Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 41

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Here we go..
Laksh opens his cupboard and signs Ragini to look inside..
Ragini looks and her eyes broaden..
It’s a brown color framed picture..
In that Ragini sitting in a chair.. Her face is so nervous.. She looks so pretty..
It’s the visual which Laksh saw Ragini for the first time in the auditorium..
Yes.. It is a painting by Laksh..
That first look.. When he saw her she started loving her.. Unknowingly he was so impressed by her.. That visual he can never forget and he thought to make it as a memory.. He used to paint in school days.. But stopped in between these days.. But when he saw her for the first time that clash in his heart remind him that your soul will be incomplete without this girl..
He painted his feelings.. His love.. It’s Ragini who was sitting in the auditorium nervously waiting for her turn..
His observation was highly commendable that her dress her earnings her hair style each and everything it is just appears as real and perfect..

Ragini looks so surprised and very emotional..
Laksh looks her changing expressions on seeing that painting..
She looked him with full of tears..
He smiles.. She can’t find words to say anything.. Her mind was jammed by her emotions..
No boy can give such a beautiful gift to his girlfriend..
And also around the painting his feelings for Ragini was conveyed by his words like a poem..
That moment she felt like at any cost she should not lose such a love in her life..
Laksh smiles..
She ran from there without saying anything..
Laksh follows her..
She went to balcony and stands near the door..
Laksh touch her shoulder.. She immediately turned and hugged him..
Laksh got confused by this.. But her tears wet his shirt.. Not a single word she spoke.. Not crying.. Just his unconditional love made her weak and her happiness came as her tears..
Laksh (calm tone) : Ragini..
Ragini (happy tone) : please don’t say anything Laksh.. I LOVE YOU.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..
Laksh hugs her tight.. She felt happy with that grip and thinks to stay like that forever..
At nithi’s room..
Nithi : so swara.. Sorry sorry.. Swara bhabi..
Swara looks her smilingly..
Nithi : Are you happy now?!
Swara : very happy..

Nithi smiles..
Swara remember something and asks “tell me one thing”
Nithi :what?!
Swara : mm.. About your brother sanskar.. His college life.. His friends..
Nithi looks her deeply..
Swara : what?!
Nithi : what do you want to know actually?! About Sanskar bhaiya ‘s friends or girl friends..
Swara (suddenly) : no no.. Not like that.. I’m just asking that how he will be with his friends and all that..
Nithi looks on but don’t reply as she knows what swara trying to ask..
Swara (curiously) : OK fine.. What about his girlfriends..
Nithi (smilies) : swara.. I have to say this.. Bhaiya had lots of girlfriends in his college..
On hearing this swara’s face expressions changed. Nithi notices this and decided to tease her to the maximum..
Nithi (excitingly) : huh.. Swara.. Also many girls proposed him.. You know…
Swara’s cute face turned red..
Nithi : As far as I know bhaiya likes one of his girlfriend very much..
Nithi stops to see swara’s reaction..
At voice came ” you are the world’s best sister ruining your own brother’s life”
Both turned where sanskar and arjun were standing..
Nithi smiles..
Sanskar moves to get and hold her ears..
Nithi : ouch.. Bhaiya.. Leave me..
Sanskar : such a lier.. What were you telling about me..
Nithi : OK ok sorry..
He leaves her and turned to swara where she is standing so angry..
Sanskar : swara.. Are you trusting all these.. I don’t even have girl friends..
Swara looks nithi.. Nithi signs that he is lying..

Swara : so no girl have proposed you before?!
Sanskar shaked by this question as he can’t say no..
He doesn’t reply..
Arjun : swara.. What are you talking huh.. If any girl proposes sanskar what is the point in that?! He never said yes to any girl other than you..
Nithi looks Arjun.. As they both are fighting she wants to nose cut him..
Nithi : no no swara.. You are asking right.. Girl will propose a boy only if he gave her that much space..
Arjun : Nithi shut up.. Why are you confusing my sister..
Nithi : you shut up.. I’m trying to help her..
Both started fighting..
Swasan got confused by their fight..
Sanskar : stop it guys..
Swara looks nithi and moved to sanskar..
She hold his hand and said ” you are right nithi.. Any girl will propose a boy if he gave her that much space.. As my sanskar is light hearted handsome super cute no girl need reason to fall for him.. So I don’t worry about girls who proposed him.. He loves me and I know that”
She looks him and smiles.. He got little surprised by her reply but felt happy and smiles..
Arthi looks each other angrily..
Raglak breaks the hug..
Ragini : why didn’t you showed me this before..
Laksh : I thought to show you this as your husband after our marriage..
Ragini : then why did you showed now..
Laksh : because I don’t want any sort of questions about my love for you..
Ragini smiles..
Laksh : so shall we go..

She nodes and both went to nithi’s room..
Raglak looks arthi..
Laksh : what happened nithi.. You look so angry..
Nithi doesn’t reply..
Sanskar : don’t know Laksh.. Both are fighting..
Ragini : Arjun bhaiya.. You are fighting with nithi?! Really?!
Arjun looks her..
Swara : oh oh.. They will fight now and we believe OK by tomorrow.. Such a kids..
Swasan and raglak laughs..
Sumi shailu AP and sujatha came there..
Their time to leave..
Swara looks sanskar and signs..
Ragini looks Laksh happily..
Arjun looks nithi angrily..
Gadodia family left..

Precap : Sangeet celebration..

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