First of all thankyou all for the support and sorry SWASAN AND RAGLAK fans..as this is SWALAK AND RAGSAN FF


Someone is holding the pitchure…
His pov
Where r u shekar…its been 20 yrs …today watever i m is all because of you..i just want u to come back..till now i handled your buisiness..now i want you to handle the buisiness..i jst only pray to god that i get my friend back..
Pov ends..
He is revealed to be dp..
At the time adarsh comes…
Adar:dad u were crying again…why dont u take help from police or media..that too both r in your house itself
Dp: no Adar i tried before itself.. no use..
Adar: u can try now atleast.. Trust ür sons dad..
Dp:i will definitely.. Bt not nw.. As i want to wait for few more days as shekars most special day is… His daughters birthday are going to come.. And some what i feel that i vl get some clue definitely on that day
Adar: i hope so..
Adar: dad for wat purpose i came.. And wat i m talking… Mom has called us early today.. And u know that ür other 2 sons
Dp:will always late as they r busy on their work..

Then they r going in car.. Suddenly they see people gathered there..
Adar dp comes out and asks someone: wat is hpng here..
Man: here some goons tried to loot the poor shop keepers so Ips officer sanskar sir us handling the case
Dp goes and sees a man beating few goons mercylessly..
Dp to himself:sanskar..a honourable sincere police officer…he smiles
The man who is beating them is sanskar…

Sanskar stops and comes in the middle and says if any of u has looked these people..ohh why vl u see who he is for u rytee..jst imagine if u wr in his place wat would u do..
One man:it is ur duty and why r u making drama
San:if we police officer sit queite wat would you do.. Drama jst look at those people.. One goon was silently trying to escape.. San holds him..and beats him we cannot be present everywhere..we r not god that we can find every thing hpng here..jst remember that a police can only serve if a public helps..he leaves frm there angrily..dp smiles and he was abt to turn bt he hears a voice..
Voice:our country needs these types of police officers..he was asking opinions of people..
Adar comes to dp..
Dp:wat he is doing here
Adar:jahan sanskar wahan laksh na ho aisa ho sakta hai..and laksh only found abt the goons..
Dp:nobody can say that he is owner of a news channel..bcs he is working like a reporters
Adar:ok now we should go..
They sit in car jst then adar mobile rings
Adar:ha choti..
:(Its uttara)
Ut:bhaiyya i need 2 lakhs
Adar:wat 2 lakhs..
Ut:ha there is a cancer patient who need 2 lakhs urgently come to city hospital…ya wr is dad i tried to call hin several times he is not picking the call…
Adar:ya he was busy..ok i vl come to city hospital and pay the bill
Ut:tankyou bhaiyya….
He cuts the call and says this dp
Dp:i m feeling proud to get u all..

Dp pov
My sons and daughter is exactly like u shaker..
Pov ends..

Then all gathers at their house except sanlakut..

Ap comes there
Dp:why u called us all to gather..here
Ap:wr is sanlakut
Adar:they vl come
Jst then uttara comes..
Ut:tankyou bhai…
Adar:why r u tanking me…watever its urs tooo
Dp ap smiles
Ut:ya bt still..and wr is super man and spider man…
Someone holds her ears its lak..
San too came…
Lak:super man and spider man and all ha…
Ut:u both r doing their work so u shld be titled too
San:then you shld be mother theresa..
Pari:stop all..ma y u gathered all here..
Ap:iss ghar mein aage shadi hona lika hai ya nahi..
Lak:mom..dad is still alive…
Ap holds his ears
All laughs…
Sanut:ya ma actually he right…
Ap:why god why..u made these monkeys as my kids…
Ap:i want my 3 kids to marry
San:marriage and me
Lak:no ways

Pari:why..wats the prblm..

Lak:bhabi..chote bacchon ki shadi kawawogi..
Pari:yahan pe baccha kaun hai..
Lak pouts..

San:so one thing make lak marry first..
Lak:why me u r elder u shld marry first
Ut:yes..u both shld marry
Sanlak:accha bachhu
Lak:we vl marry wen time comes..
Ap:that time vl never come
Adar:vl come mom dont worry..
Pari:ur 3 monkeys come and say oneday that they want to marry..
Sanlakut;bhabi bohoth bhook lagi hai khana milega..
Pari:ha chalo..

Dp smiles seeing their bonding

Dp pov
Shekar my family is happy jst bcs of..wen they vl marry then my family vl be complete bt i m incomplete without my best friend…
Pov ends..

San room
Lak comes there…
Lak:wat hpnd abt the TALAASH..
san:wat vl hpn…search is going on..
Lak:bt i m confused how can someone escape frm my bhai
San:joke tha..
Lak pouts..
Lak:tell smthng abt them..
San:reporter ki kaam shuru..
Lak:bhai plz tell
San:wat shld i tell..abhi tak hame yeh nahi pata ki woh kitne log hai ..kaun hai..how can i say
Their robbery is different type they…wat shld i say..they jst leave a note TALAASH SR wat does it mean?
Lak:ya bhai even i know that i too covered the story in my channel..wat does SR mean..
Uttara comes
Ut:dekha..superman aur spiderman..meine kaha tha na..abhi bhi aap dono…
Lak:pllzz..stop ur nonsense..we r talking abt imp thing..
Ut:i know..its about TALAASH…and u both r confused rytee..bhaai..may be its their name starting..
Lak:wow..uttara we didnt knew that..u shld be awarded
Ut:hai na..aur shaayad they r giving u some clues that u couldnt find that..
Sanlak gets her point
San:ya lak maybe uttara is ryteee…

Unknown place…
4 pairs of eyes r watching news in sanskar is beating goons and his talks..lak asking opinion his words…
It is fully dark..
Women voice:now you know na wat u shld do..
She takes a big board and fixes it..in wall
It has the pitchures of all MAHESHWARI’S

Women:are u ready…
Someonr comes running there..
Person:mam sanlak r finding clues..
Woman:they can never know who r we..
She smirks..
Person: wat shld i do now.. If they gets to know abt me..
Woman: don’t worry Raju..they cant even imagine in their dreams..wat vl going to hpn with them..and abt u..u do ur work..wat u r doing..vl see next…
She smiles evilly…

Precap:getting a clue of TALAASH SR

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  1. I din read sorry yaar missing something and reading not my cup of tea.sorry once again.I read prologue it’s awesome. I thought u will change the pairs if I know before the pairs before reading prologue I wnt not read it but I think it will be best all the beat

    1. A12345

      Tankyou sakshi..and abt the pairs i m sorry..i m Ragsan fan..once again sorry..

  2. Who is talaash sr.. evn then i loved the epi.. update the next update soon…

    1. A12345

      Tanks moni..u vl get to know soon

  3. Sindhura

    Srvmeans swara and ragini

    1. A12345

      U vl get to know soon and it has other meaning too

  4. Rosey

    Omg swaragini chor kMallll yaR

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    Awsmeeeeee loved it

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    Fab and ever thought our swaragini could turn into chorr’s loved it so lost soon xx

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    awesome dear….super man spider man and mother Teresa nick name superbbb dear….sr means swaragini…Both r robber..waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear…

  8. Awesome
    SR means swara and ragini

  9. Priyashini

    Interesting yaar…SR means swaragini right???? And sanlak rocks…as always and uttara & adrash also nice . good family… Soon make swaragini entry… Take care keep smiling?

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      Tanks…talaash means search

  11. Richa19

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