Let’s begin…

Rag: swaruu.. Plz i can’t..
Sw: ok.. Not for me atleast for dhruv & palak..u know na they need money they have nobody except us..
Rag: we can ask them na.. They vl surely help us..
Sw: wat if they didn’t.. Then v have no other choice
Rag gets thinking
Sw: and the choice is yours..i m doing this for them..
She was abt to go
Rag: swara wait i vl do anything for them.. Even i m ready to die..
Sw smiles.
Sw:i know that..
They both hugs swaragini plays in the background..

Rag: bt swara..i can’t face him.. Any other
Sw: ok.. Vl see even i also think the same now he is like angry bird i done think he vl help us in any way
Rag smiles: swara..
Sw: vl search any other way..

Sanlak are driving back to their home..
They both are in different way..

San pov
Wat hpnd to me today..i didn’t concentrate on my work be that girl..
He remembers her.. He smiles widely..
Pov ends

Lak pov..
Wat a girl she is.. She even didn’t said her name.. Then he remembers the chit.. He takes it and sees the number
He smiles…

He then calls swara
Sw sees unknown numbr
She picks it..
Lak: hello..
Sw: who is this?
Lak: i m ur new frnd rytee..how can u forget my voice
Sw smiles widely
Rag signs: who
Sw: laksh
Rag; ohhh.. She goes…
Rag signs her as she is going somewhere
Sw nods
Rag leaves

Lak: thank God..u remember..
Sw: how can i forget..i only came to u..i thought u vl not call me..u vl think me as..
Lak: no no..i thought u as my frnd.. So i called u
Sw: u considered me as ur frnd..yippieee…
She jumps in happiness..
He smiles..
Lak: so
Sw: so
Lak: can we meet anywhere
Sw smiles: ok..
Lak: wr
Sw: she says some orphanage name
Lak: ok…

Rag was present there
Rag: dhruv.. Palak..
2 kids comes running.. and hugs her She gives them chocolate
Dhruv: wr is swara di
Rag: she is busy..
Voice: who said i m busy..
Rag: swara u…
Sw: why i can’t come..
Kids goes to her and hugs her..

Rag pov
Dhruv palak.
Both r cute kids.. Why god u gave them a deadly disease.. Watever we r doing its for them… And i know god watever we r doing its not wrong.. We r doing this for saving their life…
Pov ends

All kids comes there
Swarag gives them chocolate
Pal: didi dance..
Rag: no dance u know na..u r not well
Pal: u can dance..v vl jst see..
Sw: ok…

Lak comes to orphanage and searches sw.. He calls her bt it’s switched off..
He goes in search of her..

San too comes to the orphanage.. As he gives donations to the orphanage…

Rain comes.. Rag no we can’t dance see it’s raining get in
All kids: plzz
Swarag: ok..
Dhruv and palak goes in and sees frm there..
Kids devide themselves.. And says competition.. Will see who vl win..
Dhruv and palak are judging
(Swarag always does this)

In one side swara and some kids stands
In another side rag takes position with kids
In the middle they big plants they came see each other.. As it’s a competition..

Lak was searching sw.. He sees her with kids and smiles..

swara:Cham cham cham

Rag: cham cham cham

San who have donation and was abt to return he listens song..
So he goes to the direction
Lak couldnt see rag..
In one side palak was standing facing sw in another side dhruv facing rag

Lak goes and stands with palak
Pal: swara di come on

San comes and sees dhruv
Dhruv:ragu di comeon…
He then sees the direction.. He sees rag
He felt happy.. He sees her and smiles..

Swara:zulfon se bandli baadal
Rag:Seene pe se udne laga anchal

Swa:Mujse naina milake
Rag:Mausam hone lage baadal

Both:Sabse hoke befikar
Mein naachu aaj
cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham

Mein nachu aaj
cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham

Now both sanlak goes to swarag..
Sw smiles seeing lak rag gets shocked and scared..

Sanlak:Rain drop bouncing my heart is announcing
u cant do take me away
Let’s start jumping
My heart goes pumping in everywhere
Dhadkanon pe boond Jo gire..

Rag looks at him shocked.. San then twirls her..
Swalak were dancing happily

Swarag: tho naacho aaj
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham

Mein nachun aaj
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham

Both ragsan and swalak dances..

Mein naachu aaj..

Dhruv and palak r enjoying..

Swara: Neeli hawaein joomthi hai
Maan ko yeh joom thi hai
Chodke yeh saram waram
Joome jiya

Rag: koi bhi kahe kuch bhi yahan
Meine tho kabi suna kaha
Dil ne mere jo bhi kaha
Meine woh kiya

Swarag:ho.. Is pal ki mein aaj Jeeloon
Jo bhi hoga dekha jayega kal
Mujse naina milake
Mausam hone lage baadal
Haye..sabse hoke befikar

Nachun mein aaj
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham

All 4 dances.. Kids all enjoy..

Mein nachun aaj
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham

Rag was abt to go San holds her hand
Swalak shares a romantic Eyelock
They composes..

Rag: baarishon ki thaal pe yeh kanak
Mere dhadkanon ki keh rahi hai
Jee Le thu Zara

Sw: baar baar saath mere sare ab thi rakne lage thole zameen aasma
mein tho hawa hoon
Hath na aaun
Marzi se apni
Udti hi jaaun

Rg: hooo..khudki karun mein kya tareefein
Raath ne churaya mera kaajal
Mujse naina milake
Mausam hone lage baadal..
Sabse hoke befikar

Swarag:Nachun mein aaj
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham

Mein nachun aaj
Cham cham cham
Cham cham cham
cham cham cham

Cham cham cham cham cham cham…
Swalak both r dancing with the kids
San was dancing heart out with the kids
Rag runs from there…
In the happiness sw hugs lak.. Lak was shocked bt reciprocates

San sees around bt didn’t find rag.. He goes to dhruv..
San: champ.. Wat is ur name?
Dhr: myself dhruv…
San:wow..good name
Dhr:wat is ur name?
Dhr:wow..good name..
San:nakal..he pinches his cheeks
Dhr:aaa…ragu di bhi yahi karti hai..
Arey where is ragu di..we have to announce winner..
San:wat’s her name?
Dhr smiles: boyfriend girlfriend..
San widens his eyes..
Dhr:sorry..i was joking.. She is my ragini di
San: ragini.. He smiles..
Dhr:wr she went..
San:lets search..

Swalak goes to palak..
Sw: she is palak
Palak: di..i can introduce myself..
Lak:ok..cutipie..i m laksh..
Palak:i m palak..she is swaru di..she is naughty…nobody like her there..bt she loves everyone
Sw: hogaya
Palak: wait..
Lak: ha bolo.. Palak
Palak goes near his and says
Palak:u can make her girlfriend..but bohoth chid chid karti hai
Sw tries to listen..
Lak smiles
Lak; ha..i agree..
They both hifies
Palak: kya mein apko baiyya bula sakti hoon
Lak:why not?..
Sw smiles..

Sw: ok palak..wr is dhruv.. Ok come u have to eat food come come…
Lak smiles..
They both goes…
At the time dhruv and Sanskar comes
San: laksh u here
Lak: ha.. woh.. bhai i came to meet.. kids.. And bhai u
San: i came to give donation..
Palak:dhruv tu yahan hai chalo..aur yeh kaun hai..pointing towards san..
Dhr: this my superhero bhaiyya
Palak: this is my superhero bhaiyya holding lak hands..
Lak: this is my bhaiyya
San goes to palak
San: hi..i m sanskar..

Palak:hi..i m palak..vl u be my boyfriend..lak bhaiyaa has selected swaru di na
Lak coughs..
San sees towards lak and smiles..
Dhru:how can san bhaiyya ur bf..he will
Palak:dhruv chalo swaru di vl scold they both goes
Lak was abt leave
San: swara..
Lak turns
San smiles
San: i vl tell to mom she vl be very happy..
Lak: bhaiyya plzz..voh bacchi hai kuch bhi keh deti hai..
San:ok enjoy with…swara..i vl leave
He leaves..

Lak then goes in..

San while going..
San:ragini..he smiles..
He remembers her dancing
San:why she runs seeing me..
He drives..

At night
Sw: wr were u?
Rag:tumhe pata hai..woh san..
Sw:san kya..
Rag:kuch nahi..
Sw:i think lak vl help directly if i ask money
Rag:u only said na that if they refuse
Sw: i think he won’t refuse..
Rag: hmm..
Sw:we cannot ask all 50 lakhs from him..wat v vl do..
Sw:we shld do smthng..warden said that doctor has given date of operations..after10 days
Rag: now wat v vl do..all r donating money bt its for expense of orphanage
Sw:try with sanskar
Rag:he is his brthr only ryte..
Sw:u r talking this..we r thieves ryte..
Rag: so..
Sw: u decide..
She goes..

Lak pov
Do i love her..no its just infatuation
Pov ends..

San pov
Next time u cant run..ragini..
Pov ends..

Next morng
Sw searches for rag bt rag was not at home…
She calls her bt its not reachable..

Rag was standing outside maheshwari mansion..
She sees Adar coming.. She hides..

She then sees lak coming..
Atlast she San coming out..
She was scared.. And was hell nervous.. She was shivering..
San sits in his car….
Rag was nervous so she diverts her plan
She decides not to meet San..
San then passes from gate.. She takes sighn of relief
She was abt to go someone holds her hand..
She turns and was shocked
It’s none other than sanskar..
San was staring her..
He then sees lak voice he was talking inphn

He then takes her makes her sir in car she was abt to open car..
He sits in the car and puts the lock and
He puts the seat belt to her..

Rag: sir..let me go..
San:go..first i hv to ask u few ques?

Rag tries to open door..
San holds her hands..

Precap: romance

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