SWARAGINI Rishta Khatta Mittha (Chapter 2)


After getting the news that she is selected sawara gets very happy. She calls Ragini and inform her that she is selected. Ragini says that is very happy for swara. Swara disconnects the call. Swara tries to starts the scooty but she couldn’t. She sees a mechanic shop and goes to call the mechanic. Swara is walking , a old man throws banana peel and swara is about to fall but a guy holds her. He is sanskar. After this swara turns back and is about go but sanskar says you don’t even know to say thank you. Swara turn in front and says thanks. Sanskar says by the way if don’t know how to walk then please don’t walk. Swara tells How can you say anything about me and BTW you Mr…. Swara gets confused because she was not knowing his name. Suddenly her eyes fall on a name plate near sanskar’s legs she reads the name ramu and thinks that sanskar’s name is take. She finds this name so funny but continues with her sentence ‘ and you Mr Ramu’.. Sanskar interprets in between ‘ one second who is this ramu’. Swara says says you. Sanskar says ‘do you think so. my name is sanskar,sanskar maheswari. They have some argument. swara gets sumi’s call and goes. Sanskar sits in his car and goes. Swara gets her scooty repaired and reaches home . sumi and Ragini welcomes her. They celebrate. Sumi feeds her kneer.

(It is late night). Sumi tells swaragini to take dinner but Ragini says that they will wait for sekhar. It was very late and finally they take dinner and go to sleep. In midnight swara wake up goes down to take water. She sees sekhar crying . she listens sekhar telling to sumi that their shop got destroyed due to fire. And he is not having anything. Swara runs towards her room and cries but she decides to help her father financially and says to herself that she will the win the Kolkata voice 2015(for which she has given audition). In morning she wakes up early and goes down and she sees her father tensed. She stops her tears.she goes for round 2 of the Kolkata voice 2015 but there she gets information that for entering Round 2 she will have submit 2 lakh rupees. She thinks not to give other tension to his father and decides to leave music and do some other job.

Precap: laksh’s entry

Credit to: Aditi

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  1. Aditi dear plz sanskar and ragimi… please dear….

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  3. Hii Hayathi don’t worry because in upcoming chapters there is a big twist. I think you wil enjoy that.

  4. Sorry to swalak fans. But don’t be upset because there is a big twist.

  5. Swasan is the best pair

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  7. Guys plz tell shall I continue? And really confused about the pairs.

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  12. Aditi plz make it swasan.

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  14. Hii angel. go to contact us and send your ff. It will be published.

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