Let’s begin….

Sanskar drops radhika and ragini….
They gets down the car
Rag makes a wierd face:sweetheart…
San smiles:afterall you r my sweetheart
Rag:no i m not
San:you are… Dont forget you r engaged to me
Rag:eng…engaged?? Wn… No
Rad smiles
San:not by functions.. Bt by hearts… Don’t worry we vl soon get engaged

Rag:noo no no
San:yes yes yes… And tomorrow will be our engagement be ready
Rag:no… I vl complain
San laughs:to whom
Rag:to shon…no no i cant believe her now.. I vl complain to god…
San:ok… God vl bless us as a romantic couple don’t worry
San:see the destiny we r together again…

Rag:i vl complain to bhaiyyu
San:go… Complain
Rag stamps her foot like a kid and goes in…

Radhika laughs:shez really a kid…
San:yes this kid made me fall for her
Rad:ok now.. Thankyou… So much…
San:i should say that to you.. Bcs of you i got to know abt my ragini
Rad:not at all… Don’t forget…
San:that you are TALAASH SR…
Rad:police aur chor kabhi bhi dosth nahi ban sakte

San:bt i m finding you as my frnd
Rad smiles and leaves…

Rag gets in with a huff
Abhikrish sees her and hugs her….
Abhi cups her face:raagu wr u went… I told u na u vl not go anywhere..
Rag:i didn’t went
Rad:actually rag was unwell so i took her to hospital
Abhi:raagu r u ok…

Krish:if you r not feeling well.. Then lets go to hospital
Rag:why didnt you ppl tell me swara married laksh
Abhi:how you got to know?
Rag:that means you too know.. Sirf mujhe hi nahi pata tha…
Krish:aisa nahi hai
Rag:tho kaisa hai.. Yeh shona…. Usse tho mein chodungi nahi

Abhi:actually laksh… Aur swara
Rag:haaa… Laksh aur swara.. They love each other so they married bt didnt bother to tell me
Abhi was shocked..
Abhi:swara loves laksh??
Rag:ha.. U r acting as u dont know anything
Abhi acts as smiling :not like that… I.. I forgot
Rag:i vl call shona.. Shona i dont know her i vl call swara and ask her…
Rag searches for her phone…
Abhi to krish:is she saying the truth??.

Kris:i dont know but may be yes… Swara loves him
Abhi was shocked…

Here ragini gets her phone andcalls laksh….
Lak gets a call from an unknown number
Lak picks:hello

Rag shouts:hell to that hello…
Lak hands stumbles:wat…
Rag:you thought that i dont talk… U thought i always keep silent… U thought that it doesnt affect.. U thought i m a fool.. U thought i cant understand anything… U thought i m a joker.. U thought i m evergreen heroine to understand late…
Here laksh was continuously nodding his head in no
Lak:first tell me who r u! I can say that i thought abt u or not

Sanskar comes there and sees laksh who was tensed listening to rag

Lak:excuse me…
Rag:chup chaap Jaake swara ko pho dho…
Lak goes to his room and gives swara the phone

Sw:who is it…
Lak:i too dont know… He keeps the phone in speaker
Rag angrily:swara ko bol uski dadi amma ka phone hai
Sw widens her eyes
Lak:swara u hv a dadi
Rag:arey mandh buddhi abhi tak pata nahi chala
Lak was feared

San who heard this laughs
San:mandh buddhi… Who described him correctly… Wait i heard this voice… He widens his eyes… Ragini

Rag:i m ragini….
Lak shocked:WAAAATTTT
Rag:swara tumne shaadi karli mujhe bataaya bhi nahi… (she calms down) khoon ka rishta hai na hamara.. Tumne mujhe kyun nahi bataya
Lak:woh it hpnd
Rag:uuuu shut up
Lak stays silent
Rag:swara.. U told we r not separate.. We r one… Bt u didnt call me for wedding
Lak:i think you hv a prblm bcs we didn’t call not bcs she didnt tell u
Rag:u again…

Lak:sorry sorry slip of toungue
Rag:swara… U vl come to meet me tmrw… Its an order
Sw looks at lak with teary eyes

Lak:we both vl come
Rag happily:ok then i vl arrange you for both
Lak:u r happy now
Rag:yes… Bt tell to your that mad brother that he don’t know me… Tell him to be carefull… Tell him to stay away from me… Nahi tho
Lak :nahi tho…
Sn who was standing near the door

San:nahi tho
Rag:do you know how onions get cutted
Lak:oninon.. Ha
Rag:i vl cut you like onion and swara will flow her tears
Lak:wat.. He gulps….
Sw laughs.. Laksh sees her laughing he smiles.. He was lost in her….
Swara sees him staring her… She stops

San enters :wat u said… Do watever you want to do with laksh bt i m not going to leave get that

Rag herself:yeh har jagah kaise tapak jaata hai

San:i know wat u r thinking… Tum jahaan mein wahaan
Rag widens her eyes she cuts the call…

San sees both swalak who were lost in eachother
San:i think i should leave he leaves….

Swalak breaks the eyelock…
Sw goes to bed….
Lak too goes to bed
Sw:hey wat r u doing
Lak;wat i m doing
Sw:sleep on couch…
Lak:if you want go and sleep

Sw:no.. I vl not
Lak:its your wish
Sw gets angry ???she takes water jug and pours it on laksh’s side
Sw smirks

Lak gets angry.????.. He lifts her and puts in the floor.. He sleeps he smirks at her

She goes to bathroom and brings a bucket full of water and splashes on laksh….
Now swara smirks and takes the pillow and ofs tge light and sleeps in couch..
Lak sleeps on floor

Next day

Kamalnarayan calls both sanlak they goes to him

San:why did you call us here
Kamalnarayan:nothing i got to know that you both r searching for…
Kamalnarayan:yes.. I read in newspapers abt TALAASH SR
San:yes.. So
Kam:some of poor people came for asking help that TALAASH SR has looted them
Sanlak gives him a fake is it? Look
Kam:so u both can help.. A police and media are for ppl… I hope you both understand
Kan:do u hv any doubt on anyone
Kam:if you got to know anything.. Then tell me

Here abhi was tensed with the ongoing situation
Abhi:the final mission is still on… Anyhow i cant even play with swaragkrisrad life’s…
Abhi was shocked listening the voice
Krish comes out teary eyed with a smile

Precap:the truth… Who is swaragini..who is krish radhika abhi??

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