swaragini rocks (swalak and ragsan) chapter 10


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Ragini tell Sanskar that you hugged me but till now you have not said those three magical words. Sanskar: now I’ll say. Ragini: then say. Sanskar: I lo… Ragini: tum to rahne hi do(you leave it) you cannot say. She turns to go but Sanskar holds her hand and pull her towards him. He keeps his hand on her shoulders. He tell in her ears ‘I love you’ I really really do. Ragini smiles, she get embarrassed and run from there.

Scene 2.
Lucky is seen sleeping on sofa. Swara is missing. Lucky wake up. He search for swara. He goes to kitchen. He sees a electric wire on floor and swara is just about to keep her leg on wire . Lucky pulls her . they both roll on floor and accidentally swara kisses on lucky’s face. Lucky: ooho cat, I know I am hot and handsome but you cannot benefit of me. An alone boy is like a open book(ek akela ladka khuli kitab ki tarah hota h). You don’t try to come closer to me. Swara hits his stomach from her elbow. Lucky: aah. Swara: and yes my name is swara not cat. Lucky: cat cat cat cat. He keeps on telling her cat. Swara gets irritated by him . she tries to go. But her leg collide with lucky’s leg. They both fall down. Swara and lucky show their hands to each other as they going to punch each other.

Scene 3.
Ragini and Sanskar reach the place where competition was held. Lucky and swara also reach there. They both go to stage. Lucky and swara start singing together ‘chahun main ya na’ .

Precap: lucky and Sanskar go to swaragini’s room. They get into the room from window without letting anyone know about this.swaragini get shocked by seeing them in the room.

Sorry for late and short update. I’ll try to update next part faster. And guys which place(in India) do you want swalak and ragsan to go for next round of competition.

Credit to: Aditi

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  1. Hey aditi your story is good yar and ur narration also continue it

  2. Adit plz make swalak realise their love plzzz
    wonderful kept it up??????

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  10. R u writing this story in facebook page Swaragini – colors also ?? in d name ishita ???

    1. No rocky. I am writing this here only . and please inform me if someone is writing my story by his or her name.

      1. Ok aditi.. check fb page :-
        Swaragini – SwaLak Or SwaSan True Lovers.
        I even saw it in Swaragini-Colors page.

  11. Thank you so much.

  12. nic aditi but make swara realize her identity i mean her fmly

  13. Oh my god this is getting so interesting I absolutely love your writing Swalak??. And about the place, I think a hill station would be nice, cozy and romantic. Please continue you have many fans ☺

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  19. Kerala

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