Hey ppl this is not aliya as she is busy with exams….its her sis ashfa..and i came to write this only bcs i was waiting to know wat vl hpn next….bt that girl my sis was not telling..and finally with many pleads she told me the one part to type and submit…and see still she didnt told me abt the story only one part…enough of my bak bak this is my main problem qhen i start talking i cant stop

Here we resume….

All night sanskar was only thinking of ragini he couldn’t get anything by ragini’s behavior

Laksh witnesses him he goes to him and asks the reason for his tensed face

San tells him abt ragini’s behavior…
San:i dont know.i am confused is she acting
Lak:bhai may be its their plan
San:i dont know why bt i feel its not her acting something is there which we still didnt find..

Here ragini was acting weird
Rag:woh phirse phirse bach gaya
She breaks the things she takes a knife
Rag:i will i will not leave him

Swara sees this she screams:bhaaaaaiii
Abhi krish radhika comes running
They were shocked to see ragini and her state

Abhi:ragini wr r u going
Rag:i vl kill him..i vl kill him she evilly smiles
Abhi:no u r not going anywhere
Rag passes glare to all:so so u vl stop me
Abhi:i said u r not going anywhere give me back knife
Rag:no i will kill him today
Krish nods
He tries to take
Sw:plz laado give this back she has tears
Rag:no i will kill him and who r u to stop me
She pushes krish
Abhi:so u r not listening to me
Rag:who r u?why should i listen
He goes and takes the knife he signals something to radhika

Krish holds her hand
Rag:leave me
Radhika comes and gives something to abhi…
Its an injection…

Sw:laado plz calm down
Rag sees abhi filling injection
Rag:tell him to not to give those
Sw looks at him he assures….her

She was struggling in krish hold radhika swara holds her

Rag:i said Leave Me
Abhi injects her
Rag:ahhh i vl kill him leave me…
All has tears..

Abhi:sorry ragini this is a punishment for me not u bcs i am a helpless brother
He cries
Sw:no bhai u r the best bhaai in the world never say like he hugs her and cries

Here sans gets up from the sleep sceeaming RAGINI
San looks around he drinks water why i feel that Ragini
He goes to laksh

Lak:bhai..now..itne raath ko
San:now there is only way lucky
Lak:wat i am not understanding

Next day
Rag gets up she holds her head
Abhi who was sleeping next to her in sitting position gets up
Abhi cups her face:u ok baccha
Rag:bhaai i m ok wat hpnd to me
Abhi smiles
Sw:laado she hugs her
Rag:hey why r u doing this
Krish:satiyagayi hai raagu chodo use…
Sw:a gud news
All:wat news

Sw:now dhruv and palak r fine
Ra:wow…we should meet them shona inform to laksh jiju
All kept silent

Ra:wat hpnd she holds her paining head ahhhhh

She laughs all by sudden
Rag:wat hpnd…oh how can i forget…sorry
All hugs her
Rag get pain:bhaai its paining….
Abhi cares for
Rag:ok lets go to orphanage
Abhi:no u r not well
Abhi:jaldi maan gayi
Rag smiles sheepishly

She hugs him
He smiles

Later swa gets ready to go to orphage she takes the leave

Abhi was pampering ragini like a kid
He was combing her hair she was doing some mischieves to irritate him bt he was not irritated

Rag:bhaiyya why r u not getting irritated
Abhi:i vl never get irritated by my sister
Abhi:tu jaa kaam dekh meri gudiya ke liye soup leke aa
Krish pouts and goes and brings soup
Abhi makes rag drink soup…
Rad:oh ho..i m too your sis bhaiyya
Abhi smiles:bt she is my gudiya
Krish:something is burning
Rad:accha…i m not…i m happy infact
Rad glares him..
He gulps
Abhirag laughs

Here swara meets kids and was way back home she was thinking ragini that how will hunt her with question abt dhruv and palak

At tge time someone puts a cloth over her nose she struggles and the man puts her in the car…as she is unconsious

The man is revealed to be LAKSH


shocked…???me too bt wat i can do i asked my sis bt she is saying twist in the tale
Hoping my writing is not bad rhis is my first try
Plz forgive me if i did any mistake
As alu jst said the part and i typed with my way

And she told me to post MY ANGEL
I want to ask should i post,or you want alu to post she will be only after her exams

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