Let’s begin with the intro…

Gadodias family..was once the richest family..
Shekar gadodia has achieved at a small age..he then married to sharmishta..they had a twin daughters.. They were a happy going family..
Once shekar met one of his best friend durgaprasad maheshwari..he was also a buisinessman..bt he was running in loss so shekar helped him..he again built the empire…

Durgaprasad’s family was in delhi..shekar’s family was in kolkata..soon dp shifted to kolkata..something hpnd that shekar and his family gone missing suddenly

Dp tried to search him..bt of no use..dp too worked on shekars company..he runned both their companies..he wanted give shekars company back whenever he returns..he tried search his everywhere is possible…

So the big question is where is shekar and his family..?why he left his buisiness in middle…

Dp has 3 sons and 1 daughter..

After 20 years…
Ap:dp wife kind hearted women..
Adarsh maheshwari:elder son of dp..he too a kind hearted person..bt lil strict…he is buisinessman
Parineeta:adarsh wife..who is housewife

Sanskar maheshwari:2nd son who is ips officer..he is sincere..and kind hearted person..never gets angry..bt on criminals he is a villain for them..he makes their life hell

Laksh maheshwari:he is journalist..he has his own news channel..he is funny and prankster guy..bt in his office he is most serious..

Uttara maheshwari:she is a medical student who loves to help people

So how will the story take a turn…

And i will reveal the pairs…its..SWALAK AND RAGSAN..


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