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Let’s begin….

SW sees a table was arranged there inside too none is present
SW lil scared: laksh…
Lak sees her face and laughs holding stomach
SW sees him laughing…
SW: lak why ru laughing??
Lak: swara… Plz stop i can’t handle anymore…
SW: wat??
Lak: look at your face.. Oh my god.. This doesn’t suit u…
SW: pehle jo tumne kaha
Lak again laughs
Lak: seriously.. Swara u believed it..i was jst joking..
He laughs..
She smiles seeing him laughing.. Bt something pinched her heart..

SW pov
Wat’s happening to me.. He said he was joking bt why im feeling bad.. Swara concentrate on your mission forget this…
Pov ends

Rag: bt why sir??
San: i m asking u to be my friend…u r reacting like i m propsing u for Marg
Rag looks shocked…
Rag: sir.. Why sir..??
At the San gets call…
San: hello
OK…i m lil busy bt i vl come at afternooñ..(now the call disconnected.. Smart)yà i m with someone..i have to spend time with her..
Rag looks at him shocked..
I wish the time would stop… Rag looks at him shocked he winks at her.. Why ragini?we vl have fun
He acts as cutting the call..

Rag: sir..i hv to go my sis must be waiting.. San:u hv mobile..
Rag: yes
San: then call ur sis and inform her that u vl be back at afternooñ..
Rag: no sir..i vl go..i have fever..i came to …consult doctor..
San smiles: ok i vl take u to doctor..
Rag:No sir i vl go ..she runs
San: wait..

SW: food was nice..
Lak: thankyou…
SW: so i vl go now
Lak: nooo
SW: wat
Lak: i mean..i vl drop u
SW: no.. No..i.. Vl.. go
Lak: i m ur frnd rytee
SW: no lak my home is not so big.. It’s a chawl..
Lak: so.. Any restrictions are there??
SW: i mean
Lak: no more ques come i vl drop..u..
They both leaves

Rag: sir..i vl go
San: i said wait..
He goes to her
San: give me ur phn
Rag: why?
He takes her phn from her
He then returns her..
She takes it and runs from there
San: wait
Rag acts as crying
San: bye.. See u again soon
Rag turns
San: wait..
Rag stops..
Rag: wat sir?
San: u won’t reply to me
Rag: wat
San: bye..
Rag: haaaa
She then runs
San laughs brushes his hair..

She acts as getting call
SW: lak stop..
Lak stops the car..
SW: gets out of the car.. Tanx..
She runs
Lak; arey wait..
She runs..

SW then calls rag
Sw: wr r u..
Rag says some place
SW: i m near only

Then they both r in opposite direction
They both see crossing the road..a car was coming in full speed..
Both r shocked they runs to him…

Ep ends..

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