Let’s begin with second part..

Unknown place
2 girls conversation

Girl 1: no i can’t..
Girl 2:u shld..
Girl1: please.. Wat u r saying.. Are u out of ur mind
Girl 2: atleast give a try to his Brthr
Girl 1: no ways..i m ok with wat i m..
Girl 2: tumhe meri kasam..
Girl 1: hey..i m not going to fall on ur trap.. Swara…
Swara: ragu..i m elder to u so..u shld respect elders..
Rag: in this way..
Swara: wat’s there in that?
Rag: you want cell phone , purse i will pick pocket it bt love Shav i can’t..
Sw: i not saying to be permanent.. Yaar i m only saying to act u know who maheshwari is… We can get lot of money.. This time not by robbing
Rag: ya..i only know one Acp and the other is journalist…
Sw: plzz…till now i supported u.. Now it’s the time for u
Rag: wait.. In wat way u supported me.. sw: plzz yaar…
Rag: if they both get to know.. Who we r then.. Wait.. Why vl they fall for us ha..
Sw: for our charm..
Rag: don’t joke.. Plz
Sw: vl u come or not..
Rag: no..
Sw: ok.. Then done talk to me..
Rag: ok..
Sw: i m going
Rag: go
Sw: i vl complain to mom & dad that u r not with me..
Rag widens her eyes..
Sw acts as going
Rag: wait.. Ok i m coming
Sw: yay… She jumps in happiness..
Rag: i m scared.. Wat if they get to know..
Sw: they can’t..
Rag: ok..
Sw: who vl u choose..sanskar ya laksh.. dono ke dono hansme hai..
Rag:acp..no no journalist…rag tu kahi bhi chal teri tho waattt lagne wali hai..
Sw:i think laksh is ok for u..
Sw:ok then sanskar..
Rag: wat..
Sw: ok.. Let’s go.. Vl see who vl get whom

Maheshwari mansion..
Sanlak got ready for the office..

Outside the gate swarag r standing

Rag sees San coming out..
Rag thinks: San se tho lak accha hoga..
Rag: u try first..i vl next
Sw: ok.. Mr dear sisso..and ha dont get nervous..and dont flop my plan
Rag:ok then i vl go

They see a car coming near a gate
Sw:1..2. 3..start..
She runs.. Rag was hell nervous..

She sees swara dashing to the car..

Rag: yeh bhi maregi aur muje bhi marwayegi..

A man comes out..

Rag was shocked..
As it was laksh..

Lak sees sw.. Sw was fallen..
Lak: hello miss
Sw to Herself:drama shuru
He goes and helps her.. She stands and acts as crying
He was mesmerised to see her.. And was also tensed

Lak: wat r u doing at middle of the gate sw acts as crying
Lak feels bad
Sw: i came to meet u
Lak: me.. Bt y???
Sw: i hv to say my story.. my home comes neâr ur office would u drop me there..i want ur help..i vl say on the way…
Lak: ok come..
Lak goes and sits..
While smiles and shows thumps up to rag..
Rag was shocked to see her acting..

Swalak leaves..

Rag: this is only because of u.. See now u have to face sanskar.. By ur foolishness only this hpnd..

She sees San coming in his car..
She doesn’t know wat to do..
She to does same as swara.. She goes and stands middle..( Bt here lil different..) San puts break before dashing her..
Rag closes her face in palms…
San anger went to peaks..
He comes out..
San: hey.. Miss.. Did u came to die infront of my car.. Suicide is a crime…
Rag was shivering now..
She slowly takes her palm.. She has tears in her eyes..
San sees her and was mesmerised.. He stops scolding he was lost in her..
Rag(fastly): sorry sorry sorry..
She was about go
San: wait..
Rag back was faced to san
Rag: sor..r..y s..i..rrr..
He smiles..
She quickly runs..
He too goes back of her..
Rag sees this
Rag: wat vl u do now… swara ki bacchi.. Mein tumhe chodungi nahi..
Rag then suddenly hides..
San then searches her and her couldn’t get wr she went..
So he leaves from there..
Rag takes a sign of relief..

Lak: 15 mins passed still now u didn’t said wat u came for..
Sw: wat shld i say.. Wat shld i say acts crying
Lak then offers tissue..
She takes it..
Lak: think me as ur friend..u came to me.. To say your prblm ryte.. Say i vl help u…
Sw: sacchiii…vl u help me..
Lak smiles; yes i vl try My best
Sw excitedly: wat u know i hv no one beside me..
So i want someone like u to be my frnd so i came to meet u that’s it
Lak suddenly puts break: that’s it
Sw: ha
Lak:u said then u want to say ur story.. And u wr crying..
Sw: if i didn’t do like that then would u make me frnd.. Ok.. now..bye..bye..and this is my numbr..u can call me anytime
She gives a chit..
She leaves
Lak was literally shocked..
Then he smiles..
Lak: mad girl.. Bt i like it..
He then drives..

Outside swara
Sw; i done my work.. Mera jaadu chal gaya hoga? Oh wait raguuu…

Rag: baal baal bach gayi..now wat vl i say to sw..

San sits in his car he remembers rag
He smiles..
San: who is she?…san concentrate..
He smiles..
San: vl v meet again.. He smiles remembering her way of saying sorry..
San wat hpnd to u.. Concentrate.. He too droves

Swarag then meets
Sw: wat hpnd?
Rag then says the incident..
Sw sees her angrily
Sw: can’t u do small thing
Rag: wat.. Small thing..i was scared to see his face..oh my god..it was hell scary
Sw imitates:hell scary..
Sw: tmrw..mrng u vl again try..
Sw: i m not requesting u..i m ordering u
Rag makes crying face..

Here both sanlak couldn’t concentrate on their work as they both remembers their moments with swarag..

Precap: second meet…

Guys plz comment..plz rate this ep out of 10.. Plz it’s needed.. Should i continue this or not?

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