Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 6


Thank you guys for support. Thank you Jay for the suggestion. Arjun and Nithi together Arthi.
Here we go..
Laksh talking about Ragini to swara. Nithi got tensed.
Nithi : swara we have to submit our records shall we go?
Laksh looks nithi angrily. She ignore him and leave with swara.
Sanskar’s office..
An important files have to be done within tomorrow. Arjun is working on that.
Sanskar call Arjun through intercom.
Sanskar :Arjun.. Finish those files and send it to my house.. I’m leaving now.
Arjun : sure sir.
Sanskar leave.

It’s evening..
MM house..
Sanskar enters where Nithi is in hall.
Nithi: hai bhaiya..
Sanskar smiles..
Sanskar went to his room.
Nithi too goes there. She want to say what Laksh did in college. Laksh is not at home. He went with his friends.
Nithi : bhaiya.. Today Laksh bhaiya was about to talk about Ragini with swara.
Sanskar (surprisingly) : what??!
Nithi : but I stopped him.
Sanskar (smiles) : today u stopped him. But u can’t stop him all the time.
Nithi nodes sadly.
Just then a man knocks the door.
Sanskar : get in.

It’s is Arjun with a file.
Nithi looks at extreme shock. She don’t know he is the one who working in their company.
Sanskar : Arjun?! You u came with files. Where is the secretary?
Arjun : sir, he got some personal work. So I came.
Sanskar nodes and signs the file where Nithi is still looking Arjun.
Arjun looks her once and remember she is swara’s friend. He smiles.
Nithi’s heart beating so fast. She can’t understand what she is feeling either happiness or excitement or something else.
Sanskar is done and give those files to Arjun.
Taking the files Arjun leaves.
Sanskar turn and find something different in Nithi’s face. He shakes her.
Nithi (immediately): bhaiya.. I’m going to my room. Saying this she run from there.
Sanskar looks confusingly.
Gadodia house..
Swara came from college.
Swara : Ragini tomorrow is ur next round right?
Ragini :huh swara.
Swara :have u got prepared for that.
Ragini : yeah.. But still I’m nervous.
Swara : don’t worry Ragini u r going to win. I know..

They smile. Swara remember about Laksh and want to share it with Ragini.
Swara : I forgot to tell you Ragini. My friend Nithi brother also got selected for the competition.
Ragini : oh…
Ragini don’t know his name.
Swara : his name is Laksh.
Ragini nodes without much interest.
Just then Arjun came.
Arjun : swara.. When I came to ur college u introduced ur friends na?
Swara nodes.
Arjun : one of ur friend is my MD’s sister.
Swara thinks who it may be and says “Nithi”
Arjun : don’t know her name. But I saw her.
Swara : is ur MD’s name sanskar?!
Arjun : how do you know?!
Swara : then it is Nithi.. Her brother is sanskar leading a company.
Arjun nodes.

Sumi call them to come and take dinner.
Three of them leave.

MM home..
All together had dinner.
Sanskar looks Laksh differently.
Laksh nodes what?
Sanskar nodes no.
After dinner at sanskar room.
Laksh :y r u looking at me like this?
Sanskar : Nithi told me that you are about to talk about that girl with her sister.
Laksh : Ragini..
Sanskar :huh..
Laksh(fake anger) : what bhai!! Ur sister interfered..
Just then Nithi enters saying “oh then what should I have do? Should I ask about Ragini’s phone number?”
Laksh (happily):that’s a good idea..
Nithi runs to hit him and Laksh started running.
Sanskar :oh guys stop it..
They smiles.
Sanskar : anyway tomorrow u r going to meet her right?
Laksh (happily) :yeah..
Nithi : if u dare get her number there..!!
Laksh : u r challenging me??
Nithi : yes.
Laksh : I like challenges..
He made his thumb up and said OK.
Sanskar : lucky think once again.
Laksh :no bhai.. I will get her number. Wait and watch.
Nithi got tensed. She think may Ragini insult him.

It’s morning..
As Laksh is going to competition sanskar should drop nithi in her college.
Nithi tries to avoid sanskar as if swara see him she will find its her brother.
But sujatha strictly told that she should not go alone sanskar will drop her.
Gadodia house..
Swara and Arjun wishes Ragini and leaves.
Swara reached college and waiting with some of her friends for nithi.
Sanskar and nithi coming in a car.
Nithi : bhaiya… Stop here I will go my self.
Sanskar :y r u so tensed? Something is fishy? Are u hiding anything?
Nithi (tensly) : no bhaiya. Nothing like that.

Car enters the campus.
Nithi search for swara and can’t found her. So she immediately get down from car and asks sanskar to leave.
Someone touch her shoulder. It is swara.
Nithi turns and shocked.
Swara looks inside the car. He is the man she met at road side.
Sanskar looks her and smiles.
Swara looks shockingly.
Sanskar leaves.

She turns to Nithi. But she don’t know that Nithi know that it is her brother who made her dress dirty.
Swara can’t say that as she have told nithi that he is cute. Now she can’t say it is sanskar.
Swara (casually) :shall we go?
Nithi got confused y swara didn’t ask anything..!!
Nithi then understand that you swara wants to talk about sanskar. She smiles herself.

It’s audition area…
Laksh is looking for Ragini.
Ragini just then enters.
Laksh goes to her and forwarded his hand “hi”
She remembers him and smiles and give hand.
Laksh : I’m Laksh..
Ragini remembers as swara told about Nithi’s brother.
Ragini (curiously) : Ragini u Nithi’s brother?
Laksh understand that swara must have told.
Laksh: yes..
Ragini feels some what relief as she is very nervous at least there is someone she can share with.
Laksh was thinking how to get her number..
Screen freezes on Laksh face..

Precap : Laksh fighting with some goons…

Hope you guys like. Is that confusing guys?? If it is I will make it clear. Please do comments

Credit to: Adithi

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