Let’s begin…

Swarag both sees a lady crossing a road and a car was approching her with a full speed..
They both runs to save her..
They r lil far.. They reaches but it was late..
They see the lady in pool of blood..
Car driver has ran away
SW noted the car number..
They both turns the lady.. The lady is revealed as Ap.. Bt they don’t know
Swarag both takes her to in a car by asking lift hospital..
Ap was lil consious..she sees both swarag
Rag was holding her head to prevent blood loss she then ties her cloth to the wound..
Sw was rubbing her hands

Swarag: aunty aapko kuch nahi hoga..himmath rakiye..aapke gharwale kahan rehte hai..
Before she could ans she falls unconsious..
Then swarag both takes her to hospital..
She was in stretcher.. Ap can see&hear swarag.. Bt she can’t do any moment..

They ask doctor to check her..
Doc: this is police case.. First make an FIR
This makes both swarag angry
Rag calmly: doctor it would be too late.. Please treat her.. She folds her hand
Doctor: no it’s against rules..
Now swarag angry went to peaks..
Rag holds doctor
Doct: wat is this
sw takes scissor from
Cuts his hand..
Doctor: ahh..wat is this… Nurse.. bring first aid box..
SW: sir first u should bring FIR..
Doctor:blood is oozing..more
Rag: then see this lady..
Another doctor comes
Doc2: wat’s hapng here
Swarag goes to him and says the incident
Doc2: nurse bring the lady to the ot.. Fast.. And u dr.mehra i vl see u later..
Swarag: tankyou doctor
He smiles
They goes to ap

Sw:nthng vl hpn to u aunty
Rag:ya..be strong aunty..
They takes ap in op..
Dr.mehra to swarag:sorry
Sw:nw go and take first aid
Rag: sorry frm our side too..

They both waits outside the ot..
Nurse comes and says to bring medicine and also says to pay bill
SW takes the prescription
SW: i vl bring
Rag nods..
Rag: wat is the bill
Nur:now u should pay atleast 50000..remaining u can pay while discharge
Nur goes
SW: wat v vl do? We don’t have that much money
Rag: u go and bring medicine..v vl see then..
SW goes and brings medicine..

She gives medicine to nurse..

Rag: we don’t know abt her family.. We should help her sw..
SW: in our way too we can’t make that much money..
Rag: we hv one way
SW: wat
Rag: rag takes her chain
SW: this chain..
Rag: its ok..v took this to save someone ryte..bt still this is not enough..
SW gives her Bangle..
SW: this would be enough..

They both sells it to near by gold shop..
And pays the bill..
SW hugs rag
SW: we r thieves.. Still we r helping someone.. Don’t know wr her family is?
Rag: hmm..

Nurse comes out comes out
They both runs to him: how is she? Is she all right?
Nur: she needs o-ve blood
Swarag; even we r o-ve..
They both then gives blood..

Pari to dp: dad mom still didn’t came i m worried for her..
Dp is worried
Ad informs this to sanlak..
They both r shocked and worried..

Doc comes
Swarag: doc howz she? She is all right na?
Doc:she is out of danger..!!
Swarag takes a sign of relief: thankyou doctor
Doc: is she your relative
They both nods no
He smiles: now a days none does this much to anyone
They sees his name in id
Swa: thankyou dr.ramprasad
Rag: thankyou very much.. If u were not there..
Dr.rp:oh..no no..if u were not there.. Somewhere i m too scared as u both.. Wat u done to doctor mehera..
How u paid the bill..no need to pay
Sw:no we paid
Doc:frm wr..

Rag:we sold our jewellery
Doc:wow..i must say..
SW: then abt her family
Dr.rp:i vl tell to nurse
Swarag smiles: can we meet the lady..
Dr.rp: ya.. Sure why not!!i vl shift her to room
He goes..
Nurse and ap abt her family

They both enters her room..

Here nurse informs dp abt ap accident they r shocked
Dp tells this to everyone.. They are equally shocked.. They all leaves to hospital..

Swarag sees her sleeping they thinks not disturb her.. They were abt to leave
Ap: thankyou beta..
SW: arey.. aunty thankyou kis cheez ki
Rag;ha.. This our duty..
Ap smiles: wat is ur name beta?
Swarag smiles: swaragini..
Swa: we mean i m swara and she is

Ap smiles: r u both sisters?
Swarag: soul sisters..
Ap:who all live with
Their face becomes pale..
Sw:actually aunty..our parents are no more..bt we have maasi..she is not living with us..she comes to meet us and she only took our expenses
Ap gets sad:i m sorry
Rag: it’s ok aunty..
Swarag: we should leave now aunty..nurse informed ur family..
They takes her blessings they leaves..
Ap smiles

All maheshwari comes there they were tensed…
They goes to ap
Ap smiles seeing them
Adsanlakutpari cries..
Ap:now..why r u cry
Dp: that also we should say..
Dr.rp comes he sees dp..
Rp:arey bhaiyya
Dp didnt recognise him
Rp:i m ur ram

Dp:ram.. He hugs him
Rp:bcs of your dad now i m a doctor..
Dp:thankyou ram for saving wife
Rp: don’t thank me thank those 2 girls..
Dp:2 girls
Rp then says abt swarag how they threatened doctor.. How they paid bill..
All were shocked listening abt their threaten..
Rp:i m too shocked abt their threaten
No one does this much.. For a stranger..
Sanlak: wr r the girls.. We can thank them.. And give back their money..
Rp:dont know??wr r they?
Ap: they went..

Dp:now wr v vl find them..
Ap: sanlak check wr they sold their jewellery..take it back..
They nods
Rp:here there is only one gold shop..u can ask there..
They both goes..
Rp too goes

Dp:thank god..u r safe
Ap:badi pyaari bacchiyan thi
Dp smiles
Ap: they Didnt have parents..i felt bad.. Why god this to them!!
Pari:did u ask their name
Ut:wow..nice name
Ap gets thinking..
Ad:wat r u thinking
Ap:i would like to make them my dil
Pari smiles
Ad:wat ma?
Ap:i know..u r asking..their background and all..bt i dont want their background i want them to be my dil..
Ad nods
Dp pari ut smiles..

Sanlak goes and takes the jewellery..
They brings and gives to ap
San: we bought the gold see
Ap smiles and takes
Lak: now take rest..
Pari ut smiles seeing sanlak
Sanlak:why r u both smiling..do we look as joker..
They both stops smiling..

San gets a call..
San goes out
Lak too follows..
Lak: wat hpnd bhai
San:again that TALAASh SR..has robbed..
San: San there is one common thing..
Lak: wat bhai??
San: they only rob black money..

Lak:how you know bhai..
San:we found it..firstly they refused bt we got to know..
Lak:hmm..now wat?
San:u know..sometimes i feel..stop searching them bacs they r making us to know abt the black money..bt the ques is wr they r keeping or spending the money..
Lak: hmm..
Then they both leaves

At night..
SW :we should complain abt driver of the car..he should get punished
Rag:wat u r waiting for
Sw:u r rytee..lets go to police station..
She then remembers san
Rag:u go tmrw..i m not going
Sw smiles
Sw:why..i vl go now only that to with u!!
Rag:please..yaar swara pehle woh acp ab tum
Swara looks at her shocked
Rag then gets wat she said
Swara: pehle kaun..
Rag: koi nahi

Swara: we promised eachother that we vl never hide anything..so swaragini promse
Rag makes sad face and says her incident with sanskar to swa
Swara laughs holding stomach
Rag cries
SW: why r crying..i think he likes u
Rag: wat..no no..
SW laughs
Rag: now u say
SW says her moments with lak
Rag: u also got scared..oh my god..m i dreaming
SW: ho gaya..

Ap is discharging tmrw..so pari sat there
All came to mm
Dp:we shld find the girls
San:Bt how..thanks to them mom is safe
Lak:i agree
Dp:one is police and the other is reporter so dimaag lagao..
Sanlak: why did we choose this profession..god plz help us..
They all then goes to their room..

San remember his moments with rag..
Lak remembers his moments with swara.

San then takes his mobile..
He sees rag number.. He remember taking her mobile dialling his numbr in her phn..he smiles. Do i falling for her?
He smiles

Lak remembers.. SW face..
Lak: why i felt bad while saying to her that i was joking..do i love her??
He smiles…i think no..i love her
He smiles

They both r happy abt their new found feeling..

San then calls ragini
Ragini unknown numbr..
SW: phn tho uta..
Rag picks the call..
San: hello..
Rag: hello..kaun
San:itni jaldi bhool gayi..for this i can put u in jail..
Rag then gets its sanskar
Rag scared:sss..iiii..rrrrr
San: ha..
SW laughs..
San hears someone laughing..
San: i guess it’s ur sis..
Rag:y..ess si..rrr
San laughs..

Here lak calls swara..
Swara shows it to rag..
She goes out and picks

SW: hello..
There was silence for few mins
SW: do you want to waste ur balance?
Lak: wat? Balance?? Seriously??
He laughs
SW: then wat?? Why u called?

Rag: sirrr ji wh..y u.. ca..ll..ed?
San: wait.. Wat u said sir ji?sir kaafi nahi tha..ab uske peeche ji bhi daal di..
She gets scared..she cuts the call
He laughs:disconnected..oh my ragini why cant i take u out frm my head atleast one min..
He smiles widely

Lak: i want to confess something
SW heart beating fast: wat u want to confess??
Lak: that..i..ii..
She is breathing heavily and also blushing

Rag comes there she didn’t know that she is talking in phn
Rag: pehle woh Pagal..ab tumhe kabse asthama attack hone laga y r u breathing heavily..and also why r u blushing

Lak listens this.. SW shows her phone..
Rag slowly: sorry sorry
Lak listens he smiles
She goes

Lak: u r asthama patient i didn’t know
He laughs..
Swa: laksh..
Lak: by the way who is it..
SW: my sister
Lak:ohh..seriously u were blushing.. And breathing heavily
SW: she is mad..i hv work call u later.. She cuts the call..
Lak laughs..

San sees him laughing..
San: swara ke baare mein soch rahe ho
Lak: ha.. How did u get to know?
Then he gets to know wat he said San laughs
Lak: wat bhai?
San: i should ask this!!
Lak: u know bhai.. Nature gives everyone a chance.. Even i vl get a chance
San stops laughing
Lak: an haso na!!
San remembers rag

SW: can’t u keep ur mouth shut?
Rag: i didn’t get dream that laksh talking with u
SW: woh chodo!!tmrw we r going to police station
Rag:u go..i m not going to come
SW: i not requesting u.. It’s a order
Rag: this is not fair.. Always u only order me..
SW: this is ur punishment
Rag: punishment but why??

SW: for talking in between my conversation with lak..
Rag: wat??
SW: if u talk more..mein acp ke ghar shagun le kar jaungi
Rag: kis liye?
SW: to get u married to Sanskar..
Rag: wat??
Sw smiles widely

Rag: before me..u vl get married to that laksh.. See
SW widens her eyes..
SW: wat u said??
Rag runs sw follows..both fight with pillow..atlast hugs and smiles..

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