Let’s begin…..

Rag was sleeping covering blanket
SW sees this
SW: Roz Subah.. duniya se pehle utt jati hai aaj kya hua…
She goes and checks her temperature
SW: no fever…
Then she remembers abt giving complaint in police station…
SW to Herself: ohhh… Tho yeh baat hai..
She thinks something and goes..
Rag slowly peeps out of the blanket…
SW: nautanki….
Rag closes her eyes..
SW: aaj tujhe kya hua hai…
Rag: lil head ache…
SW: accha…
Rag keeps hand in leg… Act like paining
SW: u hv pain in head right then why are you holding your leg..
She suddenly holds her head
Rag: woh kya hai na swara…
SW: muje pata hai… Yeh sab ha.. Sab MATLAB Sab…
Rag pouts…
SW gets a call…
SW: wat??
Rag looks at her
SW: wow it’s a great news!!
Rag smiles seeing her smiling
SW: ok we vl come definitely…
She cuts the call
Rag: wat is the news!!
SW: u hv head ache leg pain etc.. Na it’s not needed for u…
Rag: plzz…
SW loudly: we got the donation for dhruv palak operation
Rag: wat…!! Wow… Dhruv and pal vl be all right
They both hugs…
SW: yes… Now they can too play like other kids…
Rag: now no need to meet him!!!
SW nods her head and smiles…
SW:u r ryte,..i should also not meet him.. why should i… Now no reason.. To meet him…
Somewhere sw felt bad saying this…
Rag notices it…
SW: ok let’s go…
Rag: yes.. We vl takes lots of chocolate today!!
SW: ok… Bt first police station
Rag: wat??!
SW: ha.. My sweeeetuuu..(strictly) now go get ready..
SW goes… RΓ€g cries like a kid…

Police station..
San: tankyou laksh for dropping me…
Lak: bhai ko thanks… Wah..
San: sorry.. Lucky…
Lak: sorry…
San: ok ok…i hv work
Lak: i said to driver to take your car to garage..
San: thank… No no
Lak smiles
San: ok ok bye…
He goes in…
Lak goes

Swarag reaches there…
Rag: sw u go in..i will…i will.. Stand here
SW: r u coming or not..
Rag nods in no..
SW glΓ’res her
Rag: ok..
They both goes in..
They sees a constable
They goes to him..
SW: we came to give a complaint.
Co: complaint against whom…
SW: sir woh… Yesterday… she then say about the incident…
Co: oh.. Accident near xyz market..
Swarag: yes…

Lak comes to police station.. As San forgot his mobile in car… He goes to his cabin..

Co: bade Saab bhi usi ke baare mein teikikaath kar rahe hai..aap unse jaa kar miliye..
He goes to san cabin..
Co: sir 2 girls came to give complaint against the case..wch u were finding clues…
Sanlak: abt the accident
Co: yes…
Lak: bhai.. May be they r 2 girls..
San: yes lucky i too think so…u call them in…

Rag: wat if he is sanskar
SW: it would be nice na…
Rag: why?!
At the time constable comes
Co: aap donon ko saab bula rahe hai
SW: ok
Rag: u go i vl not come..
SW sees lak
SW: lak bhi hai..
Rag: tho jaa na… Mein nahi
SW: ab tho..
Con: madam..jaldi..
SW: ji
Constable takes them…
Co: sir they are here..
Sanlak looks bt no one there
Co: sir wait…
Co sees them out..
Co: arey madam..
Rag: sw.. Ab kya Karen..
SW: chalo..
SW gets in.. Lak sees her
Lak: swara tum…
SW smiles fakely..
She sees begin…
SW lower tune: Laado!!!
Sanlak looks at her…
Rag comes in…
San too was shocked he didn’t say anything… Bt smiles..
Rag looks down…
Co: sir i vl go..
San nods…

Lak: swara tum
SW: Ha.. Woh we came to give a complaint
Lak: hit and run case…
San was looking at rag… He was spinning pen..
SW: this is the car number… She then says abt how they saw accident
Lak: thankyou
Rag scared and fault: Swara.. Chalo we r getting late
San stops spinning pen: where?
Rag scared: orphanage

Lak: why r you scared..?? We vl not eat you..
SW: she is like that only…
Lak: ohh.. She is your sister..??
SW: yes..

San: by the way thankyou..
Lak: ha thankyou swara and…
San: ragini..
Lak: bhai how do you know her name??
San: woh…
Rag is feeling dizzy.. She falls..
SW: laado..laado
Sanlak gets tensed
SW: lak do you have chocolate..?? Or any sweet…
Lak: no..i have in my car..
SW: plzz.. Give me laksh…
Laksh runs to his car..
San goes helps swara to make rag sit in chair
SW: don’t close your eyes ragu…
San: ragini.. Look.. Don’t close your eyes
Lak comes with chocolate.. And gives her
SW makes rag eat chocolate..
She gets well..
SW has tears in her eyes
SW: did you miss the tablets..y don’t u understand ha..u know na u hv low sugar problem..if you don’t take tablets then you vl get these types attacks…
Rag pouts: sorry…
SW hugs her tightly.. rag rubs her tears
Sanlak sees their bonding and smiles…
Rag: see now i am perfectly all right
Rag: let’s go.. To orphanage
SW: ok.. Bt to home not orphanage..
Rag: plzz.. Orphanage..
SW smiles: ok

San: thankyou
SW: y??
Lak: u saved our mother..
SW: the lady was your mother
Lak: yes… We got to know that u threatened doctor
SW smiles..: not like that
San: u.. OK bt she threatened?
SW: u know wat.. She only encouraged me
San: wat?? He smiles..
SW: ok then we vl leave..
Lak: i vl drop u both.. If u don’t mind our mother want to meet you.. And ha u given the money too.. We have to return it come
SW: no.. Lak.. We vl come next time…
Lak: no u vl come today itself..
SW: ok…
San: ragini are u ok..
Ragini: ha??
San smiles..
Rag: ha..
Lak looks suspiciously at sanskar
Lak: ok come…
They goes…

Swalak were talking with eachother
Rag is following then San from behind
San: ragini..
She turns.. And sees sanskar smiling at her.. She runs..
San laughs and brushes his hair..

San pov
Ragini threatend doctor… Wow..
Pov ends

Trio goes to mm

Lak: bhabi.. Bhabi..
Pari: ha lak…
She sees swarag…
Lak: this is..
Pari: swaragini
Swarag gets shocked..
Lak: bhabi.. How you get to know..
Pari: u won’t understand… Ma is in her room…
They all goes to her
Ap sees them
Ap: swaragini..
Swarag takes her blessings…
Ap: pari…
Pari smiles and brings the chain and Bangle…
Ap gives to them
Rag: aunty
SW: this is..
Ap: u both sold ur jewellery for a stranger…
Swarag smiles
They takes it..
SW: thanks aunty for this chain..
Ap smiles..
SW: she never leaves this chain.. As it’s our moms…
They both has tears
Ap pari lak feels bad…
Ap: u sold ur mom’s chain..
Swarag: it’s ok.. Our maasi says that we should help people in whatever we have..
Ap smiles
SW: we vl leave aunty we have to go to orphanage and ragini is not well
Ap:i m not willing to send you both
Lak: wat? Why?
Pari’:u won’t understand..
Rag: v vl come next time aunty..
SW: yes aunty..
Ap: ok beta.. Bt you should come…
Swarag smiles: ok..
They leaves..

Lak pov
SW wat and all qualities you have..i should say…
Pov ends..

He drops them to orphanage

Precap: ragsan and swalak


  1. Fairy


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    fantasticcccc update….awww!!!rags is cho cuteee….ragsan r damnnn sweeet πŸ˜‰ loved swaragini bondng πŸ˜‰ …waitng eagerly for nxt part…keeeep rockng n stay blessed sweety πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

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