swaragini-love hidden in revenge (episode 2)

Hello guys. I am back with yet another episode of my ff .

Kavya leaves the room and laksh thinks (this girl has made my life hell . I am sorry ragini but I couldn’t have kept you in this house thinking of you safety .plz try and forgive me.)(I will reveal the twist after a few episodes).
Kavya comes out drunk and seeing her misbehave with ap swara slaps her.(swara was forcefully sent to mm by ragini so that she could live her marital life).
Kavya shouts at swara: how dare you slap me? You better stay in your limits else you will be thrown out.

Swara: ya just like you are about to be thrown out of this music industry by ragini.babe you don’t have that fame anymore you used to have and were so proud about so stay on ground.
Kavya: nobody can snatch kavya’ is position from her.you and your ragini will se soon.

In baadi ragini is in her room crying thinking About how laksh betrayed her and the person for whom she did so wrong doesn’t even care. Sumi enters : laado again you are crying how many times do I need to tell you no need to waste your precious tears for a selfish man.you don’t take so much stress. And sleep.you are having and important concert tomorrow .your throat needs rest.
Ragini wiping her tears: I always try maa but I am unable to.no matter how much he has hurt me he is the only guy I have ever loved and can’t stop loving him.well for now I am sorry maa I will sleep.goodnight.

Next day ragini wakes up and finds swara standing by her side she gets up and hugs her and tells her bends down talking to her womb :come fast champ your masi is waiting for you. They both smile and ragini makes halwa for celebrating happiness with her sister.
Sanskar enters:enough of you two sisters let this handsome guy meet his Saali. Hii ragini are you ready for your concert? It’s time to go.
Ragini:yes I just have to take a bath and we are ready to go.btw how are maa and papa ji?
Swara:they are always miss you ragini. This kavya has made mm a hell.she doesn’t know how to respect anyone.
Ragini :after all swara I also once upon a time did the same to them. She gets tears in her eyes.
Swara:that’s past ragini and whatever you did you have realized it and you did it all for laksh’s love.
Ragini: so you say but wasn’t this the reason for laksh leaving me.

Swara:don’t cry ragini.you are very imp. To me and I can’t bear to see you crying.
Ragini:wipes her tears and hugs swasan. They leave for concert venue.

On the other hand laksh is getting ready as he is invited as a chief guest to ragini’s concert . Kavya comes and tells him: I too am coming with you. I want to keep a watch on what you do.
Laksh: Come lets go.they too leave for the concert.

Precap: Raglak meet at concert.

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