Let’s begin…

Radhika comes to sanskar…
Radh:i didnt know that u love her this much….
San looks at her
Rad:ragini is very lucky to hv u in her life
San:with whom she want to take revenge… Bcs of whom shez in emotional state…. He folds his hand in front of her… Plzz tell me
Rad:mein tumhe chahkar bhi nahi bata sakti… Plzz tum mujse yeh naa hi poocho accha hai…
Rad:we should leave for home

Abhi:wat is the drama now
Lak:drama… I m not doing drama… Its you… Inspector she is my wife.. I want to take her with me
Police:Mr. Laksh Maheshwari.. You can take your wife from here
Lak goes to swara
Swara hides behind abhi
Abhi stops him…

Lak:didn’t you listen…. Inspector sahaab….
Police:you cant stop him from taking his wife and Swara Maheshwari is legally wedded wife… I hope know the rules
Krish:we know… Bt there is no proof that they r wedded…

Lak shows the marg certificate :i knew that you would ask
Abhi takes and see and was shocked to see swara’s sign
Swara:i dont know bhaai… I didnt sign it…

Lak:why swara.. U only sogned it with your will.. Why now??
Sw was shocked by his behaviour
Lak:if you r fearing from your brthrs then don’t worry about that… Inspector will help us
Trio are shocked
Sw:wat nonsense
Lak:see swara i love you and u love me then no one can separate us
Police:see swara ji… U dont need to get scared of anyone u can go with Mr. Maheshwari

Police:it will be against the law…. And Mr. Maheshwari you go and take your wife to your home… Nobody will stop you
Lak holds swara’s wrist and drags with him
Abhi krish tries to stop him… Bt the police stops them
Lak makes her sit in the car
Lak:told you… And proved you that i cant be away from you…
Swara glares him
Lak:you look beautiful wn u r angry…
Sw looks other side.. He too sits and drives..

Few mins later
Rag gets conscious.. She looks around…

San comes:you r in hospital…
Rag gets scared:ssss….iii…rrr….she then remembers that sanskar was in their house….
San:you still didnt forget to stammer infront of me
Rag:hos… Hos…
San:hospital…..we r in hospital bcs you were not well…
San:swara… She is married to laksh..

Rag shocked:waatttt? Swara didnt tell me
San smiles:don’t worry now we vl marry.. So that you can stay in same house.. With swara and me… your sanskar
Rag widens her eyes
San pats her cheeks :i was joking for now..
Rag takes a sign of relief
San:bt soon vl hpn… Or if you want… We can marry now itself… Wat say(he winks at her)
Rag makes a crying face???

Rad smiles through tears who was seeing them from outside
Rad remembers her saying sanskar when Sanskar’s thoughts were filled in her mind then there will be less

San:now dont cry… Dont be soo innocent i know you… Remember Robinhood Pandey

She remenbers….

San:remember u said i think of unnecessary things….

Rag herself:swara tumne mujhe dhoka diya hai????if you hv said me before i didnt had to face this?????swara mujhe bachao… Swara????

San:now tell wat are those unnecessary things…
Rag sees radhika
Rag:radhu.. Chalo chalo … We should go home
She gets up…
Rad:sanskar chale
Rag:radhu…. Why… Sss…ii…rrr

Rad:we came with him so we vl go with him..
Rag audible to rad:why did he came.. You didnt got anyone else
San bends and listens wat she is talking
san:bcs future.. Mrs. Sanskar maheshwari ko… Who vl take except sanskar maheshwari….
Rag cryingly murmurs:mein kahiki nahi rahi
San:who told you.. Tum meri rahi ho…
Rad smiles…
Rag:tho chale….
She goes out
sanrad laughs…

Swalak reach mm…
Ap sees them….

She signals pari…
Pari nods…
Ap:u hv married and if u didnt tell ur family too its ok… Bt we vl do all the rituals…. Do u hv any problm
Lak:no mom
Ap looks at swara
Sw was abt to say something…
Lak:swara has no problem.. Hai na swara
She does arthi… And welcomes them as a husband and wife….

Abhi:wr is ragini and radhika…. He was worried as hell
Krish:don’t worry bhaai
Abhi:how could I not

Her a lady to kamalnarayan
Lady:we hv to find out who these TALAASH SR are…
Kamalnarayan laughs:i vl do something that… They vl infront of us soon….

Precap:same as last part..

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