Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 7


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It’s audition..
Ragini and Laksh are waiting for audition. Competitors are more 1st round is done at various area and all are merged together for the second round.
Ragini (with a little tense) : it seems that it will take more time for audition.
Laksh : yes. I think so..
Swara in her college.
Classes at morning session swara was silent. At lunch break,
Nithi : what happened swara? U r very quiet today?
Swara : nothing
Nithi (knowingly in teasing tone) : what the man u met at the road side disturbing u?!
Swara (immediately) : no..
Nithi smile. She enjoys swara’s tension. She want to tease her.
Nithi : today morning u saw my brother sanskar na? Is the man is cuter than my brother?!
Swara got shocked by this question. She don’t know what to say.
Nithi : what happened?
Swara (got tensed and suddenly replied) : no…
Nithi(fake anger) : what my brother is not cute?
Swara (tensly) : no no he is , I mean.. She stops don’t know what to say.
Nithi smiles. She was enjoying swara’s reactions.
Swara: I will be back..
She leaves. Nithi started laughing..
Nithi herself it will be nice if all the three(swasan, raglak, arthi) got connected to a same family..

It’s evening..
Swara and Arjun back to home find Ragini is not back still.
Swara asked sumi about Ragini.
Sumi : she just called swara. There seems lot of competitors so it may take some time.
Arjun : shall I go and pick her?
Sumi: no need arjun.. She will call if she is done.
Swara thinking that Laksh will be there.
Swara call nithi..
Nithi : hello swara..
Swara : nithi, Ragini is not still back to home.
Nithi : Laksh bhaiya is also not back.
Swara : that’s y I called u..
Nithi : for what??!!
Swara : please tell Laksh to take care of my sister as it is getting night.
Nithi herself no need to tell him..
Swara : did you told anything?
Nithi : nothing. I will tell him to take care of Ragini.
Swara : thank you.
Call ended.
Sanskar came there.
Nithi told what swara said.
Sanskar(smiles) : no need to tell.
Nithi smiles.

It’s 6 o’clock.
Nithi call Laksh.
Laksh : huh nithi..
Nithi : bhaiya.. Did u met Ragini?
Ragini is sitting near Laksh so he just replied “yes”
Nithi understand Ragini is near him.
Nithi :ok bhaiya. Swara told me to tell u to take care of Ragini.
Laksh : is there any need to tell this??
Nithi : no.. I know.. OK bhaiya all the best bye.
Call ended.

It’s 6.30 Laksh name is called.
Laksh : u be here. I will be back.
Ragini (nodes) : all the best.
Laksh smile and go for audition.
Ragini is alone little bit tensed.
Laksh is back after 10 minutes and doesn’t find Ragini. He got tensed and started searching her.. He can’t find her. His heart beats at extreme rate.
Suddenly he heard a voice calling “Laksh”
He turns and find Ragini. He was speechless and suddenly hugged her.
Ragini was at confusion and don’t know what to do.
Laksh realized and stepped back.
Laksh : sorry Ragini.. I… I’m… I came and can’t find you.. So… I…. I’m… Sorry
Ragini don’t like it but still she understands that he was afraid.
Ragini : it’s OK.
Laksh got relaxed
Laksh: I don’t have ur number. Otherwise I would have called you..!!!
Ragini looks him for a while.
Laksh : no.. If u don’t trust then I won’t force u. I just asked as swara told me to take care of you.
Ragini thinks that he is not so bad. She gave her number.

It’s 7 o’clock. Ragini is called.
She went and came back with happiness and told she got selected.
She then remembers she didn’t asked Laksh whether he is selected or not.
Ragini : so u Laksh?
Laksh nodes no.
Ragini became sad for him.
He smiles and say ” yes”
She looks him with fake anger and both smiles.
Laksh : so shall I drop u at home?
Ragini : no problem. Arjun will pick me up. I will call him.
Laksh don’t want to force her as he is afraid if she got angry.
Ragini call arjun.
Ragini : hey bhaiya. I got selected.
Arjun : wow.. Congrats.
Ragini : thank you. Shall u come and pick me up?
Arjun :within 10 minutes I will be there.
Call ended.

Ragini (to Laksh): u carryon..
Laksh : no problem. I will go after ur brother came.
They both are at road side tee shop.
Some men at drunk state came there.
Man1(to Ragini) : hi, shall I sit here.
Laksh : Ragini come let’s go..
Man2: bhaiya, why r u getting angry? Where r u taking this girl?
Ragini got scared.
Laksh (shouts) : get away.. Otherwise..
Man1: otherwise what? Will you beat us?
He suddenly hold Ragini’s hand.
Ragini shouts to leave her.
Laksh got extremely angry and started fighting.
A man injured Laksh with a knife.
Ragini on seeing this fainted and goes unconscious.
Laksh see this and suddenly hited those goons and runs to Ragini.
Here started calling her “Ragini get up”
Just then Arjun came. On seeing all this he understood what would have happened.
Laksh poured water on Ragini face. She opened her eyes.
Arjun makes her stand. On seeing arjun she got relief. She hugged him and cries. He consoles her and thank Laksh.
Ragini completely forgot about Laksh and don’t even see him. She is so scared so she can’t observe anything.
Laksh is bleeding in his hand. Arjun notice this.
Arjun : Laksh u r bleeding..
Arjun knew Laksh as sanskar’s brother.
Laksh : it’s OK u take care of her. I will manage.
Arjun nodes and leave with Ragini.
Laksh was waiting at least once Ragini will look at him. But she didn’t. Laksh got sad.

MM house..
Laksh enters while sujatha saw him bleeding and screams.
AP nithi and sanskar came there.
AP (tensly) : what happened Laksh?
Laksh :nothing mom.. Just a small scratch..
Nithi : this Is not a small scratch..
She do him first aid.

At Laksh room..
Laksh sitting in his bed.
Sanskar : what happened Lucky?
Laksh explain everything.
Nithi : so u thought to become hero in front of her.
Laksh (serious tone) : not only Ragini who ever in the place I will do the same.
Nithi : OK ok cool.. I was just kidding. OK u challenged me that u will get her number? So did u?
Laksh (joyfully) :yes I did….
Sanskar and nithi looks each other and smiles.

Gadodia house..
Arjun enters with Ragini holding her.
Sumi : what happened? Ragini r u alright?
Arjun : nothing chachi, just she fainted that’s all.
Just then swara came.
Arjun : chachi take Ragini to her room. She needs rest.
Sumi left with Ragini.
Swara hold arjun and take him to balcony.
Swara : what happened bhaiya?!
Arjun explain everything and also tell that Laksh got injured.
Swara feel bad for Laksh.
Screen freezes on raglak faces..

Precap : all the 6 meeting together..

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Credit to: Adithi

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