vodka instead of water(they were not knowing that its vodka) . They reached Delhi. They checked in a hotel . They were in same room as room was very big.Now they were not in their sense. Ragini fell down on Sanskar(he was on bed) and she widened her eyes and said: yes sanskar you know you are too cute like a baby. She laughs baby ha. Sanskar: Baby yes. I am a baby .He laughs . They both looked at each other. Manchala plays in Background.

Scene 2.
Lucky: hi cat, you know we are the best dancer of college so let’s dance .Swara: OK . they laugh. They danced on Balam Pichkari.swara:hi,lucky you have drunk . Lucky: cat, you have also drunk. Swara:I think so.(she said this like a child). Swara:I have heard that if we take shower then we can get into our sense. Lucky: ok ,then let’s go . Swara puts the shower on. The water falls on their face. Kabhi Jo badal barse plays in Background.

Scene 3.
Next Day.The v sparklers goes to hall where national music and dance competition was held. Organizer: so participants from all the colleges are here. Today is the competition in Delhi .we’ll go to three different cities. Kolkata,Ahmadabad and Bhopal.They come in their room. Ragini tell to swara.Ragini: wow swara, we’ll go Kolkata . you now Kolkata is my home town. I’ll introduce you to everyone there. Maa,Baba,Dadi,Nani, Dada jee. Swara: wow, you have a very big family. Ragini: how many members are in your family? Swara:I don’t know. Tears start rolling down her eyes. Actually I don’t even know who is my mom-dad. She cries. Lucky and sanskar come there. Lucky : o hello cat .don’t cry and our home town is also in Kolkata. Sanskar: yes swara, and our family members are your family member. Swara cries and hugs Ragini.Swaragini title songs plays in background. Ragini tell her to relax.Ragini and swara go for shopping. Swara gets kidnapped. Ragini informs Sanskar about this.Lucky gets worried. They get a call from swara’s number. Lucky picks up the phone. Lucky: hello cat. Kidnapper: shut up we are kidnappers and if you want to save her bring 50 thousand rupees behind the the oldest temple of goddess Durga. They cut the phone. Lucky: They have kidnapped swara only for 50 thousand rupees. If swara will get hurt I’ll kill them.He calls his assistant to transfer 50 thousand rupees in his account Sanskar: Lucky you will money to them! We’ll have to fight with them . Lucky: if they will hurt swara then. Ragini: nothing will happen to swara. Lucky go to the address. He fight with the kidnappers and saves swara. Swara hugs him. Kabhi Jo badal barse plays in background.

Scene 4.
Swara returns hotel. Ragini ask if she is ok. Swara tell yes. Swara: let’s go to practice we have to win this competition. At night there is dance competition and Ragini and Sanskar will dance with me and lucky. Ragsan go for practice. Ragini: ok so let’s start. Ragini and Sanskar were dancing but suddenly Ragini fell down and she got hurt in her leg . she was not able to get up. Sanskar takes her to the room in his hands.Manchala plays in Background. Swara : Ragini are you ok? Ragini: I am ok . let’s go for practice. Sanskar: sit here, you are not able to walk how you will dance. Swara: yes he is right. You take rest. Ragini: then how will I give my performance. If we’ll not give our performance we’ll lose. Everyone get tensed.

Precap: Sanskar and Ragini are called to give performance on stage. They get tensed thinking about Ragini’s leg. Entry of Dadi and Dida.

Credit to: Aditi


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