Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 8


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Here we go..
It’s morning..
Gadodia house..
Swara wakes and see Ragini sleeping. She don’t want to disturb her. She got ready for college.
Sumi came there and see Ragini sleeping.
Swara : she may be so tired mom. Take care of her. Saying this she leaves.
Arjun getting ready for office.
Ragini wakes and can’t remember anything at night. She goes to arjun’s room.
Arjun : Ragini.. R u OK now?
Ragini : s bhaiya.. What happened yesterday? I remember Laksh was fighting with some goons.. I don’t remember what happened after that..!!
Arjun : s Ragini. Laksh saved u from those idiots.
Ragini nodes and thinks about Laksh.
Arjun remember something and says ” he got injured by them. Don’t know how he is”
Ragini on hearing this got shocked. She feels a deep pain as it is because of her he got injured.
Ragini : I didn’t even thanked him.
Arjun : do you want to meet him.
Ragini (surprisingly) : can you take me to him?!
Arjun : that’s not a big deal. He is my MD’s brother.
Ragini (happily) : then please take me to him. I want thank him.
Arjun : sure.. Be ready in evening. I will come and take u there.
She nodes happily and Arjun leaves.
At college..
Swara entered were nithi is waiting for her.
Swara : where is ur brother (Laksh))?
Nithi : he didn’t came today..
Swara(sad tone) : is he OK? Arjun told me that he got injured.
Nithi : not so big. Doctor told him to take rest. He will come tomorrow.
Swara feels bad. Nithi notice this.
Nithi : oh swara.. He is alright and wants to come today itself. But mom denied. So don’t worry.
Swara nodes and smiles.
Sanskar’s office..
Arjun knocks the door.
Sanskar :get in..
Arjun enters.
Arjun : sir, how is your brother Laksh?
Sanskar looks like how he knows that.
Arjun : yesterday ur brother saved my sister..
Sanskar (surprisingly) : Ragini is ur sister.
Arjun : yes sir.
Sanskar : which means swara is also ur sister?!
Arjun (confusingly) : yes sir but how do u know that?
Suddenly he remembers about nithi and thinks nithi should have told him.
Sanskar : he is alright.
Arjun : my sister want to thank him personally. So I thought to take her to ur house today.
Sanskar himself ” lucky u r very lucky”.
Here smiles and says “sure”.
Arjun thank him and leaves.
It’s evening at college..
Swara : nithi.. Shall I come with u to ur home. I want to thank Laksh.
Nithi : sure.. Why not…
They two leave together to MM house..
They enter where AP saw them.
AP looks swara and thinks what a beautiful girl.
Nithi: ma.. This is swara my friend.
Swara takes blessing from AP.
Nithi : she came to meet Laksh bhaiya as he got injured.
AP thinks “a girl came to meet Laksh”. She then smiles.
AP : take her. He is in his room.
They leave.
Just then sanskar came and saw nithi going with swara.
AP looks him.
Ap: sanskar.. A girl came to meet Laksh. What’s happening.
Sanskar understand what she is thinking.
Sanskar : no mom.. She is just his friend.
AP looks him in doubting way.
Sanskar notice this. So he decided to tell everything what happened yesterday. Sujatha also came there and hears.
AP : so she is the girl’s sister whom he saved yesterday?
He nodes..
AP and sujatha looks each other.
Sanskar : she may came to thank him.
Saying this he goes to his room.
Just then Arjun and Ragini came there.
AP : Arjun.. Shall I call sanskar?
Arjun : no need mam.. This is my sister Ragini.
Sujatha and AP looks the girl standing near him. She looks very pretty.
AP smiles.
Arjun : we came to thank Laksh for saving her yesterday.
Sujatha and AP looks each other surprisingly.
Sujatha : so u r Ragini?!
Ragini nodes. She feels embarrassed as they may think because of her their son got injured.
AP smiles and says he is in his room.
Arjun nodes and leave with Ragini.
Laksh’s room..
Nithi and swara taking to Laksh.
Swara : thank you so much Laksh. My sister means a lot to me. U saved her.
Laksh smiles ” my pleasure”.
They smiles where Arjun and Ragini enters.
Swara got surprised seeing them and they too surprised seeing swara there.
Swara : bhaiya.. U didn’t tell me u r coming here.
Arjun :u too didn’t tell me u r coming here..
She smiles.
Ragini see Laksh with a bandage in his had. She got tears.
Laksh : Ragini.. I’m fine..
Ragini : this is because of me. U offered me to drop me at home. If I have accepted that this wouldn’t have happened.
Laksh : it’s OK Ragini. The bandage seems so big..
Ragini smiles. Laksh is happy that Ragini is this much concerned about him.
All after this nithi is staring at Arjun since he enter the room.
Just then sanskar enters.
Arjun smiles on seeing sanskar.
Arjun introduces Ragini and swara to sanskar.
Swara’s heart beats so fast. She is speechless. Nithi notices this. Nithi is happy about all the things happening.
Sanskar : anyway Arjun, I have met swara before.
Arjun looks surprisingly and asks “when?”
Sanskar explains.
Swara got tensed and looks nithi.
Nithi acts like this is the first time she came to know that it is sanskar.
Swara whispers to nithi ” nithi don’t tell what I told about ur brother”
Nithi nodes and smiles.
Sanskar looks Laksh and find he is very happy about Ragini’s presence.
Laksh thinks “y he became this much happy on seeing Ragini and her concern. He realizes that he started loving her”
Sanskar notice nithi and finds something different.
Arjun notice swara. He already had a doubt that how she is not angry on that day and now on seeing her he understands that.
After a while of chatting Arjun, swara and Ragini leaves.
Sanskar : lucky.. Some one is very happy today.
Laksh(shouts in joy) : yes it is meeee…
He started jumping on the bed. Nithi and sanskar laughs.
Gadodia house..
All the three reached home and finished dinner and went to sleep.
Swara is not at all sleepy thinking about sanskar.
Screen freezes on Laksh, swara and nithi faces separately..
Precap : nithi telling sanskar about her love..

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Credit to: Adithi

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