Part 9
Part 8
Let’s begin

Rag: wat ru saying swara…
Swara:v can only do that….v have to continue whch krish has started
Rag: wat do you mean… Wat if they got to know…
SW: who vl say to them.. Not u not me.. Krish impossible…
At the time swara gets call from laksh
Swara hours her head with phn…
Rag: who is it…
She shows the phn… SW: we should continue… Remember if u get the call from sanskar also….
SW picks the call…
Lak: sw why didnt u pick the call…
SW: voh laksh i was busy….
Krish comes there he sees sw talking in the phn.. He asks rag
Rag: lak ka phn hai…
Krish: ok
Rag: where wr u??
SW goes frm there…
Krish smiles dreamily
Rag: tujhe kya hua?

Lak: i thought..u broke the friendship
SW: wat??
Lak laughs…
SW acts ha krish…
Lak: krish is near
SW: ha…
Lak: so you are engaged…
SW: y…e…ssss
Lak: y r u stammering…
SW: nthng laksh…i vl call u later she carries the call

Krish: tera phn baj raha hai
Rag: pehle tu bata
Krish: first pick the call… Who is this sir ji?
Rag widens her eyes to Herself: inhe Bhi abhi call karn tha
Call cuts..
Krish takes the phn and calls…
Rag: krish
He sighns her wait…
San picks the call…
San: y didn’t u pick the call
Krish: wait brthr before picking… Can u tell me who is it…?
San gets shocked: it is ragini phone right
Krish: no it’s apple i phone’s
San: wat?
Krish: i was jst kidding… I am krish
San sadly: ohh…i m sanskar
Krish: wow… Sanskar it’s u…
He then takes random
Krish: ok u called ragini ryte i vl give to he
Rag nods in no
Krish: he called u..
San listens
Rag takes: hello
San: hello ragini
Few mins silence..
Krish: vl u talk something
Ragini: sss….iii ..rrrr
Krish sees her and laughs
Swa comes…
Ragini: bye sir she cuts the call…
Krish: omg ragini ur afraid of him
Ragini: now u say
SW: wat
Ragini: krish.. Wat ur dreaming
SW: r u planning to cheat us
Krish looks…: Nthng
Swarag: krish say..
Krish: nthng..
SWrag: bolna mahi bolna
SW: waise krish hame kyun batayega
Rag: hum aapke hai kaun?
They acts to be sad
Krish: thauba tera jalwa thauba tera pyaar tera emotional athyachaar
Swarag laughs
Swarag: bhaiyya… Bhabi ke baare mein soch rahe the hai na
Krish: no… Bhabi and all…i saw a girl who is…
Swarag: beautiful… Gorgeous… Pretty..i never saw a girl like her…
Voice: join me too in your r discussion…

Ap call sanlak
Ap: did u select any girl…. Or not
Sanlak were shocked
Ap: i vl give u one day time to select girl.. If not we vl choose and u have to marry…
Sanlak were shocked
Lak; mom… We r not buying in the shop
San: exactly…
Pariut laughs
Sanlak: dad
Dp: don’t involve me in this… And i think it mom is ryte
Sanlak: bhai…
Ad:i m too with dad…
Pariut laughs…
Sanlak glâres them..
Ap: this is the final dicision all go now..i want to take rest…
All leaves

Swarag krish: masi ma/mom
Swarag hugs her…
Krish: hey… Janki tera beta bhi line mein khada hai… Kabhi kabhi mujhe yeh Làgta hai ki mein tera beta hoon ki nahi
Jan glâres him
Jan: wat were u all discussing…
Krish gets an idea and smirks at swarag
Rag: masi ma.. Voh krish na
Krish: ma i vl say… We were talking abt mrg
Swarag: mrg?
Krish: hai na
J an: kis ki?
Krish: swarag ki
Swarag were shocked

Sanlak were San room
San:if i am not wrong..u like sw?
Lak: bhai…like..no..i love her
San smiles
Lak: bt she is engaged
San: she too
Lak: she too..???
San then says abt rag..
Lak: bhai you love ragini…
San: i like her bt don’t know abt love…
Lak: it’s love bhai… That’s why u are feeling bad…
San: is it?? Love
Lak laughs
San’: watever she is engaged na.. And most imp thing… She is scared of me
Lak: wat
San then tell their moments to laksh
Lak: waise…i don’t know wat destiny has written.. We should wait..

Jan: wow… Ladka kaun hai
SW: krish batana
Rag: haa..hmne tho tumhe bataya tha hai na
Krish pov:u both tried to irritate me… Nw see wat vl i do to u both…
Jan: ab batayega bhi
Krish: sanlak
Jan: sanlak
Krish: sanskar aur laksh..
Swarag both shocked..
Jan: good names..r they from Good family…r they good looking..r they well educated…
Swarag: masi ma…
Krish: arey swarag don’t be shy… Laksh.. Swara kuch uske baare mein bata na…. He smiles evil at her she glâres him
Krish: ma.. Laksh is a journalist he has his own channel… He has a good personality.. And also from well known family.. Aur sanskar…uske baare mein kya baatein he is a acp..a honest police officer laado use Janti hai
Jan: we should nt be late..v should talk to them
Swarag screams: aisa kuch nahi hai… And we won’t marry…
Jan: love mrg nahi tho arrange mrg
They both huffs and leaves from…
Jan: arey…wr v vl meet them
Krish:in my gym they are too coming.. If u want i can arrange meeting…
Jan: before swarag should accept
Krish: they vl accept mom done worry
Jan: waise… Who is the girl?
Krish: who
Jan: u were talking abt …
He makes an excuse and leaves from there…
Jan laughs…

Krish comes there
SW: krish i won’t leave you
Krish: emotional athyachaar… And i said don’t call me brthr…u were so keen… To call me Brth.. So i done the work of Brthr… And i came to inform u that tmrw we vl talk to sanlak abt Marg
He leaves
Rag: wat vl v do now…
SW: we should stop their meeting.. First we should find wr they r meeting..
Rag: gym only na…
SW: till mrng he was telling fiance fiance… New brthr brthr…
Rag: oh god i m afraid of sanskar plzz help me
SW: help me no help us….

Swarag were peeping in krish room
He was getting ready
Rag: don’t he have gym… His duty is till 10 ryte and then at evng
SW: i don’t know… Dulha ki tarah Tatar ho raha hai
Krish who was seeing his hair style..
Krish: that’s bcs…i m going to fix my sister’s Marg
Swarag: wat??
Jan comes there
Swarag: masi ma
Jan: we r going to talk to them..
Krish: today is sunday…ya i had mrng duty bt…i came early and talked to sanlak that meet me at some good place they too nodded..so that we can talk abt mrg
Krish: mom chalo…
SW: masi ma.. We won’t marry…
Jan: u know.. We means me and ur mom used to say the same see we both r married
Krish: mom they r jst shy… Inside they r very happy… Let’s go mom…
They both leaves
SW: laado we should follow them
Rag: yes..y v r still standing..
They goes behind them slowly…
Bt krish is krish… He knew that they following… He smirkes…

Krish pov:
Swaragini… Mein tho tum donon ki shadi karwakar hi rahoonga wo bhi sanlak ke saath…jst wait ans watch…
Pov ends…

He has a bike jan krish goes
Swarag follows them in auto
They then goes to cafe…
And sits there…
Swarag reaches there… They sees sanlak were abt to enter the cafe they both runs to them
SW: laksh…
Sanlak turns
Lak: swara tum…
SW: ha.. Voh… Ragini ko sanskar se baat Karni thi
Rag looks shocked at swara
Sanlak smiles
San: mujse…!
Swara:i mean we both wanted to talk with u both
Sanlak: u both… OK tell…
SW: not here…
A pair of eyes are watching

Here jan: krish wr r they…
Krish: wait mom i vl call..
He calls laksh
Laksh was abt to pick the call
SW screams laksh let’s go there u can pick call later…
Lak looks at her confused…
She takes his mobile… They all goes near by park
San: ok.. Say wat u want to say…
SW: ragini tu bolna…
Sanlak looks at rag
Rag: sss….iiiii…
Lak: vl u complete today
Sanlak laughs…
SW: voh… Hame kuch poochna tha
Lak: tho poocho

Krish: mom…vl order something..i think they are busy…
Jan: ok..
They order food…

SW: voh…how are you??
Lak: wat???
San: tumhe ye poochna tha?
Rag: me…in….
Lak: sw wat you want to ask… Ask clearly…
SW: we wanted to thank… For wat u have done to me
Lak; is this the matter…

Someone is eyeing sanskar he points gun towards him…

San: ragini
Ragini looks at him
San: u say…
She looks at swara…
SW: u know sanskar… She always talks and you…
Ragini looks at her shocked
San: wat??? Me
He smiles
Rag: mein abhi aati hoon..
She goes someother side…

She sees a man pointing gun towards sanskar she is shocked…

Lak: sw.. say it clearly… Wat u want to tell
SW smiles
Lak looks at her confused
SW: ur voice is very nice like a bird
Lak: wat?? He coughs
San laughs…: he excuses himself…
San: ragini.. Wr is she…
Ragini sees the gun man
She see sanskar….
She screams: SANSKAR…
he looks at her and was shocked he felt happy that she called his name…
She runs towards him….

Krishjan who came out sees ragini running towards sanskar and gun man tooo…
Swalak too see ragini…

Gun shot was heard…..!!

Guys how was the episode

Plz refer actor to play opposite krish and uttara.. For krish i thought of mahima makwana…i want ur suggestion…!!!

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