swaragini rocks (swalak and ragsan) chapter 2

Is there any swalak(ragsan) fan left? If there is any plz support me yaar. Wherever I read comments only swasan . I am not criticizing swasan fans as I also like them but I love swalak. Comment guys.

Scene 1.
A girl is seen playing a rocking music on guitar and fan shouting for her. She is playing guitar with full energy. She jumps from stage and gives her hand to fans. She is swara in a red short dress (above knee) with high heels , open hair on side . she is swara in a glamorous look.

Scene 2.
A girl is seen running on road shouting thief thief (chor chor) she is dressed in Yellow top and red long skirt. She is Ragini . she catches thief and takes her bag from theif and slaps him. She goes home and tell sumi about whole drama. Sumi tell her to relax. Ragini: how can I relax maa. But suddenly she sees tasty dishes on the table and says wow maa this all for me why is anything special today. Sumi: Ragini today you are going to Mumbai na.Ragini gets upset and ask no maa I’ll not go anywhere without you. Sumi: pagal! See your favorite dishes are here . Ragini hugs sumi and start eating.

Scene 3.
Swara is in her concert and singing the song o gujria. But she stops seeing someone in blue jeans and orange jacket and a guitar in hand surrounded by croud. He is lucky. He winks . He sings sadda haq. After the concert. Swara: Mr. Sharma it was my concert how can Anyone else come and. You are out now Mr.Sharma. forget about this job and your salary. Get the hell out of here. Swara also goes from there. And as she come out she sees a very big croud asking autograph. She gets happy.

Scene 4.
Lucky was returning. He sees swara’s car and stops his car. He stops swara’s car also and says: hii swara the rock star of Mumbai but today in your concert people were shouting my name when I started singing. Why don’t you accept that lucky is the best . he laughs.
Swara: o really! You know this is not my habit to go in other’s concert and ya for your kind information lucky I have more fan following than you.
Lucky: this is your misunderstanding .

Scene 4.
Ragini leaves for Mumbai with her luggage .she gets into the train and says bye to sumi and sekhar.

Precap: Sanskar’s entry.

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  1. Go on i love it

  2. Nice one yarr plss continueee

  3. I love ragsan stilll soo plss continuee yar

  4. your story is so nice i want to see more fanfics of ragsan and swalak

  5. Wowwwwww.this is very nice and also different from other ff.i like it so pls continue.I luv Ragini so much u r so beautiful and ur smile I can’t explain it. And I luv u sankaar

  6. I am supporting swalak.,bcz dey r my fav…dnt wrry yaar aditi der r so many silent readers who still wanna swalak….so pls continue yaar it ws awsm…

  7. Hey I am there because I want swalak I really like ur story continue

  8. Nice and am ragsan fan 😀

  9. N show some ragsan scene too plz

  10. It’s nice. Different from other frictions but m fan of swara nd sanskar so I want dem together.

  11. Sanskar ka entry… wowwww

  12. Thanks guys and yashal there will be ragsan scenes so don’t worry.

  13. hey Frnd Still -many SwaLak Fans Are Alive So You will Continue , Your Story And Tnk You For Swalak Jodi ☺?

  14. Nice track…….but I ain’t gonna lie am fan of SWASAN…they re so cute I want them together….Am sorry If I hurted Swalak’s fan

  15. Hi again aditi.story is nice…plz continue…and plzzzz tell me how to change ff pic.sm1 suggested me to sent pic throgh gmail.but they ask for avalid email address of telly updates.plz tell wt is it…thnx

  16. I happy to read swalaskh story thanks aditi. Don’t worry about others. Pls continue this track

  17. bst ff evr and thanks a lot u made it swalak.
    as I am the swalak fan

  18. Hi aditi thanxx 4 swalak md ragsan
    Story is very interesting
    Can’t wait 4 tommorow epi

  19. Thanks. And angel you post your ff in submit your article menu so you can upload your picture also.

    1. where is it now???

      1. o aditi i love you yar thnx for help i found it…..

      2. Thanks angel.

  20. Thanks for swalak yaar

  21. Continue yaar its different from others ff

  22. I would have loved much..if swasan hote..swara and sanskaar..

  23. so nice n different from other ffs. nice

  24. Thank you and keep reading.

  25. Where is the other ff swargini rishta khatta mitta

    1. Anjali I have posted that. You can read.

  26. No swasan plz there are lot of swasan ff plz continue with swalak
    Make this ff unique
    Swalak nd ragsan.r best
    Thanks aditi
    U r best

    1. Thanks Mani. This is swalak.

  27. If it’s swalak and ragsan the continue <3 !!!

  28. Pls continue as i also love swalak

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