Swaragini (A relationship made of trust) episode 40

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Here we go..
Sanskar tries to kiss swara.. She closed her eyes..
He leaned.. Suddenly sujatha came there calling sanskar..
They moved back..
Sujatha looks them..
Sujatha (smilingly) : sanskar swara.. It’s time to do rituals.. Shall we go..
Swara nodes and went with her..
While going swara turned back and looks sanskar.. He made a sad face.. She smiles..
At terrace..
Raglak breaks the hug..
Ragini looking deeply into Laksh ” Do you love me that much Laksh?!”
He looked her.. He don’t want to answer for this question by words.. He wants to convey his feelings to her without words..
Swara and sanskar were made sit aside..
Swara looks for Ragini but she is not there.
Swara signed Arjun where is ragini?!
Arjun signed don’t know and moved to nithi..
Arjun : hey.. Where is ragini?! Did you see her?!
Nithi remembers Ragini went behind Laksh..
Nithi : I think she is with Laksh bhaiya..
Arjun looks her romantically..
Nithi : what are you doing?! Everyone is here..
Arjun (sad tone) : yes you are right.. See Ragini.. How clever she is.. But you.. Total waste..
Nithi gave a angry look and leaves..
Laksh still doesn’t reply for Ragini’s question and looking her..
Suddenly Sumi calls Ragini.. Ragini looks Laksh and runs from there.. Laksh still standing there decided something and went down..
Haldhi ritual starts..
Sumi and shailu applies haldhi on swara..
Similarly to sanskar by AP and sujatha..
Ragini applies haldhi in her nose and smiles..
Arjun and nithi’s cold war is also going on.. Whenever he looks her she turns her face and shows full attitude..
Sanskar felt so happy all these.. He looks nithi and Laksh.. Nithi smiles but Laksh was lost in thoughts..
Sanskar signs nithi to see Laksh..
She looks Laksh..
Nithi : Laksh bhaiya.. What happened?!
Laksh (smilingly) : nothing..
Sanskar is happy to see Laksh’s smile..
All the rituals are over and all the gents were sat together started talking and all the ladies were busy with their work.. Nithi takes swara to her room..
Sanskar went with Arjun to his room..
Ragini looks Laksh..
Laksh hold her hand and dragged her to his room..
In his room he took her near his cupboard..
She looked him questioning..
He opened the cupboard and signed her to look inside…
She looked and got surprised..
Screen freezes…

To be continue..

Hope you guys like it.. I know it’s so short.. But sorry guys I’m not getting enough time to upload.. Will update big one on Sunday.. Please please do comments..

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