Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 43

Thank you guys for comments.. I think I’m boring you guys.. Sorry for that..
Here we go..
It’s morning..
Swasan Sangeet.
At MM house..
All the Maheshwari and Gadodia family members are happily preparing for the Sangeet..
Arthi were talking through their eyes as now they don’t need to be scared of anyone as they are gonna be engaged soon..
But at the same time raglak were so worried as they both can’t talk freely..
Ragini signs Laksh.. He smiles..
Swasan the hero and heroine of the day were busy with looking at each other..
Swara wearing a green color lahanga looking adorable..
Sanskar a green color sherwani looking very handsome..
Sanskar whispers “you are looking gorgeous”

Swara blushes..
Sanskar : how am I looking?!
Swara (naughty tone) : mm.. OK.. But not upto me..
Sanskar looks her.. She smiles and turns to leave but he hold her hand..
Swara (blushes) : sanskar.. What are you doing.. All are here..
Sanskar : so what?! You are my wife..
Swara blushes more..
Nithi notices this and smiles..
Sanskar : I’m looking OK?!
Swara : yes..
Sanskar pulled her close..
Sanskar signs nithi..
Nithi looks sumi and AP preparing something for the rituals.. She told them that some other works are incomplete outside and took them from there..
Sanskar pulled swara..
Swara looks around but no one was there..
Sanskar : you said I’m looking OK and not up to you?!.
Swara : Sanskar leave me..

He went even closer. She closed her eyes..
Sanskar : say I’m looking handsome..
She nodes no.
He kissed her eyes..
He again insist her to say but she nodes no..
He kissed her cheeks..
Swara tries to turn but he cupped her face..
Swara (nervous tone) : sanskar.. Let me go..
Sanskar : no.. You first tell that I’m looking handsome..
Swara : OK fine.. You are looking handsome.. Let me go..
She tries to move but he doesn’t let her go..
They had an eye lock..
He leaned to kiss her. She closed her eyes..
He looks her and placed a kiss on her forehead..
She opened her eyes.. He smiles.. She felt happy and hugs him..
Raglak at Laksh’s room.
Ragini tells what her parents talked about their marriage..
Laksh (happily) : oh really.. That’s great.. So we are going to be one soon..
He stood up and moved to wars her..
She too stood up..
She moved back while he moved forward..
Ragini : Laksh.. Still they haven’t talked anything..
Laksh : I know..
He walked forward.. She moves backward..

Ragini : All are here..
Laksh : I know..
She stopped by the wall.. He pinned her to the wall..
Ragini (shivering tone) : Laksh..
He moved closer that she can’t talk as her words are strucked..
She closed her eyes.. He moved and leaned to kiss her..
Suddenly Arjun entered without knocking..
He looked them but they didn’t notice him.
Arjun : oh God..
They both scared and turned immediately..
Arjun looks them..
Raglak felt embarrassing..
Ragini runs from there..
Arjun : sorry.. Laksh I should have knocked..
Laksh : no no Arjun.. It’s OK..
Arjun : Actually mom called you as they need some help..
Laksh nodes and both leaves..
Sangeet ceremony starts..
Swasan and Arthi together dan second for the song “premratha”
All claps happily..
Raglak are also wants to dance but they can’t so looks each other..
DP notices this..
He felt that something is between them.
He went to Shekhar and talks about this..

Shekhar happily replies that he was about to talk about that..
The whole thing happened so faster..
Shekhar and DP informs sumi and AP about this.. They too become so glad..
They looks raglak who were standing and enjoying the performance by swasan and Arthi..
Sumi moves to Ragini and signs her to dance with Laksh..
Ragini looks confused and turns to Shekhar he nodes.
Laksh looks Ragini and turns to his parents they nodes..
Raglak looks each other.. For a minute both can’t think anything and went to extreme shock come surprise..
Laksh holds Ragini ‘s hand and went to center of the stage..
Swasan and Arthi stops while raglak started dancing..
Swasan and Arthi looks around and understands and started dancing happily..
Screen freezes at swasan, raglak and Arthi..

To be continued..

Hope you guys like it.. Please do comments and suggestions if any.. Thank you..

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