Swaragini – Is it Right??? (Part 1)

so guys this the first part of my os hope you like it

the story start with a house is shown as we move in we see a girl sleeping and dreaming
lady 1: see she will be like her sister only
lady 2: don’t know what values their parents give them huh
and the girl and one man and a women listening teary eyes
scene changed
the girl is pleading someone
girl: don’t do this please and crying the lady also crying and pleading but the man doesn’t listen
abd jump from house

and girl wake up shouting dad and is sweating and crying and listening to her voice a lady
come in room
lady: shona beta what happen and goes and hug swara
swara: ma why did she do this bcz of her dad and crying
shomi: beta forget about her dont think
she is also crying
swara: bcz of her ma i lost dad i lost his love i hate her ma hate her
and put her head on shomi lap and shomi start soothing her
shomi: dont know what mistake in our parvarish that by own beti left us in pain and go and now my second beti
is hating her

scene changes swara getting ready for office(she is fashion designer in sanky office and
and swara mother only did their rista as sujatha like swara so much)
she goes to a room and their a man is lying with machine attach to him and swara goes
amd sit beside him
swara: dad please wake up i want u dad i want your love is she only your beti i am not please
dad for me wake up na and hold his hand and cry and tear drop fall from the man eyes
swara: ok so you are not opening eye na then i am also not talk to you and runs from room
swara comes out of room and wipes her tear
shomi: shona have breakfast beta
swara: no ma its ok i am going office
shomi: but beta
but swara goes from their
shomi: when this pain will end shekar please come your shomi cant handle this plase come and cry
suddenly shomi phone rings
person: hello aunty
shomi: hello beta
person: aunty what happen why are you crying
shomi: beta swara
person; today also
shomi: yes dont know when this will end
peson: dont worry aunty i will handle her ok bye
shomi: bye

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