Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 9


Hey guys.. Have a wonderful year ahead..
Recap : sanskar, swara, arjun, nithi, Ragini, Laksh meeting together..
Here we go..

It’s morning..
Laksh and nithi getting ready for college..
Laksh is more energetic than ever before..
He seems very happy as Ragini came to meet him last night..
AP notices Laksh..
AP : kya bhath hae… Today u r looking so bright..
Nithi : bath hain maa..
Nithi looks Laksh and he nodes no..
Nithi : bhaiya got selected in the competition na.. That’s why..
AP smiles and leaves..

Laksh got nithi’s ear..
Nithi (pleading tone) : bhaiya please leave me..
Laksh :no.. U tried to tell this to mam.. U deserve punishment..
Nithi shouts “mom…”
Laksh leaves her immediately and she started laughing at him.
Sanskar came there and joins nithi and teases Laksh..
Gadodia house..
Swara got ready for college.
Ragini came there.
Ragini : swara.. After meeting Laksh inform me how he is..
Swara looks her confusingly..
Ragini : whatever happened is because of me.. I’m feeling bad yaar…
Swara nodes and leaves.

At college campus..
Swara waiting for nithi and Laksh..
They enters..
Swara :Laksh.. Are u OK now.. How is ur hand..
Laksh :I’m fine swara.
Swara (casually) : Ragini told me to inform her about you.
Laksh became even more happy on hearing this.. Nithi smiles..
Sanskar’s office..
Sanskar called arjun by intercom.
Arjun enter sanskar’s room.
Sanskar : are the files for new contract is ready?!
Arjun nodes and submit some files.
Sanskar read those files.
Sanskar : very good arjun. This is so clear.
Arjun smiles and leaves.
At college Laksh’s friend had an accident. So Laksh left the college without informing nithi.
It’s evening..
Laksh’s classmate informed nithi that Laksh went to hospital to see his friend.
Nithi : oh.. Now I have to take an auto.
Swara : u can call ur brother sanskar na? He will come and take u.
Nithi (naughty tone) : oh.. U want see him?!
Swara with angry look “I thought to help. Do what ever you want. I’m leaving”
Nithi : OK OK I was just joking.. Wait..
Swara stops.

Just then Arjun came there in his bike.
Swara (surprisingly) : what a sudden visit?!
Arjun : I done my work earlier today. So I thought to take you home.
Just then he looks nithi and smiles. She is flat and out of the world.
Swara : it’s good u came here bhaiya. Can u drop nithi at her home.
Nithi got shocked by this. She didn’t expected this. Her heart is beating at extreme rate.
Arjun looks her.
Swara : Laksh went somewhere. So she have to go home alone…
Arjun thinks for a second and said “ok”
Swara turns to nithi.
Swara: nithi.. If u don’t have any problem..
Nithi suddenly replied “no.. ” and realized.
Nithi : I mean.. No problem..
Arjun starts the bike and nithi sits behind him.
They leaves.
Nithi is feeling like an angel. She thinks that she is the happiest person in the world.
Because of her happiness her face become even more beautiful.
Arjun while riding the bike looks her on mirror.
For the first time he felt something on seeing her face.

They reached MM home..
Nithi thinks today her house came so close to her college. She want to travel some more time with him.
Nithi : thank you..
Arjun smiles and leaves.
Sanskar see this threw the window.
Nithi goes to her room and started dancing like crazy.
Sanskar came to her room. She didn’t noticed him.
Sanskar :nithi..
She stops and turns. She find sanskar standing.
Sanskar : what happened? U look so happy?!
Nithi don’t what to reply.
Nithi : nothing bhaiya.. Just..
Sanskar : don’t lie OK? I can read ur face..
Nithi got tensed but decided to tell sanskar about her love.
Nithi : if I tell u one thing u should not get angry..
Sanskar : oh.. Had I ever angry on u before..
She nodes no..
Sanskar : I can’t be angry on my princess.. Tell me what’s the matter?
Nithi (shys) : I love someone.
Sanskar shocked on hearing this.
Nithi : see u became angry..
Sanskar : I’m not angry. I’m shocked. OK who is it?
Nithi : Arjun..
Sanskar face turned bright.
Sanskar : Arjun?!
Nithi : huh bhaiya.. Swara’s brother.
Sanskar : very good choice nithi..
Nithi got surprised by this.
Sanskar : he is such a hard working determinant man.
Nithi become happy.
Gadodia house..
Swara enters where Ragini is waiting for her.
Ragini : is Laksh OK?! You didn’t you called me?!
Swara looks surprisingly about her concern for Laksh.
Ragini realize that.
Ragini : I mean.. I was worried.
Swara : it’s OK Ragini he is alright.
Just then arjun came and told swara that he dropped her friend safely.

It’s night..
MM house..
Everyone had their dinner together..
Laksh in his room thinks about Ragini and her concern. He thought to call her.
At gadodia house swara, Ragini and arjun playing cards.
Ragini phone rings. It displays unknown number as Ragini don’t have Laksh’s number.
She attended the call.
Swara and Arjun looking at her.
Ragini : hello..
Laksh : hi Ragini..
Ragini can’t understand who is that.
Laksh : This is Laksh..
Ragini (surprised tone) : Laksh…
Swara and arjun looks each other and smiles.
Laksh : swara told me that you are feeling about the incident. So I called you to say I’m OK.
Ragini : Mmm..
Laksh : OK then..
Ragini :then?
Laksh wants to talk but don’t know what to say.
Laksh : OK bye..
Ragini : bye..
Call ended.
Ragini looks swara and arjun.
Ragini (tensed tone) : he just called to say he is OK as I was worried.
Swara and arjun doesn’t reply anything and still starring at her.
Ragini : stop looking at me like this.. Shall we continue playing..
They started playing..
Screen freezes on three of them..

Precap : Laksh proposing Ragini..

Hope u guys like it.. Please do comments.. Happy new year to everyone….

Credit to: Adithi

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