swaragini-love hidden in revenge (episode 1)

Hello people! I have finally decided to start writing a friend after a lot of confusion. I hope you will like my work. Here it goes:

(I ll start my ff from the current track in the serial). The story takes a leap of an year……..Ragini is talking on the phone: ji sir..Haan I am ready for that concert aap organizers se key dijiye I will be there on time.. Sumi comes in and snatches the phone: all the day long you are busy with your work look at your health how it is detoriatingdayby day…if not for yourself take care for us……. Ragini:sorry maa..I have a very important concert tomorrow and if I don’t keep myself busy mujhe purani Baatein Yaad aati rahungi and I don’t want that. Sumi: don’t think about that now.concentrate on your work .

Meanwhile in mm laksh is sitting tensed waiting for kavya to come home.she enters the room drunk. Laksh:what is this kavya ? Is this the way to behave you are not able to handle yourself..why do you drink so much?? Kavya: oh mister who are you to tell me what should I do? Better remember what can I do to you and your family..never dare and forget that….

Pre cap: what must have been the reason behind kavya being so rude to laksh? If you don’t like my ff please tell me.. I won’t continue with it .

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  1. It’s nice. Please post the next part fast

    1. Thankyou. I will try.

  2. Your ff is good…please continue with it and write it a little longer. Waiting eagerly for the next episode.?

    1. Thankyou so much

      1. You are welcomed?

  3. nice ..

    1. Thankyou

  4. Nice dr

    1. Thanks

    1. Sindhu I am a big fan of your ff.plz keep on giving me suggestions about how can I improve mine

  5. Thanks for making Kavya negative and ragini brave and independent. anyway please don’t stop writing ????

    1. Thankyou.yes I will keep ragini strong

  6. Nice yrrr and plzz make laksh jealous and don’t make ragini go back to laksh…..

    1. Thankyou so much

  7. mridulakrishnan

    hai dear…ur story is good..pls update the next part soon …

    1. Thankyou.yes I will try definitely

  8. Nice pls continue dear

  9. nice update….

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