Let’s begin….

Next day
Sanskar brings back swarag to their home and leaves from there

Rag was resting…. Swara was sitting beside her….
Then a girl comes….
Girl: hi swaragini
Jan comes
Girl: hi aunty…
Krish: arey radhs tum yahan…
Swarag looks suspiciously at krish…
(Radhika,…is played by mahima makwana…)
Krish: she is my friend radhika
Radhs: hi
Swarag: only frend
Krish glâres them…
Radhs: infact best friend you can call me radhs….
She is talkative….. She goes on talking…. Swarag smiles as they liked her company…
Then they talks random… Then leaves from there

Sanlak office
A constable comes to sanskar and gives the courier
Here in lak office his assistant gives a courier…
It has a letter
In letter
Your brthr too got the same…
Im from TALAASH SR…i just wanted to say that.. We didn’t tried to kill or hurt you sanskar… Infact we have no enmity with…u… Laksh you may be thinking why we sent u this letter to you… Bcs the matter belongs to you to..

Your home servant Raju(guys remember i said abt him in first ep) he is recording your conversation and gives it to his boss…u jst keep an eye on him u vl get to know…u must be thinking why im saying this to you…i vl tell u after 2 days…
All the best….
They were shocked… There photo of raju too … Lak calls San… Then lak goes to san and they discuss any this…

Door bell rings
Krish goes and opens the door its Ap and dp
Jan welcomes them
They to swarag and talks randomly…
Ap: janki ji we have come here to talk to you
Jan: k come…
They goes out…
SW: wat they wanted to talk
Krish: may be they wanted to talk.. Wchv left incomplete…
He goes
SW: wat does he mean
Rag’: wat if they came to….
SW: no no… Wat is there in us… There vl be line of girls infront of them…

Ap: i don’t know how to say.. ji aap batäy8ye…
Do: ok… Janki ji..i want to be ur daughters to be our daughter in law’s…
Ap: dil… No daughters… Sanskar too ragini and laksh to swara
Krish listens this…..a wide smiles appears on his face…
Janki gets up
Ap: we r sorry… If … You….
Jan smiles: i m going to bring sweets…
Krish comes: wow… We too were coming to speak to you…
Ap: is it???
Krish: yes aunty
Dp: tmrw u should come and we vl talk rest of the things at our him
Jan smiles: ok
Krish runs to swarag room…
Swarag:babhi aayi hai kya…
Krish: babhi ka tho pata nahi par jeejaji zaroor aayenge…
Swarag: wat???
Dp ap jan comes and feed them sweets
Swarag gets confused
Ap and dp takes the leave they goes..

Swarag: wat is happening here??
Krish feeds north full of sweet
Krish: becs u both’s mrg for fixed… Swara with laksh and ragini with sanskar…
They coughs: wat ttttt????
Swarag: no ways.. We won’t marry
Jan: bt why
Swarag: we won’t marry now
Krish: ok we vl post pone marriage for few more days….
Jan: ok…i thought i can take decision… As i considered u my daughter’s bt no i can’t take ur mother’s place…. She has tears i vl cancel it
She was abt to go…
Swarag: u have right on us u have right to take decision on us…
Jan: no it’s ok…u don’t like them means i won’t force you
Swarag: u only said na that it’s arrange marriage.. We vl understand slowly…
Jan hugs them: thankyou….i m very happy….
Krish: i m too there
They 4 hugs…
Krish: i m worried for rag
Rag: why
Krish laughs: she is scared of him na…
They all laughs
Rag angrily glâres them
Krish: u both may fast as possible
Jan holds his ears: why then u can marry radhs…
Swarag burst into laughter
Krish: wat???ahh leave me mom
He runs from there they laughs

Sanlak comes to home in the event
Pariut laughs seeing them
Lak: bhai i m thinking to consult them to doctor
Ut: why
San: no lak we should admit them to mental hospital
Pariut: wat
Sanlak both hifies and laughs…
Adar: sanlak don’t laugh much…ur laughs vl fade away
Lak: why???
Ut: bcs ur marriage for fixed
Pari: bcs ur time has finshd so mom dad selected girls for you and you both in-laws will come tmrw
Sanlak: wat??
They laughs
Adar: if you go to mom dad it’s no use looks like they are very happy….
They goes…
Sanlak were shocked they goes to their room and gets fresh
Lak comes San room…
At the time raju come
They looks at him he chaayi…
They takes and keeps in the table lak goes and checked whether he gone or not…
He sees raju talking with pari
Lak: bhai do you think so…
San: yes
He points towards a voice recorder
Lak was shocked
They plans and blames TALAASH SR…
They then goes out and hides…
Raju comes slowly and takes voice recorder and goes…
They follows him…
They listens he is taking in phn
Raju: i can’t come today as.., they boths marriage got fixed.. And the their in-laws are coming..i vl come tmrw night..
They silently goes

Sanlak again checks the room…
Lak: no.. His work is finished may,. Be…
They sees Raju was listening their talks
San: Raju
He gets scared
He comes
Lak: wat ru doing here
Raju: woh mein
San: it’s ok go… He goes
They then talks abt their day
Lak: did u call rag
San: no…
He calls..

Here rag gets the call…
Krish sees it and takes
San kept phn in speaker…
Krish: hello jeejaji
Sanlak: jeejaji????
Krish,: ha… Oh.. So you don’t know…
Lak: wat don’t know
Krish: see both are there.. Woh kuch nahi he smirks… Ha as swarag is getting married soon…
They gets sad…
Swarag looks at him confused
Krish: ok jeej….i mean sanlak we have lots of work vl c call u tmrw…
He cuts the call and laughs…
Swarag gets confused….
Krish looks at them and laughs more and goes…
Rag: wat hpnd to him
SW: use chodo.. How will i face laksh
Rag: how will face him my whole life…
SW: him she smiles
Rag: i take his name…i vl stranger
SW laughs
Rag: u too
SW: sorry sorry sorry

Precap: sanlak were shocked.. Bt later feels on cloud nine….

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