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Let’s begin…

Swara is walking here and there
Rag: why are you… Walking like this…?
SW: lak is calling me…
Rag: so.. Pick the call
SW: no.. Why should i..? Now i should not meet him…
Rag: why..if i m not wrong he is your friend right..
SW: no..i just…
Rag: just..
SW: acted..
Rag: hmm.. Watever.. i won’t meet that acp again…
SW: ufff..
Rag: wat..
SW: nthng..
Voice:girls dont forget your boy friend
They both widens their eyes…

Mm mansion…
Sanlak comes back…
They goes to their respective Rooms

Lak pov: i called swara around 10 times why she is not picking call… Is she ok??
No laksh u r over thinking…. That too abt swara… He smiles
Pov ends..
He takes his guitar.. San comes there..
San:guitar..wait i vl bring mine too lak smiles
Uttara comes
Sanlak are in hall with their guitar all are present there….
At first they play rock music like competition..
Ap: arey…bassss
All looks at her…
Ap:u ppl na spoiled the music… Play some silent music…
Sanlak: silent…
Ut: she mean romantic…
Pari: ha… Plz…
Ad: hmm.. And ha both play the same music no competition…
Sanlak both looks at each other and smiles…

Swarag side
Swarag screams: krishhhhhhhnaaa
They both turns.. There was a handsome man… They goes and hugs him…
(Krish is played by laksh lalwani..he is swarag cousin their masi son…he is happy go lucky guy..his name is krishna bt he calls krish himself..he thinks krishna is old fasioned.. And he calls himself a fiance of swaragini)

Krish:girls girls..control urselves yaar..
Mein na iss baar shaadi karke hi jaaunga…par ek confusion hai.. Who vl be my first wife in you both…
Swarag: waaattttt?????
They both then beats him….
Krish: my..2 fiance are beating me madly… Par isme bhi unke pyaar mere liye saaf saaf nazar aa raha hai
Swarag smiles…
SW: wat krish..aate hi shuru…
Rag: ha swara… Yeh krish bhi na… We vl die single bt vl never marry u
SW: exactly…
Krish keeps his hand on heart… Acts to bhi crying and sings dil jude bina hi toot gaya..chan se jo toote koi sapna..

Swarag: accha
Krish: mujme kya kami hai… Kahi aisa tho nahi tum donon ne kisiko…
Rag: Kisiko kya..?
Krish:i mean boy friend
Rag:nahi tho.. Hum tho chor the par ab chod diya…
Krish:hmm..aur tum swara..
Sw was lost somewhere
Krish rag both look at eachother and winks…
Krish goes swara lil romantically calls swara..
Swara looks at him and sees laksh in him…
She smiles…
Krish: tum kiske baare mein soch rahi ho
SW was smiling looking at him…
He waves wat in hands
Rag was enjoying…
Rag then comes to swara and pours a jug of water…
Sw screams
Ragkrish both hifies…
SW: i will not spare u both..
They both runs…
She follows

They both plays the guitar..
Lak:hmm hm mm
All smiles seeing him

Lak:dilko tumse pyar hua
Peheli baar hua Tumse pyar hua

San;mein bhi aashique yaar hua
Peheli baar hua tumse pyaar hua

All smiles

Lak:chaayi hai bethabi
Meri jaan kahoon mein kya karoon

San:chaayi hai bethabi
Meri jaan kahoon mein kya karoon

lak:dilko tumse pyaar hua
Pehelibaar hua tumse pyaar hua
He remebers his moment with swara

San:Mein bhi aashique yaar hua
Peheli baar hua tumse pyaar hua
He remebers his moments with ragini
Adpariut dances

Lak:hm..kho gaya mein khayalon mein
Ab neend bhi nahi aankon mein
Karwate bas badalta hoon
Ab jaagta hoon mein raathon mein

San:ab doori na seheni
Har lamha keheta hai..
Na jaane haal mera
Ab aisa kyu reheta hai…

Lak: mein Deewaana tera ban gaya jaane jaana
Mein fasaana tera ban gaya jaane jaana

San:haseena gori gori..churaye Chori Chori…chraye dil chori chori chori chori

Lak: dilko tumse pyaar hua
Peheli baar hua tumse pyaar hua

San: mein bhi aashique yaar hua
Peheli baar hua tumse pyaar hua
They both their first meeet with swarag

Ha ha ha
They imagines swarag sitting with them and smiling

Lak:aarzoo hai meri sapnon ki
Beta rahoon teri bahon mein

San: sirf tu mujhe chaahe ab
Itna asar hai teri aankon mein

Sanlak: tu kehede haske tho
Thod doon mein Rasmon ko
Marke bhi na booloon
Mein teri kasmon ko

Lak:mein tho aayo hoon yahan pe bas tere liye
Tera tan mann sab hai mere liye

San:yeh kya haseena zara
Sama hai pyaara pyaara
Lagale gale yaara yaara

They both see swarag dancing they both gets up from the place

Hu hu hu hu hu hu hu hu

Sanlak: mein bhi aashique yaar hua
Peheli baar hua tumse pyaar hua

They both dances with with swarag
Swarag: tumse pyaar hua

San: chhayi hai betabi meri jaan kahoon mein kya karoon

Lak: chaayi hai betabi meri jaan kahoon mein kya karoon

Sanlak: kya karoon kya karoon kya karoooon

San is dancing with uttara and lak is dancing with pari
Ap dp and adar are sgocked to their behaviour
They are still imagining swarag…

Utpari:gana khatam hogaya hai na
Sanlak gets out of their world.. They feels embarrassed
All laughs

Pari: now tell who you are day dreaming.. My devrani’s…
Ut:aur meri bhabiyan..
Sanlak: voh they excuses themselves and runs to their room all laughs

Krish: swara u cheated me…
Rag: Haan di..u even didn’t tell me…
SW: wat didn’t tell ha..u both… Na
Krish: atleast tell us.. Who is he??
Rag: i know…
SW glâres her..
Rag: actually na..i don’t know..
SW: u tell krish.. Did u stop robbing..
Krish smiles: yes
Swarag: really
Krish: ya..i even got a job as a gym trainer
Swarag: wow.. Congrats…
Krish: thankyou… So i m with you permanently…
Swa: wat?
Rag: why?
Krish smiles: as i got job here only
SW: oh god
Rag: plzz help us…
Krish: accha..i won’t talk to you…
Swarag: sorry sorry
Krish: mujhe manaao..kuch tareeke doondo
Swarag both smiles
Swarag: ok.. We vl sing for u…
Krish: ok sing a romantic song..jisme feeling hone chahiye
Swarag: feeling..
Krish: ha…

Swarag: bhaiyya meri rakhi ke bandan ko nibana
Krish widens his eyes
Bhaiyya teri choti behen ko rulana..
They both acts as crying
Krish:wat??bhaiyya??behen??meine tho romantic..
SW: romance btwn siblings
Krish: wat
Rag: feelings btwn siblings…
Krish:no ways..
SW: wat if you love any girl..
Krish: i always love girls..
Rag: true love..
Krish: vl see at that time..now i m sleepy good nyte wifies…
Swarag: krishhhhh
Krish: sorry sorry

Early morng
Lak is tensed as swara didn’t pick his calls nor replied his msgs…
Ut sees him tensed
Ut: wat hpnd bhai…
Lak: nthng
Ut:something something..
Lak glâres: nthng..
Ut laughs
San comes there
San: why ru laughing uttara..?
Ut: voh bhai
Lak: nthng..
San: something something
Sanut both hifies
Pari: sanskar that i can too all with you
Lak pari hifies..
Pari: i m ur bhabi ryte.. Plz tell me who are the girls..nahi tho
San: nahi tho..
Pari: mom has selected girls for you..
Sanlak: waaatttt???
Ut: so now.. Say..

Sanlak both excuses and leaves
Pari ut laughs..

Krish: ladies.. Sorry girls..i want you to come with me to gym
Swarag: why
Krish: to dance
Swarag laughs: sorry sorry.. OK..v vl definitely come afterall our brthr’s first day job…
Krish: wat bhai.. No bf
Swarag: now let’s go..u vl bhi late..
They leaves to gym..

Swaragkrish reaches gym..
Krish talks with manager…
Swarag was looking here and there.. to their shock sanlak were present there..

Rag: shona..
SW: laado…
Rag:ab kya karein…
SW: i don’t know
Rag: wat if they see us.. This is all bcs of you..
SW: wat me..??
Rag: then
they hides..

Krish sees them hiding..
Krish goes to them
He from holds their sholder
They both gets scared..
They turns and sees krish…
Krish: why u born are hiding..
SW: hiding.. No no we are just seeing machines closely
Rag: ha..
Krish; ok come now with me…
SW: where..
Krish points towards sanlak.. Few others
Krish: i m training them.. So come with me and stand behind me
Swarag: wat??
Krish: something is wrong.. Why u born are scared..
Swarag: nthng
SW: u go v vl come..
Krish: no u come with me
He then holds their hand and takes them..
Rag: swara kuch kar
Krish: Kutch nahi ab chalo..
They both gets tensed..

Sanlak were doing exercise..
Others sees krish
Krish: hello frnds..i am ur new trainie
So before trainie i would like to be your frnd..
Krish was holding swara hands.. rag gets happy and goes other side..
Sanlak comes there
Lak sees swara and gets happy swara too sees him and smiles fakely..
Lak thinks that he is dreaming..
San: she is swara ryte
Lak: ha
He smiles…
Krish:this is swara..pointing to swara..
She smiles fakely…and this is ragini all looks his pointed side
San gets excited
Krish:swara where is ragini…
Swa:i vl search her and come she runs
Krish: swara swara…leave..so frnds lets start…

San pov
Definitely..ragini has ran seeing me…
He smiles

Lak pov
Why i feel swara is avoiding me…
He gets tensed…

Krish comes to sanlak
Krish: hi..i m krish mathur..
San: hello i m sanskar maheshwari
Lak: i m laksh maheshwari
Krish: oh.. So u are brthr’s..
Sanlak smiley: yes..
Krish:so frnds
Sanlak:why not??
They then takes randomly
Lak: u know swara
San smiles
Krish: i should ask this…
Lak: she is my frnd
Krish:ur frnd!!! It’s shocking
Lak smiles
Krish: they are my masi daughters…
Sanlak smiles
Krish: wait i vl call her..
Krish goes in search of swarag

SW: u cheater..u left me alone
Rag: then wat should i do..?
They both hits their head…
Krish: i said na something is wrong.. And swara u know laksh..
SW gets shocked
Krish: now i should tie your hands with me..
He then holds their hands and takes them to sanlak…
Sanlak sees them and smiles…
They were doing exercise in different

Krish: laksh.. Here is swara ür frnd..

Krish: and sanskar this is ragini…
San smiles: i know…
Krish: how..??

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