Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 5


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Recap : swara telling about a guy who made her dress dirty.

Swaragini room..
Ragini : so u r not angry with that man?
Swara (casually) : no!
Just then arjun came there.
Ragini curiously tell him about the incident.
Arjun : what? She is not angry to the guy.
Swara looks.
Ragini reply “no”
Arjun understand something and looks swara.
He made his eyebrows up and asks in action swara what is the matter?
Swara nodes no..
Ragini notice this and smile.

MM house..
Nithi and Laksh in Laksh room chatting and laughing.
Just then sanskar came there and inform them about new contract signed.
Laksh :congrats bhai..
Sanskar : thanks lucky.
Nithi : sanskar bhaiya, u deserve more for ur talent.
Sanskar smiles. Suddenly he remember Arjun’s words “u must have looked a lucky face”
Don’t know why but sanskar want to share this to lucky and nithi.
Sanskar: u know what? Arjun told me that I have met a lucky face today that’s y I got this contract..
Nithi and lucky looks on.
Sanskar : today morning I have poured road side water on a girl.
Laksh and nithi got surprised.
Nithi : what? U r the one who did it to swara?
Sanskar (confusingly) : swara??!!
Laksh :huh bhai.. Swara nithi’s friend. Today morning she came dirty to college and said someone poured road side water on her.
Sanskar : oh is that ur friend Nithi?
Nithi: huh bhaiya.. But she is not at all angry with you.
Sanskar :that’s what I was thinking? She didn’t scold me at all.
Nithi laughs thinking what swara said “the guy is so cute and seems to be good person”
Laksh and sanskar together asks together “y r u laughing?”
Nithi (immediately) : nothing…
Nithi want to change the topic.
Nithi : Laksh bhaiya, u said about a girl u met at audition right? What is her name?
Laksh remembers Ragini’s face and smiles.
Nithi shakes him bhaiya…
Laksh came to real world.
Oh no Laksh forgot the name.
Nithi : what is her name?
Laksh : I forgot her name..
Sanskar (laughing) : u said u like her.. But u forgot her name?
Laksh (sadly) : I remember her face clearly..
Nithi : it’s OK bhaiya. U will meet her again so don’t worry.
Nithi suddenly remember something and says “I told my friend’s sister got selected right? It’s swara’s sister bhaiya”
Sanskar looks on while Laksh felt something and asks “what is her name?”
Nithi : Ragini….
Laksh got flat on hearing the name.
Laksh(joyfully) : Ragini??!!
Nithi( confusingly) : yes Ragini. Y?
Laksh she is the one I’m talking about..
Sanskar and Nithi shockingly “what?”
Nithi know about Ragini as swara use to talk about her. She met Ragini 2 or 3 times. She knew Ragini is a traditional girl.
Laksh (curiously) : u know anything about her?
Nithi (flat tone) : bhaiya.. She don’t like all this. She is reserved type traditional girl.
Laksh (naughty tone) : I like her so no matter how she is.
Nithi thinks what if Laksh got hurted by her? She don’t want anyone to hurt her brother.
But a Laksh is so curious she can’t say anything.
All three went to bed.

It’s morning..
As usual everyone got to their respective places…
Swara and Nithi in college.
Nithi wants to know what swaragini thinking about sanskar. But she didn’t tell her that it is her brother.
Nithi : swara.. Yesterday u told me about a guy as he is cute and all. What do you think about him? ”
Swara (confusingly) : what suddenly?
Nithi : just like that I’m asking.. Do you like him.
Swara (shyness filled) : of course any girl will like him.
Nithi feel proud on hearing this. She also feel happy that as she loves her brother Arjun.
Nithi: not bad swara…
Swara smiles.

At break Laksh came to meet swara as he is so curious to know about Ragini.
Nithi understand this and nodes him no..
He ignored her and talks to swara.
Laksh :so swara? How is your brother and sister?
Swara(confusingly) : they are good. What suddenly?
Laksh : nothing.. U know I got selected in that competition.
Swara : yeah.. Nithi told me.. congrats..
Laksh : nithi told me that ur sister also got selected..
Nithi got tensed.
Swara : yes she is..
They smile.
Screen freezes on Nithi’s tense face.

Precap: Nithi Arjun, swasan and raglak meeting.

Credit to: Adithi

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