Let’s begin…..

Sw is searching rag… She then finds a chit.. swara dont search for me i had some work so i went out..
Sw smiles: i know rag why u went.. And i also know u vl come back without doing work..
She then gets a msg frm lak
Lak: sw.. Today i m free.. Can we meet at same orphanage
Sw: ok..
Lak: then be at after 30 mins
Sw: ok..
Lak: or u send ur address i vl come to pick u
Sw: no no no..its ok..i vl come
Lak: ok…

In car

Rag closing her eyes: sorry sir..i didnt do any mistake..Don’t put me in jail..
Let me go sir
San smiles seeing her innocence..

San pov:
How innocent she is..i can’t believe someone like her will be existing
Pov ends..

He stops the car at a isolated place
She opens her eyes she finds no one beside her
Sanky opens the door she comes out..
Rag: sir..wr we came?sir..sir..plz..sir..i didn’t do anything sorry sir.. Plz sir let me go sir i vl never ever come in front of you
San looks on


Swalak meets there..

Sw: anything important
Lak: wow.. This is not fair..u said we r frnds ryte.. Now u r asking me anything Imp..
SW: sorry…
Lak: i angry so make it up
SW: wat?
Lak: then ok.. He was abt to turn..
SW: ok.. Wat shld i do?
Lak: come with me..
Sw: wr?
Lak: keep quite and come with me..
Sw:i hv to do na..
Lak:yes..bt not here..
SW silently nods…

Rag: sir..sir..
San: shut up.. How many times vl u say..
Rag: sir.. Plz sir.. Let me go sir
San: first let me ask u a ques..
Rag: sir i didn’t do anything.. Leave me sir
San: if you again say this na.. Then i vl definitely put u behind bars..
Rag: bt sir..
San: chup..
She gets silent..
San: first ques.. Wat were u doing outside my house gate.. That too 2 times
Rag fears..

He takes her to the hotel.. We nobody r present..
SW: why we came here..? Here nobody there too
Lak: we came on date..
SW: wat???
Lak: wat u heard? Now silently come

SW pov
U were going to be smart..u were scolding rag.. Now u see.. He is to fast..i wanted to be fast.. Bt.. Now how vl i face him….swara teri tho nikal padi..
Pov ends..
She goes in

Rag: nthng i had work there..
San: wat work
Rag scared: it’s none of ur buisiness
San: wat??
Rag: sir.. Why u brought me here
San: why r u running seeing me..m i ghost.. That u run..
Rag: i was scared
San: scared of me..y??
Rag doesnt say anything..
San: i m asking u something..
Rag in a one go: i m scared of u because u r a police officer..i saw u beating goons.. Now sorry sir i m going..
She was abt to run..
He holds her hand..
San: wat u said..
He smiles
Rag: u smile too
San: why i can’t smile.. Even ghosts laugh..i can’t smile..
Rag: sir.. Why sir..i m going..i vl never come .. Even on ur path..
San: no u vl come on my path
San: i mean i want u to be my frnd..
Rag horrified: waaatt

SW: why we came on date..
Lak: i want u to be my girlfriend..
SW: waaatttt??
Lak: wat
Sw:dont u think
Lak; wat shld i think

SW pov: tu kahan phas gayi

Rag: tu kahan phas gayi…

Precap: fun.. Light romance..

Wat vl hpn next?? Stay tuned..

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