Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 42

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Here we go..
Swasan hadhi was helded wonderfully..
Arthi had a small fight in that..
At Gadodia mansion..
Ragini (happily) : I’m very happy about all this functions..
Swara smiles..
Sumi : huh Ragini.. But..
Swaragini and arjun looks her..
Her eyes were filled with a kind of sadness..
Dadi : what happened sharmista?!

Sumi: I will be even more happy if Ragini also got a good boy..
Ragini looks bit shocked..
Dadi : you are right.. We should find a good boy as a life partner for Ragini also..
Swara and arjun looks Ragini.. She got a little fear..
Sumi : huh maji.. A boy like..
Arjun (immediately) : Like Laksh..
Sumi and dadi looks him..
Swaragini looks him shockingly.. Arjun understands the situation..
Arjun : I mean.. He is good person.. Good family.. Swara going to get into the house.. Even me.. So why not Ragini?!
Sumi and dadi looks each other and then looks Ragini.. Ragini now don’t know how to react.. She bowed her head..
Dadi : OK ok let’s see that..
Saying this dadi and sumi left..
Swaragini looks arjun..
He holds his shirt color and looks them proudly..
Swara (surprised tone) : wow bhaiya.. Sometimes your brain also works..
He looks her with fake anger..

Ragini (emotional tone) : thank you so much bhaiya..
Arjun hugs her and said “always”
Sumi talks to sheker about this. He also had such an idea but didn’t express..
Shekhar : mm.. You are right.. Let’s see what God likes..
Sumi agrees..
At MM house..
Sanskar in his room sitting on bed thinking about swara..
Her reply about his character made him proud..
He smiles..
At Laksh’s roommate he is thinking about Ragini and her cute excited face on seeing her painting..
Nithi in her room sitting angrily thinks about arjun.. How dare he can talk like that.. She made angry face..
Her phone rings where it displays Arjun..
She felt little happy about his call but still she disconnected..
Phone rings again.. She disconnected again..
Still she did it her heart waited for another call from Arjun.. But no.. He doesn’t call again..
She looked her phone sadly and thinks if he call again she will attend the call..
It’s 11 o’clock.. She felt asleep..

Around 2 o’clock she wake by some foot sounds.. She looked on but can’t find anything in the darkness.. She switched the light and got down from the bed.. Her heart started beating fast.. Some sounds heard at the balcony.. She started sweating..
She went near the balcony and touched the door.. But the door opened suddenly and she is about to fall but a hand hold her..
She opened her eyes.. It’s Arjun standing there hold her..
He looks her.. They had an eye lock..
She came to sense and moved back..

Arjun (smilingly) : hey..
She is still in the shock..
He smiles on seeing her like this..
Nithi : you..
Arjun nodes..
She beats him.. “you idiot.. I was dead.. You scared me”
He hold her hands..
She angrily looks him and tries to relieve her hands but he hold her tight..
Nithi : you.. Don’t talk to me.. You fought with me.. Why did you came here now?!
Arjun : oh yeah.. I fought with you but what you was talking sweet.. You only started..
Nithi (angrily) : OK if it’s that then why did you came now..
Arjun : because I called you tell something but you didn’t respond..

Nithi looks him like what..
Arjun moved close to her she closed her eyes..
He moved close to her and told her “I forget to tell you GOOD NIGHT”
She opened her eyes on hearing this and started beating him hard..
He smilingly hold her and hugs her..
Arjun : OK ok sorry.. I came to see you my dear..
Nithi : I know.. I LOVE YOU..
Arjun hugs her tight..

Suddenly both hear a voice.. It’s Laksh knocking the door.. Nithi got tensed.. She told Arjun to hide in the cupboard and opened the door..
Laksh : whom are you talking with?!
Nithi(tensly) : talking?! Me?! No no.. I was just wake up..
Laksh (doubtfully) : why are you sweating?!
Nithi : bhaiya.. What are you talking.. Im sleepy..
Laksh tries to enter the room but she hold him.. He looks her..
Nithi : bhaiya.. I’m gonna sleep..

She yawns wantedly..
He looks her differently and nodes and turned to leave..
Suddenly a cough sound came.. He turned.. Nithi looks scaringly..
Laksh : who is that?!
Nithi : who?!
Laksh : who is coughing?!
Nithi : what?! Who?! I didn’t heard any sound..
Laksh : I’m saying na.. Let me see..
He entered the room and went to balcony..
Nithi got a faster breath.. She was so scared..
He turned to the cupboard..
Nithi (tensed tone) : bhaiya.. No one is here.. I’m saying na..
Laksh looks her.. OK then you sleep.. Good night.. He left..
She got her breath back.. She opened the cupboard..
Arjun smiles and came out..
Nithi : you.. Now go.. Will see you tomorrow..

Arjun nodes and hugs her again and leaves..
He went through the balcony..
Laksh from his room window looks Arjun and smiles..
Screen freezes..

To be continued..

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